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The events of this week in Brussels show that, as I have said, anything can happen — anywhere at any time. And your safety in such a tragic event starts with you and the awareness of your surroundings.

Picture the scene in The Bourne Identity in which Jason Bourne glances around a diner and quickly gets a read on the sight lines and on where all the exits are located. He had already memorized the six license plates of the vehicles that were in the diner parking lot and had identified clear markers and body language of all the customers within the diner to determine potential danger.

Are there people who actually have these skills in real life? The answer is yes.

Do you need this level of extraordinary awareness of your surroundings to improve your day-to-day personal safety? The answer is no, but...

As I pointed out last week, there are three key elements of the security mindset; recognizing that threats and bad people do exist, accepting responsibility for your own personal safety and security, and trusting the little voice inside of you.

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