Market Roundup
16,336.66 (+183.12)
$1,142.80 (+$15.60)
$33.84 (+$2.23)
The illusion of control. Can we all admit that’s what it was now? After all, does it make sense to anyone that a handful of unelected bureaucrats and economists … holed up in gilded conference rooms in Washington, Frankfurt, Tokyo or anywhere else … could artificially prop up markets and economies forever?

Sure, they could goose asset prices for periods of time. Sure, they could temporarily inflate a handful of credit-sensitive sectors. But when you think about it, the massive amounts of easy money pumped into global markets, the negative interest rates proliferating in more and more countries, and the impoverization of savers worldwide didn’t change the underlying problems faced by our economy or anyone else’s. They just papered over the problem.

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