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Last chance. Just hours left to save up to $12,318

Dear Reader,

Please read this special message below from our sister company Weiss Educational Services.

They are wrapping up their never-to-be repeated Black Friday sale on all their online Investor Education Courses that can save you thousands of dollars — but their sale ends tonight, December 4 at midnight.

Fortunately we were able to work out a last-minute arrangement so that Money and Markets readers can also take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Click here now to learn more, or read their special message below.


The Money and Markets Team

"For the first time ever — and NEVER to be repeated — we're offering our entire lineup of investor education courses at up to 75% OFF the regular price ... but you have to move FAST, this opportunity is good ONLY through December 4!"

During this Exclusive Black Friday Sales Event You Can Save THOUSANDS (up to $12,318) Arming Yourself with Weiss'
BEST Financial Education from the
Advisors YOU Trust Most!

Dear Investor,

They're all here, from Larry Edelson's unparalleled insights into making money with gold and silver to profiting from the most powerful force on Wall Street as revealed by Mike Larson — and so much more.

Literally, EVERY financial course currently on our website is featured in this never-to-be-repeated exclusive Black Friday savings event — valued at OVER $16 THOUSAND!

YOU can have it all for a mere FRACTION (almost a sliver) of that price — but ONLY if you act before midnight tonight, Friday, December 4.

Never again will THIS offer be repeated. This is truly a one-time-only Black Friday savings event!

Our analysts and (your) instructors are frequently asked to be guest speakers and commentators for financial conferences and for television appearances on CNN, CNBC, FOX Business, MSNBC, Bloomberg and more.

Their work appears in print for such outlets as Reuters, Fortune, and The New York Times among others. You know them from their contributions to Weiss' Money and Markets and their work for Weiss Educational Services including their incredible wealth-building courses and commentary in our daily newsletter.

These leaders are uniquely qualified by virtue of their expertise and accomplishments in the market to give you the tools you need NOW to profit in ANY economic circumstance — even the uncertain times we find ourselves today!

I'm Nick Moccia, Publisher at Weiss Educational Services.

During this special Black Friday Savings Event I want to give you an opportunity to save up $12,318 on all of our best financial education — something we've never done before and have no current plans to repeat.

Until midnight tonight, Friday, December 4, all of our current Module Courses at Weiss Educational Services — eight programs of valuable financial education along with our three popular Coaching Course — are available to you for one low price!

You Have Two Levels of Participation to Choose From: The BASIC and PREMIUM Education Packages.

Here is EVERYTHING you get when you enroll in the BASIC Education Package:

All 8 Module Courses covering investing, trading, retirement savings, gold and silver and other natural resources and MORE including ...

 The Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Course with Larry Edelson

Larry Edelson

The Ultimate precious metals trading course. Safely buy and sell popular precious metals like gold and silver while maximizing your profit potential and preserving your wealth. Discover the secret of reducing risk and raising profit potential through simple trading and investing techniques. Larry Edelson explains everything, including profitable gold and silver derivatives in just five online modules. A $497 value.

  • Buy and sell gold bullion like a professional trader, avoiding the pitfalls, traps and blunders costing the average trader a not-so-small fortune — PLUS — Larry's proprietary timing secrets of buying low and selling high!
  • Get the 100-times over earnings advantage over every other trader: Earn $100 for every $1 other investors earn. Discover the secret of using options to multiply your profit potential by as much as 100-times and more!
  • Forecast major moves: Identify market tops and bottoms with the accuracy of a professional analyst to help you profit from major market moves!
  • Go for even greater profits with FUTURES: Discover six powerful benefits ONLY gold and silver futures can offer ... and so much more!

 How to Profit from Changing Interest Rates with Mike Larson

Mike Larson

Discover how to harness the most powerful moneymaking force on Wall Street. Mike Larson presents his groundbreaking seven-part course bringing you everything you need to know about profiting from interest rate volatility — including forecasting, profiting from changing rates including what to do when rates plummet — and investments that could rise 500% to 1,500%! A $397 value.

  • Discover how to control $1 million of assets with as little as $100 with an investment delivering a staggering 10,000-to-one leverage.
  • 3 key ways of understanding the ins-and-outs of interest rates and how you can capitalize on them every day to generate profits.
  • Techniques to maximize your yield for greater returns and boost your profits while protecting and preserving the wealth you've already earned.
  • Aggressive strategies for profit, plus 6 market timing pointers, 7 key rate drivers, 5 invaluable Fed forecasting tips — and what to do when rates FALL ... and much more.

 Planning for a Prosperous Retirement with Mike Burnick

Mike Burnick

Join Mike Burnick in three jam-packed online sessions to discover powerful wealth building tools, advanced savings and investment techniques — and his personal blueprint for securing your family's financial future — helping you retire on YOUR terms. A $249 value.

  • Explode your retirement savings portfolio: Discover simple moneymaking investments and strategies to beat the S&P 500 Index by 3:1 with less risk ...
  • Keep more of what you earn: Tax savings tips that'll help you preserve hundreds-of-thousands of dollars — PLUS little known financial cost-cutting measures saving you even more!
  • Strategies for beating the Wall Street wolves and financial pickpockets at their own game — so you can retire on your own terms — RICH!

 Investing and Speculating in Natural Resources with Rick Rule

Rick Rule

Cash in with commodities! This advanced course by Rick Rule reveals little-known secrets of contrarian investing in just six turbocharged online sessions. A $397 value.

  • Which global events are converging right now that could potentially generate a fortune for you trading precious metals and natural resources?
  • Why it's imperative for you to develop a contrarian strategy, ignoring the crowd and following the inevitable cycles for bigger profits.
  • How to successfully trade mining, minerals and energy for huge potential returns in the commodity-based rebound, including making money in both the long and short-term time frames.

 Premier Guide to Building Wealth Intro Class with Mark Broberg

Mark Broberg

Your masterclass in profitably trading Options, from basics to buying Calls and Puts to portfolio bursting income strategies presented in 4 online sessions by Mark Broberg. A $495 value.

  • Getting started with options; developing your foundation in how to successfully trade this extraordinary financial product with the "Vince Lombardi" basics.
  • Demystify charts, unlocking their secrets: How to perfectly time when to buy or sell — and Mark's personal secrets for picking which options to play based on his skillful analysis.
  • Beyond the basics; next-level training to develop income strategies with options quickly putting you in the big leagues with the market's most successful traders.

 How to Bottom Fish Like a Pro with Toni Turner

Toni Turner

In just seven information-packed sessions you'll discover the secrets of identifying stocks and ETFs poised to rocket into the stratosphere potentially delivering huge returns. A $299 value.

  • How to identify and profit from dirt-cheap stocks poised for a big rebound — delivering potentially huge returns along their meteoric rise.
  • Secrets of buying low and selling high — and repeating the process with cyclical stocks to grow your wealth to dramatic proportions ...
  • Easy to follow, disciplined approach to identifying the signals of when to GET OUT, triggering the optimal time to bag your profits so you keep them and don't give them back!

 Maximizing Cash Flow with Options with Mark Broberg

Mark Broberg

Take your options trading to the next level. This four-module advanced course gives you everything from technical analysis to spread training — including expert training in calls, puts and covered calls. A $997 value.

  • How to use a high-profit method of trading puts and calls to generate a low risk, high probability potential return of up to 10-times or more over buying stocks!
  • Secrets of generating high-dollar monthly income gains even while your stocks are flat-lining — do this right and reap BIG PROFITS!
  • Warren Buffet's secret of getting someone to PAY YOU to allow you the right to buy a stock at a substantial discount under what it's trading today — saving you even MORE!

And finally ...

 Binary Options Revolution with Abe Cofnas

Abe Cofnas

Five powerful online modules delivering moneymaking strategies for trading the heart-stopping volatility of Binary Options — without losing your shirt! Presented by Abe Cofnas, President of Quick Silver Concepts Inc. A $497 value.

  • How anyone (from 20 year old college student to 80 year old retiree on a fixed income) can generate potential triple-digit returns trading binary options.
  • Formulate a trading strategy tailored to your personality (low risk, high expectation) to earn extra income EVERY week!
  • Learn to identify and capitalize on moneymaking events in the news — cash in on big global events even when you don't have a clue how it will affect the market direction!

It's like your very own PRIVATE FINANCIAL BOOTCAMP. As a result of the incredible investing and trading knowledge you'll acquire from these courses, you could ...

  • Delight as you watch your profits SOAR trading on your new-found financial education.
  • Explore NEW opportunities to generate wealth you may have overlooked previously.
  • Round out your financial education so you can make money in ANY economy no matter what happens in the market ... and ...
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from financial independence!

The BASIC Education Package includes UNLIMITED access to all 8 foundational trading and investment Module Courses. You'll receive a private login giving you online access to ALL of the Module Courses. Download the workbook, transcripts and other bonuses from our password-protected website — and then go through these courses at your own pace.

Again — for your hugely discounted tuition you'll get unlimited online access to these Module Courses:

  • Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Course — a $497 value
  • How to Profit from Changing Interest Rates — a $397 value
  • Planning for a Prosperous Retirement — a $249 value
  • Investing and Speculating in Natural Resources — a $397 value
  • Premier Guide to Building Wealth Intro Class — a $495 value
  • How to Bottom Fish Like a Pro — a $299 value
  • Maximizing Cash Flow with Options — a $997 value
  • Binary Options Revolution — a $497 value

Total value for all 8 programs containing 38 video sessions, including work books with complete transcripts, key point summaries, bonus sessions and more is $3,828.

But until midnight tonight, Friday, December 4 you'll pocket an ASTRONOMICAL savings of nearly 2/3 OFF the retail tuition price — an immediate 66% return on your investment. Because until midnight tonight, for the entire lot of all 8 Module Courses and their incredible bonuses, you pay ONLY $1,279.

That's a substantial cash savings to you of $2,549!

Or call customer service at 1-800-393-1706
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

But it gets even better ...

Because when you enroll in the PREMIUM Education Package you save even more!


The PREMIUM Education Package contains EVERY course in the Basic Education Package, all eight Module Courses — PLUS — the three Coaching Courses on our site. That's our entire lineup of Weiss' Best Financial Education!

Here's a sneak-peek at what you'll discover in these amazing Coaching Courses:

3 high-value Coaching Courses delivering expert investment and trading knowledge you can use to take your investing and trading to the next level!

Including these...

 Mastering the Markets with Larry Edelson

Larry Edelson

Advanced investing and trading course by Larry Edelson, bringing you the key principles of maximizing returns and profits while managing and minimizing risk. You'll receive a tremendous financial education in 12 online sessions of moneymaking instruction. Larry reveals the psychology of investing, chart and Elliot wave analysis, trading indicators, systems, money management and more. An unbelievable $6,997 value

  • Invaluable investment education: Larry delivers the knowledge you need to properly invest your money into the market using advanced trading systems to maximize returns while managing risk to minimize loss for even greater profits.
  • Discover how to successfully use the tools of investing and trading, such as charts, Elliot wave analysis, and other technical indicators to identify moneymaking trade opportunities — and how to cash in on what you find.
  • Plus, advanced investing and trading techniques to supercharge your portfolio including money management strategies you've never heard before ... and so much more.

 Premier Guide to Building Wealth with Mark Broberg

Mark Broberg

Develop your foundation in stock trading and investing for financial independence. Mark Broberg reveals in eight online sessions intermediate to advanced strategies focused on generating regular income in the market.

He'll navigate you through sophisticated technical analysis, price patterns and when to buy — options and futures and more. A whopping $3,495 value.

  • Market beating profit potential: Successfully buy and sell stocks and options, while successfully managing risk. Plus, realize your financial and investment goals — and using leverage to create your custom-fit winning strategy.
  • Trade like a pro: Exercise your foundational wealth building knowledge, including advanced secrets of technical and fundamental analysis formulating the basis of Mark's moneymaking stock trading system.
  • Financial independence is yours when you crack the professional trader's code, generating more income and allowing greater freedom and more control of over how you enjoy your life.

 Cutting Edge Binary Strategies with Abe Cofnas

Abe Cofnas

Make money in the market regardless of direction, stocks going up, down or sideways — makes no difference to you. Abe Cofnas delivers his solid college-level training course on how to make money trading binary options. Presented in 8 substantive online modules — you'll discover the secrets of how anyone (even you) can become a successful binary options trader. A $1,995 value.

  • Helps you bring your market knowledge to the table to identify and profit from cash-making opportunities in the derivatives market trading binary options.
  • Formulate a low risk, high expectation trading strategy to generate extra income every week — and do it all in about the first 15 minutes of your day!
  • Develop the two critical binary option trading skills; detecting market moods and direction and profit BIG-TIME. Also discover the perfect trading strategy for your personality empowering you to earn even bigger profits!

There you have it — approaching 66 HOURS of core instruction (for both packages) — and that doesn't include the bonus sessions, workbooks, transcripts and other goodies!

Or call customer service at 1-800-393-1706
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

So we're clear about everything you get with your Premium Education Package...

...In addition to the $3,828 value of the 8 Module Courses in the Basic Education Package you also get these three incredible Coaching Courses (recorded):

  • Mastering the Markets with Larry Edelson — a $6,997 value
  • Premier Guide to Building Wealth — a $3,495 value
  • Cutting Edge Binary Strategies — a $1,995 value

The total value for all 11 moneymaking courses: $16,315!

But until midnight tonight, Friday, December 4, we're SLASHING 75% off the sticker price saving you BIG TIME!

There's NEVER been a better time for you to grab every one of these amazing programs for the ONE TIME ONLY — never to be repeated price of ONLY $3,997!


That's a TREMENDOUS savings of $12,318! (that's right, over 12 THOUSAND dollars!) But I need to hear from you by midnight tonight, Friday December 4.

Or call customer service at 1-800-393-1706
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

You must act NOW to take full advantage, because in just one week, this outrageous offer disappears like it never existed — and you'll be left behind, kicking yourself for not getting on-board.

100% Money Back Guarantee Shield

This is an opportunity you simply can't afford to miss — and you're COMPLETELY COVERED with a No-Risk 30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not totally satisfied during the first 30 days, simply let us know and we'll cheerfully refund every penny.

I mean it.

Your satisfaction is important to me, and at Weiss we pride ourselves in conducting business in a way that's fair for all. If you feel for any reason that these courses don't live up to your expectations then we don't deserve a dime from you.

So go ahead. Take a full 30 days to review what's included in either Financial Education Package. And if you decide it's not worth your (heavily discounted) investment, we'll refund every penny. No questions asked.

I can't over emphasize that the heavily discounted prices for these Financial Education Packages are being offered for a limited time only during our special Black Friday Savings Event.

For one, we've NEVER run a special like this — EVER. And, there are NO PLANS to repeat this offer — not even next Black Friday.

Now, I'm not saying we'll NEVER conduct another sale — but I am saying that at this time there are no plans to repeat the offer you're being presented today.

So you see, NOW really is your best opportunity to get your hands on our entire register of wealth-building financial education — including all 8 Module Courses and the 3 high-value Coaching Courses for one super low price.

Your enrollment today ensures you'll be able to ...

  • Spot moneymaking opportunities in any market — regardless of direction or volatility.
  • Fill in the gaps in your financial education so you make better, more informed decisions about investments and trading.
  • Command the respect you deserve as a knowledgeable and successful trader.
  • STOP leaving money on the table because of missed opportunities you never even knew existed ... and so much more!

For the sake of your family, your future and your financial freedom — I urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity.

But hurry — this offer is good ONLY until December 4.

So go ahead ...

Shore-up Your Financial Education by Enrolling Today in One of Our Amazing Wealth-Building Packages!

Remember, you get all of these tremendous investment and trading programs for the tiniest FRACTION of what they'd normally cost.

  • Your BASIC Education Package contains unlimited online access to:
  • Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Course — a $497 value
  • How to Profit from Changing Interest Rates — a $397 value
  • Planning for a Prosperous Retirement — a $249 value
  • Investing and Speculating in Natural Resources — a $397 value
  • Premier Guide to Building Wealth Intro Class — a $495 value
  • How to Bottom Fish Like a Pro — a $299 value
  • Maximizing Cash Flow with Options — a $997 value
  • Binary Options Revolution — a $497 value

All for only $1,279 (a $3,828 value)

Or call customer service at 1-800-393-1706
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

And if you're ready to step up to the big leagues, your PREMIUM Education Package contains online access to all 8 Module Courses listed above, PLUS these three incredible Coaching Courses:

  • Mastering the Markets with Larry Edelson — a $6,997 value
  • Premier Guide to Building Wealth — a $3,495 value
  • Cutting Edge Binary Strategies — a $1,995 value

A $12,487 value by itself, but combined with the Basic Education Package it's a mega-total-value of $16,315yours for ONLY $3,997!

Now, I need to tell you this offer is ONLY good for the courses currently offered on our site — and does not include any new courses that may be offered in the next year — but considering all you're getting for your tuition, I think that is a minor point.

There really is only one decision that makes sense — so why not enroll now, (on either package) while it's fresh in your mind.

Midnight tonight, December 4 will come and go before you know it and then it will be too late, and you will have missed one of the best opportunities we've EVER presented.

This is YOUR CHANCE to acquire the knowledge, skill and insight to rival the top broker, trader or investor on Wall Street. Don't let it pass you by.

Click here now to enroll.

Yours for success,

Nick Moccia
Weiss Educational Services

PS: It's almost overwhelming — so that we're definitely clear — let me summarize one more time. You have until midnight tonight, Friday, December 4 to save up to 75% during our Black Friday Sales Event.

Your Basic Education Package includes online access to all 8 moneymaking Module Courses on our site, spanning investing, trading retirement savings, gold and silver and other natural resources and MORE — visit our website for complete details about each course — a $3,828 value for only $1,279, you save $2,549 ...

And your Premium Education Package, our BEST VALUE saves you 75% and includes online access to all 8 Module Courses from the Basic Education Package PLUS 3 high-value, advanced level, over-the-shoulder Coaching Courses delivering sophisticated investment and trading knowledge you can use to take your investing and trading to the next level.

Again your tuition for EVERYTHING is only $3,997, a $16,315 value — saving you $12,318!

Or call customer service at 1-800-393-1706
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

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