Market Roundup
17,720.98 (+192.71)
$1,068.00 (-$0.90)
$37.85 (+$1.04)
It’s all about the weather … at least for select investments. Get a load of beaten-down natural gas, for instance. Futures prices surged by almost 10% on Monday alone. The fuel is now up by almost 30% in only six days, one of the fastest blink-of-an-eye bull markets I have ever seen.

Granted, that came off a low base. Nat gas just sank to its lowest since 1999, after all. But for investors in this beaten-down commodity, they’ll take what they can get. Industry execs and workers could also use a break, considering the nat-gas-drilling rig count just sank to the lowest level ever in 28 years of record-keeping.

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