Dear Friend,

Woza!  I can not believe it's already August.  We are officially into the countdown to the end of summer.

I love the summer, but I love fall more.  

What about you?  What's your favorite season?

Next month you'll be pulling your credit score and credit report again and this week I've been working on a checklist to help makes sure you make sure it's correct and what to do if it's not.  You'll see it in a couple of weeks, and I know you're going to LOVE it!

I've also been working on a free resource library that will kick off with the launch of my new website.  

Imagine one place to find all the printables you could possibly need to crush your debt, tidy and organize your home and find more joy in your life?

I can't wait to share that with you too!!  So many free resources are coming your way this fall!  

This is the time of year when we start thinking about getting ready for back to school.

Soon college students will return to their dorms, and younger children will head off to start another school year.  Even my daughter is preparing to return to her job as a school social worker. 

With all this on our minds, one of the ways that students set themselves up for success or failure is by planning.  

We've all heard the phrase 'failing to plan is planning to fail.'

I for one really do believe that.  

So how can you set up your kids and you for success?


Yup, it’s that simple. Planning is the key to effective time management. It’s hard to feel organized and on top of things if you’re unprepared. Having a clear plan for your day helps you make the most of your time and actually accomplish the important things in life, and this goes for your kids too.  

If you want your kids to be successful this school year, consider helping them pick up a planner.  It could either be the Erin Condron Life Planner or possibly the Student Planner by Plum Paper.  I've read great reviews on both of these planners.  And I think that kids from high school on up are old enough to be using these types of planners.  

I know my daughter used a planner when she started high school many years ago and now lives and breaths by it.

Here are some other tips to share with your kids about effectively managing their time:

1. Use A Planner and A To Do List: There are two tools that I think are necessary to help manage your time well: a calendar/planner and a to-do list. Your planner or calendar is where you keep track of your appointments and important dates. Your to-do list is where you keep track of the tasks and projects you’re working on.   Making sure your kids have access to both will help them manage their time and crush their goals.

2.  Create A Daily Plan: Sometime before the next day starts, it's always a good idea to map out your day. That way, they'll know exactly what they need to do when they wake up in the morning. When mapping out the day, including things like appointments, self-care time, study blocks, and the like.

3. Schedule It In:  I taught my daughter the key to successful time management lies in blocking out time to complete the tasks. Time blocking allows you to really focus on the task at hand, so you're not wasting time multi-tasking.  Teach this skill to your kids, and they will win at time management. 

Kicking off the school year with the right planner is so vital to helping your kids succeed. 

But what about you?  Do you have a good planner?

I personally love my Living Well Planner. Right now you can purchase the Living Well Planner and save $10 off the regular price plus receive two awesome bonuses too! 

In addition to the price discount, anyone who preorders will also receive my 2 very favorite sticky note pads FREE with their planner purchase—the Weekly Wizard™ (an $8.50 value) and the Daily Do-It™ (a $9.50 value). Both are designed to work with the planner to help you better organize your week and your days, respectively, by helping you prioritize your to-do lists to make sure that the most important things get done first. Best of all, you can stick them right into the weekly planning pages of your planner to keep yourself on track all week long!

If you don't have a great planner, consider buying the Living Well Planner.  I say by it for your kids, but it's really only for grownups!  

No matter who it is that is attempting to plan their day, week, month or year a good planner is an absolute must!

Let me know what planner you use and why you love it so much.  And, I'd love to hear if you're a user of the Living Well Planner and how it has helped you achieve your goals!

Talk soon,


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