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GENIVI Alliance Public Newsletter September 2017

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GENIVI Maintains Code Delivery Momentum

American author Mark Twain has an often quoted statement, “The rumor of my death is greatly exaggerated.”  Aside from the humor of a live man indicating he’s not dead, the quote communicates to not believe everything you hear and, secondarily, look at what is real rather than what is perceived.
In that spirit, GENIVI is happy to announce continued contributions to the automotive software community in the form of open source code (and not just specifications), including a Vehicle Signal Manager and a proof of concept for interface description functionality based on Franca technology.
The Vehicle Signal Manager (VSM) is part of the larger work Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has done in standardizing signals in the vehicle. JLR is now taking the next step and demonstrating how to use the signal specification in this new software component. It takes the Vehicle Standard Specification (VSS) and deploys it for a set of real-world use cases and provides a framework for rapid prototyping of a variety of software components. In just a few short months JLR has managed to develop some functioning code which is now available in GENIVI's GitHub repository here.
The VSM takes a signal sent from a button and changes the vehicle state based on that signal and a set of rules.  In the case of the VSM code, the current targets are those commonly found in an IVI head unit: media, phone and navigation. A set of signals can be matched to a particular use case, since the VSM, like the VSS, aims to be generic and extensible.
VSM is agnostic to what is sending the signals as long as the VSS specification is followed. It also is flexible enough to support the use of HTML5 HMIs as well as Qt or indeed any type of user interface.  This should be a welcome component not just for open source component developers but also for anyone interested in rapid prototyping IVI software components.
A second new GENIVI public delivery is a Franca+ Proof of Concept (PoC) code. Franca is a Domain Specific Language to describe interfaces and deploy them for communication subsystems.
The purpose of the Franca+ PoC is to agree upon Franca extensions for describing an overall (software) architecture model (including interfaces, components, instances, partitioning of instances and deployment) together with interested parties and the Franca maintainer in GENIVI. To maximize awareness and adoption of the Franca approach, the GENIVI Tools Team decided that a specific working sample of the proposed language solution would be helpful. This working sample enables developers and architects to test drive the architecture description language by applying it to their own problem space, rather than just looking at text examples.
The project home page with a description of how to build is available here. As inferred by the “proof of concept” orientation, this code is meant as a proposal and starting point for further joint development. Franca+ is not currently part of the official Franca project; its relation to Franca will be agreed in future once a number of technical and strategy issues are solved. GENIVI welcomes exploration of this functionality and any questions can be reported here.
So, you can recognize from these latest deliveries as well as the expected next release of the GENIVI Development Platform (and all related code) in October that the rumor of GENIVI being a specification only organization is false and the community continues to collaborate on code delivery in addition to the excellent architecture and specification work required by the automotive industry.

Component Adoption Survey 

GENIVI recently conducted a survey among several GENIVI Tier 1 suppliers about their adoption of GENIVI software components and Application Program Interfaces (APIs.) The survey addressed components like Audio Manager, Automotive DLT, Persistence Management, Lifecycle Management and IVI Layer Management.
GENIVI found that each of the above components is used actively in multiple commercial offerings from multiple suppliers. This shows the value of past and current GENIVI development efforts in light of real industry adoption.
The survey showed that the components and interfaces are adopted in one of three ways. The simplest to understand is the “as is” model, which is exactly as it sounds. Components integrated into the commercial solutions are “as is” without any modification. A second method of adoption is to “fork” or copy the component and bring it in-house for customization to the precise needs of the end customer. This forked model has two flavors, the first of which is when patches or bug fixes are kept internal to the supplier and NOT pushed back into a GENIVI project for component improvement. This method, unfortunately, occurs more than what GENIVI would like, leaving the long-term maintenance of that component in the hands of the supplier (and the broader community without benefits of the enhancement). The second method is to customize, but push fixes back into GENIVI resulting not only in better GENIVI software, but also the supplier’s alignment with other maintenance done on the software component.
The survey results show us that GENIVI is producing valuable software that improves IVI offerings in the market. This is a trend GENIVI believes will continue as new components are produced and delivered within GENIVI and in other open source communities. 

GENIVI Seoul All Member Meeting & Open Community Days 

GENIVI is pleased to announce its initial program schedule for the upcoming GENIVI All Member Meeting & Open Community Days to take place 10-12 October 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. The cutoff date to receive the discounted hotel group rate is 23 September 2017. Event and hotel registration information is available here. 

The schedule for this fall’s All Member Meeting & Open Community Days will continue the alliance’s work with its global development community to deliver IVI and connected vehicle software. Additionally, it will explore in-depth an emerging industry trend of communication across safety, infotainment and consumer electronic software domains. GENIVI leadership will present an approach toward building standard interfaces between these domains and hold workshops to initiate interface definition. GENIVI welcomes collaboration from other organizations actively working in those domains.  This program will be in addition to several other technical activities including hands-on training for secure programming, working sessions on application framework, location based service APIs, car data logger, inter-app communication, and a number of other topics.
The event will follow the same general schedule as was used in Birmingham, beginning Tuesday at 1 p.m., 10 October through the end of Thursday 12 October. Tuesday afternoon will be given to member content including a keynote from GENIVI President Schönenberg, updates on technical activities, and discussions about the above, cross-domain interaction challenge.  We will end the day with a welcome reception for all attendees.
Program highlights:
  • Keynotes from prominent Seoul-based member companies
    • Hyundai Motor, Mr. Dong Il Park, Senior Vice President, Vehicle IT Development Center
    • LG Electronics, Dr. Jin-Yong Kim, Executive Vice President
  • Vehicle Domain Interaction Strategy. Exploring the emerging industry trend of cross-domain interfaces and communication and the implications for GENIVI technical and marketing work.
  • Technical Tracks 
    • Hands-on Training for Secure Programming
      • Memory exploitation attacks, from code to analysis
      • Performing MITM attacks (Man In The Middle)
      • Code analysis (for vulnerability) and possible use of tooling
  • Application Framework
  • Location Based Service APIs
  • Car data Logger
  • Inter-app communication
  • Other Featured Sessions. Many questions will be asked and answered as we explore the following topics:
    • Is IVI done? (View from a panel of three GENIVI Board Members)
    • Binary Scanning: First line of defense against security breaches
    • GENIVI in other markets – Las Vegas pilots, W3C, OCF.

GENIVI Presents at the Global City Teams Challenge Expo

GENIVI was recently honored to present the Las Vegas Connected Vehicle project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sponsored Global Cities Team Challenge Expo in late August.  The event was held at the Washington DC Convention Center and included: 
  • Over 1600 registered attendees
  • 190+ speakers and more than 90 exhibiting action clusters representing 120+ cities and communities
  • 6 Mayors from the US and Japan, 2 Deputy Mayors from Taiwan, and 3 Deputy Assistant Secretaries from the US federal government
  • Numerous executives from industry stakeholders and prominent university researchers.
Steve Crumb, GENIVI Executive Director, and Joanna Wadsworth, Engineer for City of Las Vegas, presented the pilot as part of the transportation action cluster alongside cities like Columbus (winner of the US DoT Smart City Challenge), Portland, Orlando, and Porto, Portugal.  During the event, the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and NIST officially announced a new government funded challenge in 2018 called the Smart and Secure Cities and a Communities Challenge (SC3).  This initiative intends to unite local communities, technology companies, the cybersecurity industry and its research community so that smart city solutions will be reliable and resilient. It also emphasizes the importance of security in the government’s agenda in 2018.  
The next major update on the GENIVI Las Vegas pilot is planned for CES2018 and progress can be tracked at

GENIVI Upcoming Events Fall/Winter 2017/2018

UX User Experience Conference
On 5 October 2017, Kyle Walworth, Chairman of GENIVI Board, will be a panelist  at the UX User Experience Conference taking place in Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showplace. The panel topic is entitled "Turbocharging Connectivity."  To learn more and register, please visit here.
GENIVI AMM Demonstration Showcase and Networking Reception - Seoul
On Wednesday evening 11 October 2017 GENIVI will be hosting the AMM Showcase Reception Event from 5 – 8 p.m. local time. We are expecting 28 demos on display as well as a few GENIVI-equipped vehicles. Please come join us to see what all the excitement in GENIVI is about as you visit each of the member showcases and enjoy an assortment of appetizers and beverages. 

We would like to thank the following sponsors of our upcoming All Member Meeting in Seoul: LG, Intel, Mentor, Renesas, HARMAN, Hortonworks, Irdeto, Renesas, Hyundai, Obigo, and Mentor.
GENIVI and W3C Collaborate on “Connected Cars, Cities and the Web”
A panel entitled, “Connected Cars, Cities and the Web,” will be moderated by GENIVI Executive Director Steve Crumb during the first W3C Web Executive Forum, Wednesday, 8 November 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California. 
During this session, panelists will discuss the transformation already under way as cars and city infrastructures are being connected. Panelists to address this executive-level audience include Patti Robb, Head of Silicon Valley Automated Driving Innovation at Intel; Greg Bohl, VP HARMAN Connected Services; and Tina Quigley, General Manager of Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.
Please register here. For more information, please contact Mike Nunnery or Alan Bird, W3C at To save 20 percent on your registration enter the code "Genivi20."
GENIVI AutoMobility LA
On 27-30 November 2017 the LA Auto Show will host their annual AutoMobility LA conference and Media Days. GENIVI will have a prominent booth large enough to serve as a "GENIVI Pavilion" where up to a dozen GENIVI members and partner companies can have an event presence. To learn more or register to attend this event visit here.

GENIVI at CES 2018
Once again it is that time of year when GENIVI begins preparing for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest networking event of the year for both GENIVI and its member community. The alliance’s activities continue to grow and as a result, we want to provide the latest information to consider and to share with your colleagues as you consider plans for CES 2018. 
GENIVI CES 2018 Networking Reception at the Bellagio
On the evening of 9 January, GENIVI will host its annual CES Networking Reception at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The event will run from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. providing for maximum visitor attendance and optimal networking for all in attendance.  If you would like to learn more or receive a personal invitation to this networking event, please email GENIVI's Marketing Manager, Mike Nunnery and request an invite. 

GENIVI / SAE International Connect2Car Track at CES 2018
On 9 January 2018, GENIVI and SAE International will be hosting a full day connected car conference called "Connect2Car" located in the North Hall room N258 on the main floor of CES where we expect an audience of over 380 in attendance. GENIVI will be presenting two panel sessions in the morning followed by three additional sessions being presented by SAE.  The two sessions presented by GENIVI will be "Connected Vehicle Data, the Next Big Thing for Smart Cities" and "Connected Car to Connected World -  The Next Technology Leap".  CES organizers are expected to have the “Connect2Car” track with all abstracts live by the end of September. To learn more when posted visit here.

Best regards,


Steve Crumb
Executive Director, GENIVI Alliance
Office: +1 815.469.5322  |  Cell: +1 815.342.4083
Skype: steve.crumb


Altia, Inc.
Mappers Co.,Ltd.
Olympus Sky Technologies, S.A.
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.


GitHub Online Webinar
Title: "Driving Secure, Collaborative Development"
27 September 2017

GENIVI All Member Meeting & Showcase
10-12 October 2017
Seoul, So. Korea
Demonstration Showcase & Networking Reception (evening of 11 October)
TU Automotive Japan 2017
17-18 October 2017
The Westin Tokyo, Japan
W3C Web Executive Forum
8 November 2017
Burlingame, CA USA 

AutoMobility LA (LA Auto Show)
27-30 November 2017
Los Angeles, CA USA
2018 GENIVI/SAE Connect2Vehicle at CES2018
9 January 2018
Las Vegas, NV USA

2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
9-12 January 2018
Las Vegas, NV USA
GENIVI CES Reception Event (Bellagio Hotel)
9 January 2018
Las Vegas, NV USA
Contact Mike Nunnery for invite.

GENIVI/SAE International Connect2Car Track at CES 2018
9 January 2018
Las Vegas, NV USA


Recent approvals for GENIVI Compliant™  or Works with GENIVI™ Programs:

Clarion –  GENIVI Compliance V11.0

LG Electronics – GENIVI Compliance V10.0

Renesas Electronics – GENIVI Compliance V11.0

Tata Elxsi – GENIVI Compliance V10.0


GENIVI Executive Director
Steve Crumb

GENIVI Member Communications
Linda Braun

GENIVI Marketing
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Mike Nunnery

GENIVI All Member Meetings
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GENIVI Analyst/Public Relations
Craig Miner

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