Dear Friend,

This is a super short email today because this week was STRESSFUL! 

 Typically I love to enjoy the first week of July with the cookouts, fireworks, and parties, but this year was VERY different.

You see on Tuesday my daughter had to have a cardiac procedure called cardiac ablation.

Basically, they put you to sleep and then burn the parts of your heart that are causing you to go into Afib (Atrial Fibrillation).  Awesome, not! 

The first time my daughter went into Afib was the day after I buried my mother.  After that episode, they implanted a heart monitoring device into her chest to record incidents.  She had been free and clear of atrial fibrillations until a few weeks ago when it came back full force.  She underwent cardiac aversion which is where they put you to sleep and the zap your heart back into normal rhythm.  I know doesn't sound much like fun, does it?

The doctor told my daughter that unless she had the ablation procedure it would come back and he hoped by doing the ablation she could have 10 or more years Afib free and without having to take daily medications to control her heart rate.

To say that I have been stressed out would be a complete understatement.

I was sleeping like crap, tossing and turning all the time.

Plus I had to watch the kids with their other grandma on Monday and Tuesday and that, of course, took its toll on me.  

I'm not typically a person who worries or allows random thoughts to slip into my consciousness and wreck havoc on me, I've learned how to control that.  But this time was different and for a good reason.  I mean any time someone is messing around with your heart (or the heart of a loved one) anything could happen.  

But thankfully, she came through the procedure with flying colors and returned home yesterday in time to watch a few neighborhood fireworks.  

She can't lift the kids or anything over 2 pounds for ten days and needs to rest and get back to normal slowly, but otherwise, she states she feels good.  

I'm not sure what my message is today to you other than to love your family, hold onto them tightly with all you have and be thankful for all they bring into your life.  

We never know what tomorrow will bring so let's be thankful for today.

Have a great weekend friend,



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