Market Roundup
17,158.66 (+9.72)
$1,077.90 (+$2.70)
$37.09 (-$0.86)
Today’s sales figures confirm it. The auto industry just wrapped up its best year in history!

Total sales came at around 17.47 million units, breaking the previous record of 17.35 million from the year 2000.

In December alone, Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) recorded a 13% year-over-year rise in sales. Nissan Motors (NSANY) reported a 44% gain. Toyota Motors (TM) reported a 10.8% gain. Ford (F) saw an 8.3% gain. General Motors (GM) reported a 5.7% rise.

And you know what happened in the wake of this news? Auto shares all tanked.

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