(Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien, two of the leading experts on foreign-currency trading and other investments, join the Money and Markets Afternoon Edition team. Once a week, we will present their financial insight after the day’s market close. Today, Boris Schlossberg writes about investing at the RIGHT price.)

Market Roundup
16,964.10 (-109.85)
$1,262.10 (-$1.90)
$38.15 (-$1.67)
At first glance, there seems to nothing in common between Warren Buffett and the chaotic frenzy of the day-trading world that I inhabit. But on closer inspection, I realized that there are some striking similarities between the way Buffett approaches investing and the way I look at trading every day. Both of us try to stay away from risk as much as possible.

The Gordon-Gekko-I-am-Master-of-the-Universe stereotype of Wall Street is actually not how true wealth is built. “Have a hunch, bet a bunch” is not the cornerstone of success of the great investors.

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