Market Roundup
17,528.27 (-23.90)
$1,069.00 (-$7.10)
$36.80 (-$1.30)
Can you believe 2015 is almost over? It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the year. Now, we’re about to watch the ball drop in Times Square again, and close the books on it.

Sadly for Wall Street, it hasn’t been much of a year to celebrate. The Nasdaq Composite has managed to rack up a few percentage points worth of gains. But the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index have barely budged. The Dow Jones Transportation and Dow Jones Utility Index have gotten pasted. And the Russell 2000 has struggled for several months now.

Why such a lackluster year? And what does that say about the prospects for 2016?

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