Market Roundup
16,639.97 (-57.32)
$1,224.90 (-$13.30)
$33.06 (-$0.01)
How long is the list of global economic challenges? Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to sum things up succinctly:

“Policymakers in Shanghai say they face a global economy more fragile than it has been since the European debt crisis risked derailing the global economy earlier this decade. Two of the world’s largest emerging markets, Brazil and Russia, are in the second year of recessions; China’s slowdown has hit Africa, Asia and Latin America. Rich nations like Saudi Arabia are experiencing their first-ever budget deficits during the global oil slump, while falling prices for other commodities are taking the wind out of exporters from Australia to Gabon.”

I could add several more challenges to that list, and indeed I have. So at this point, the key question isn’t: “What do monetary and fiscal policymakers WANT to do?” It’s: “What CAN they do to fight this slowdown?”

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