Market Roundup
Dow +304.06 to 16,776.43
S&P +35.69 to 1,987.05
NASDAQ +73.49 to 4,781.26
10-YR Yield +0.07 to 2.06%
Gold -$1.50 to $1,135.20
Oil +$0.91 to $46.91
I don’t know if you saw The Lego Movie. But in the wake of Friday’s dismal jobs figures, it seems like stock traders were humming along to its “Everything is Awesome!!” theme song.

I say that because while the news was terrible, the stock market reaction was great. After tanking around 260 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed and ran to the upside – closing up by around 200.

That was the biggest reversal we’ve seen since Oct. 4, 2011. Stocks then surged another 300 points or so today, which does beg the question: “Is everything awesome again?”

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