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Fed Up with ALL the Lies in this Election?

Why we investors are fed up with everyone lying to us! View this email in your web browser.
Lies, Lies, Lies!

Why we investors are fed upwith everyone lying to us! But getting rich is the best revenge...
Smartest ways to do it in 2017
The "experts" say that individual investors like you and me are motivated by only two emotions – fear and greed.

Well, they’re wrong.

I’ve seen another powerful force shaping investors' attitudes like never before…and that is anger – righteous anger – with all those who are either lying to us or dreadfully mismanaging our wealth.

I invite you to join a powerful, grassroots movement of investors who are no longer putting up with it.

But who, exactly, are we revolting against?

I’ll tell you who...

"Soundbite" Stock Tipsters and their TV "Money Honeys." By chasing after the latest "hot" stock tip based on rumors and "buzz," these financial pied-pipers are leading millions of investors astray. And let's face it: they only have to be right for a day or two. If a stock goes up soon after they recommend it (often only because they recommended it), they get the credit – but never the blame when a few weeks, months or years down the road, it turns out to be a dud. After all, when was the last time you heard one of these TV tipsters tell you not only when to buy a stock – but when to sell?

In the next few minutes, I'll tell you how to avoid – and profit from – the "mob mentality" fostered by these mass-media gurus and hucksters.

Financial planners, brokers, and insurance agents who choose what to sell you, based on what generates the biggest fees and commissions for them. And these costs come right out of your nest egg.

I'll tell you how to obtain truly independent investment counsel, plus a rundown on how to actually MAKE PROFITS based on the predictable actions of another group of my favorite financial rogues...

Politicians.They tell you whatever they think you want to hear. They say they'll balance the budget. Create new jobs. Cut your taxes. Pick up your health-care tab. And safeguard Social Security too. (Don't bank on it.)

But take heart, because we've caught on to their game, too. I'll show you how we've even discovered a way to reap huge profits from politicians' incompetence and cowardice in predictable fashion, year in and year out.

Financial gurus and "seers." They claim to be able to predict the stock market's cycle and direction based on hifalutin economic theories and technical "systems" – but history proves most of them have been completely wrong about all the biggest market trends. Still, that doesn't stop them from putting forth new theories and "systems" which they promise this time will get it right.

Well, guess what? Cycles in stock markets do exist, but it's impossible to pinpoint how long they will last with any precision. The forecasts I'll be giving you here aren't based on mindless technical systems or cycle theory, but on the "signs of the times" – geopolitics, macroeconomics, and especially monetary policy.

Fund managers. Whether they're managing mutual funds or hedge funds, many of today's fund managers are proving to be incompetent at best – and negligent at worst.

Hedge funds like Amaranth have lost billions for their investors. But guess what? They still get rich on fees and commissions!

But I'll tell you how to profit from a host of new investment products that beat mutual funds and hedge funds – on flexibility, performance, and affordability – and also give you the independence to manage your own hard-earned money.
In short, today's financial waters are shark-infested...

But I'm offering you a life raft.

Come Join Our "Investor Revolt"

My name is Mark Skousen, and I'm inviting you to join a groundswell of investors who have vowed to "just say no" to these and the many other rogues I'll describe today. This message is also your "early warning alert" that these and other enemies of your wealth will be lying in ambush for you once again.
"Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist. A firm supporter of free markets, Dr. Skousen has written extensively on how they work and the obstacles they face." –Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate in economics
To combat these enemies of wealth, I have, for more than 35 years, written a unique, fiercely independent, financial advisory called, Forecasts & Strategies. It counsels a simple, two-part gospel of financial prosperity.

The two parts of my message are:

1. FORTRESS-LIKE PROTECTION against all the enemies of your wealth. They include not only people, but things such as inflation, recessions, volatile markets, etc. all of which I'll talk about in a moment. I am unabashedly fanatical in my conviction that the number one rule of building wealth is that you must not lose what you already have.

2. EXTREME SELECTIVITY. The second part of my message is equally simple. To multiply your wealth, you really don't need lots of investments. But the ones you choose should offer truly extraordinary potential at extremely low risk or, if possible, zero risk.

Rest assured, you'll never see the type of advice and analysis I offer anywhere else. And, best of all, my recommendations are completely untainted by monetary concerns or other "special interests."

Unlike most financial advisors, I don't work for commissions. I'm not interested in earning fees off your portfolio. And I have zero interest in "capturing your assets."

For years, I've told prospective subscribers I offer "independent advice for independent thinkers." And my advice and insights have never been more essential than they are in today's treacherous markets.

Result? Even while other financial newsletters are losing subscribers by the thousands, investors are flocking to Forecasts & Strategies.

Why is it happening?

Well, the word is out that Forecasts & Strategies is the one newsletter written precisely for the many thousands of investors who harbor the same sentiments I suspect you're feeling right now. And by that, I mean...

... if you're uneasy about the incredible volatility we're now seeing in all major markets, but you know that you can't stash all your money in CDs because inflation and taxes will eat it alive...

... if you're frustrated that it's always someone else who seems to have the inside track on the most profitable investments...

... if you're fed up with financial planners and fund managers wanting to dip into your wallet, while posing as trusted advisors and stewards of your money...

... if you're determined to retire truly rich and live free of financial fear...

... and if you want firm, sure-handed, conservative, and, most important of all, correct guidance on how to prosper in this tricky climate...

If you've experienced any or all of these feelings, then Forecasts & Strategies is written for you.

Unlike any other source of investment counsel today, Forecasts & Strategies gives you a unique combination of advantages, including...
  1. AN HONEST, OBJECTIVE VOICE IN A SEA OF FINANCIAL SALESPEOPLE. All I sell is my advice, so it had better be good. I profit from no arrangements with dealers or financial products in any way. I give you the one thing you seek most – a truly objective voice you can trust in a world filled with self-serving financial salesmen.
  2. PROTECTION OF YOUR CAPITAL ABOVE ALL ELSE, so you can sleep soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that my goal, first and foremost, is to preserve what you already have.
  3. PROFITABLE RECOMMENDATIONS, so your money will prosper and multiply exclusively in elite, top-performing investments. I don't make many recommendations, but those I bring you are pure gems, as you'll see in the next few minutes.
  4. DEADLY ACCURATE TRACK RECORD. The record shows that I've called virtually every major market move over the last 35 years, well before they occurred. Two of my favorite examples are: (1) my January 2000 warning that "tech stocks are severely overvalued" - just weeks before the Tech Stock Meltdown that saw the NASDAQ lose 35% of its value almost overnight (and considerably more later through mid-2002); and (2) my "SELL EVERYTHING" alert to subscribers in September 1987, a month before the Crash of '87.

Forecasts & Strategies has also been, with few exceptions, stone-cold right about bonds, gold, mutual funds, currencies, and scores of specific investments.

That's probably the biggest reason our subscriber base is soaring. And it's directly attributable to the one feature of Forecasts & Strategies that, more than any other, sets us apart from all other sources of financial advice...

5. CONFIDENTIAL INTELLIGENCE STRAIGHT FROM THE WASHINGTON POWER CENTERS. The reason I've been able to call markets correctly? Because I understand the single most important principle you must know to invest successfully in the early 21st century:

Washington has now become the dominant force in all investment markets. Key decisions on interest rates, the money supply, laws about to be passed, etc. have an instantaneous and explosive impact on all investment markets, whether it's stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, commodities, you name it.

By giving my readers advance alert of these developments, I have been able to keep them on the right side of virtually every major trend of the past 35 years. And if you're on the right side of the major economic trend, you'll always be on the safe side in your specific investment choices.

What I Learned About the Rich and Powerful When I Worked at the CIA

I can give you this information because I possess what I'm convinced is the best "little black book" in Washington. Let me explain...

I started my career long ago, working as an Economics Officer for the CIA. I never got involved in "James Bond" adventures or "dirty tricks." My assignment, which lasted several years, was to know what was going on economically in this country and around the world... to understand the who, what, why, where and how of those who wield financial power.

Naturally, my position opened up many doors to me and gave me access to information and contacts throughout Washington, Wall Street and the world's financial capitals.

In time, I came to understand the inner workings of our economic system, perhaps as well as any man alive. After I left the CIA, I maintained and expanded my network of contacts. These are people who know me... whom I can call on the phone any time to find out, on a friend-to-friend basis, what's really going on.

But even more important than my network of contacts, I know intimately how the system works. I know the people in power, their economic agenda, and I can spot the telltale signs of when they are starting to pull the levers of power to change the major direction of the economy.

Why Wall Street Is In Trouble

Beginning in late 1982, the Dow went on a 17-year tear that took it from just over 1000 to a peak of 11,907 on January 2000. Today, the Dow hovers in the mid to high 12,000s – just above its peak more than six years ago.

As for the S&P 500 – the more accurate stock-market measure – it's still below its March 2000 peak of 1527. We must ask ourselves two questions:
  • Are U.S. stocks languishing, because of the high cost of the U.S. government fighting a war on terror?
  • Should Americans look abroad for better investment opportunities?

For the past several years, as the United States has carried the main burden in fighting the war against terrorists in the Middle East, international stocks have outperformed Wall Street by far. While there are still great opportunities in U.S. stocks, I believe this trend in favor of global stocks will continue. Here's why...

America's Warfare/Welfare State
Is Getting Very Expensive

The ongoing War on Terror – now in its 15th year after 9/11 – is now a more global effort. New attacks by ISIS and fundamentalists worldwide have put countries on alert across the globe. And these countries' budgets to combat terrorism have risen accordingly.

However, when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, the U.S. has committed the most funds by far to fight this war. To give you an idea of just how much the U.S. is expected to spend on the War on Terrorism in 2017, consider this…

The U.S. projected GDP for 2017 comes in at $19.297 trillion, while the proposed budget for defense weighs in at $583 billion. That's the equivalent of more than 3% of America's gross domestic product being earmarked for war. That's huge…

This amount alone explains the skyrocketing federal deficit, although we cannot forget that the U.S. government has also, dramatically, increased its welfare state, especially the costs of education, Medicare, Social Security, and prescription drugs.

Is America "Technically Bankrupt"?

Meanwhile, the national debt has ballooned to $19 trillion, and we are now spending more than $15,000 a second in interest on the debt.

We are clearly headed for fiscal disaster.

But what can you do about it?

Nothing radical. Just some prudent steps into a few, select investments that allow you to participate fully in any big run-ups, but also give you rock-solid protection against loss, volatility and geo-political uncertainty.

Let's get more specific...

I spell out all of the following recommendations in greater detail in a Special Report I'd like to send you FREE with a no-risk trial subscription to Forecasts & Strategies. The report is titled, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY." Let me give you an overview of what's in it...


Triple Your Retirement Fund with the Super 7 Annuity

Insurance companies dominate annuity sales, which is reason enough for them to want to keep the Super 7 Annuity secret.

They don't want you to know that the Super 7 Annuity is issued by a private company, because that's a critical difference.

You don't have to jump through the hoops insurance companies want you to when it comes to getting an annuity. In fact, you can get into a Super 7 Annuity online or with a short phone call.

Here are SEVEN other secrets insurance companies don't want you to know:
  1. Bigger Profits: You'll starve on what the average fixed annuity pays – just 3% – because taxes, fees, and inflation will eat into that tiny income. Yet you get 8–10% from the Super 7 Annuity, and automatic inflation protection!
  2. Reduced Costs: Insurance companies pass on a mountain of costs to you when you buy their annuities. But, with your private Super 7 Annuity, you'll pay just a fraction of what average annuities charge.
  3. Escape Penalties: If you need to cash in your fixed annuity, be prepared to pay up to 8% in penalties... and sometimes even 10%. But there are NO early withdrawal penalties for the Super 7 Annuity.
  4. Freedom from Fees: Insurance agents get 10% or more in commissions when they sell annuities. That could be thousands of dollars ultimately paid by you. But you can buy the Super 7 Annuity for as little as eight dollars...
  5. A Simpler Solution: Income-destroying language can be buried in an annuity's fine print. To understand it, you may need an accountant, an attorney, and a financial advisor. But with the Super 7 Annuity, you can leave that team at home.
  6. Minimized Taxes: Income from insurance company annuities is generally taxed as regular income – up to 39.6% – while Super 7 Annuity income is taxed at virtually half that rate! (See your tax advisor for details.)
  7. Legacy Building: You can pass on the private Super 7 Annuity to your spouse, family member, or a charity... without a reduction in value. Try that with an average annuity, or without paying a boatload in taxes.

Super 7 Annuity's benefits blow away regular annuities', but, the biggest difference of all is in total returns.

Now, if you had bought the Super 7 Annuity when it first arrived on the scene in October 2007... you would have a total return of 356.8% today, as reflected below:

That's an amazing total return when your average annuity would have paid a total of only 27% during the same period.

I will reveal everything about the Super 7 Annuity in my Special Report, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY" – yours FREE with your risk-free trial subscription to Forecasts & Strategies.

Pipeline Profits: The Best Way to
Profit from Energy Today

First, let's take a look at a map that shows where all of the U.S. energy reserves are located.

As you can see, we have vast reserves all over the country, but most are concentrated in a few key areas.

There's the Bakken Shale up in North Dakota. The Marcellus in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. A few smaller finds in the plains states.

And then huge sprawling reserves in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico.

In other words, these oil and natural gas finds are spread out virtually all over the country.

Most people know that. But here's what your average Joe off the street doesn't know.

Almost all of the major refining and exporting of oil will be completed in the gulf coast.

So if you're pulling a million barrels a day out of the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, you need a pipeline to get it to the right refining facility in the Southeast.

That's the kind of thing that oil companies were trying with Keystone.

But because it became a political issue, they weren't able to move forward.

That's bad for them, but has turned into a godsend for the company I'm talking about.

This very fortunate energy company has quietly gone about building its own extensive pipeline system, which they are now using to pump millions of barrels, and collect billions of dollars.

They have 1,278 miles of offshore pipeline transporting natural gas.

They have a 633 mile pipeline flowing from Cushing, Oklahoma down to the Gulf Coast region… A 1,769 mile pipeline connecting North Texas… A 674 mile pipeline to West Texas. Another 866 mile system to south Texas.

Texas is an awfully big oil state, as you can see.

They have onshore natural gas pipelines connecting Mississippi, Louisiana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

They have just completed new pipelines that connect them to valuable Ethane supplies in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions…

In total, they have 50,000 miles of pipeline in operation, enough to crisscross the United States more than 16 times.

Their pipeline system is bigger than the entire Interstate Highway system.

We're talking about the capacity to transport 5 million barrels of oil every single day… Or about $465 million worth.

And what this company does is simply charge a fee for every barrel that passes through.

Essentially, they have created, and are now operating, the world's most profitable toll road.

And let me tell you, the numbers are looking very good.

The company's reported record net income, record earnings per unit, and record gross operating margins… all during the toughest stretch the oil market's seen in years.

"We benefited from record volume in our fee-based businesses," says the company CEO. "Our integrated pipeline system transported a record 5.2 million barrels per day. Our NGL fractionators averaged a record 840,000 barrels per day and our natural gas processing plants had record fee-based volumes of 5.0 billion cubic feet per day."

It gets better.

Based on the company's results from the second quarter of 2016, it had "increased its cash distribution for 47 consecutive quarters" and a total of 55 times since going public in 1998."

The name of this company, and complete information on how to invest, is included in my Special Report, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY" – yours, FREE, just for trying a risk-free trial subscription to Forecasts & Strategies.

Infinite Income:
My Top 5 Income Growth Stocks

Here, you'll discover five plays recommended for their consistent high-yields, but ALSO because they're powerful growth stocks.

These are conservative stocks that let you sleep at night – yet pay you up to a double-digit income, with capital appreciation – without short-selling, futures, options... or anything weird.

These "income-paying growth stocks" take your income investing to a whole new level while also helping you protect your hard-earned money.

Let me give you an example of one of these plays:

If you want a double-digit yield, you can get a whopping 13.3% from of a company at the forefront of providing America with a large range of fertilizers. But it's not just the fat yield that's so compelling, this play offers growth potential so great, that it caught the eye of Carl Icahn, one of America's savviest growth investors. Icahn recently bought more than 300,000 shares – that's no small bet on the company. More importantly, following Carl's lead has made many people rich.

That's just one of the five lucrative plays Dr. Skousen recommends in this important guide. But, in this Special Report, you get four more high-income, high-growth stocks.

And consider this: The research and recommendations contained in this guide are not available anywhere else, at any price, but I want you to have it for FREE.

Keep More of What's Yours
Out of Uncle Sam's Hands

How would you like to shelter more of your money from the IRS, while tapping into well-paid profit sharing plans?

Dr. Skousen has discovered four investment vehicles that give you these income-boosting advantages.

Even better, you can invest in them today and start collecting these additional streams of income immediately:
  • Claim a guaranteed annual 3.75% interest rate – which is a "tax equivalent yield" of 5.21% – guaranteed for 10 years (Page 3)
  • Get rich from an income source that can pay you up to 3.05% per month – or 36.6% per year – tax deferred (Page 4)
  • Collect a "hybrid" income for life, so you will never fear about running out of money (Page 4)

This high-value report also gives you three more income boosters. Each has tax favorable treatment to keep the taxman out of your income.

In addition to these four recommendations, you'll also get...

Getting Rich with Mutual Funds

Even if dividends are unusually high... not everyone likes to play individual stocks.

So, I'm going rush you Dr. Skousen's premium guide with research on today's top five mutual funds and ETFs.

These vehicles are especially designed for the income investor who is very conservative with their cash... yet wants long-term growth.

And since many of the stocks in these funds pay dividends, you'll get to collect income as well, without the single-stock investing risk!

Check out these examples of the top-diverse growth funds you'll find in this money-making guide:
  1. Grab Warren Buffett's favorite: He's recommended this many times, and you would have made 63.48% from it in the last three years alone... (Page 5)
  2. Another fund filled with Buffett favorites: Wide-moat companies with a high "barrier to entry" that pay you big, even in economic downturns... (Page 8)
  3. Own a growing fund made up of small companies with competitive advantages. They are designed for secure growth even in a downturn... (Page 9)

You also get two recommended ETF or mutual fund plays for a total of five – all high-income, coupled with the protection of a diverse portfolio – in my Special Report, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY." You can get in on them right now by subscribing to Forecasts & Strategies – and then, by following my advice on how to invest your "free money" intelligently, you can multiply your wealth the same way the big boys do!

21 More Money-Making Secrets
At Your Fingertips!

The powerful investment secrets I've just outlined are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Special Report I've prepared for you, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY," gives you no fewer than 21 more investment ideas, tips and strategies, which add up to a perfect "sampler" of the kind of advice you'll get in each and every issue of my Forecasts & Strategies newsletter.

A handful of the 21 other investment secrets you'll find in "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY":
  • Treat investing as a business, or don't invest at all. If you want to be a great investor, you have to give it as much attention as you would your full-time business. Why have you been successful in your career? Because you concentrated on doing things right. You got involved. That's the same attitude you must have when investing. You have to study the fundamentals of a company thoroughly, read the classic investment books, read a variety of investment services, attend investment conferences and get a grasp of local, national and world geo-political trends in the investment markets you're interested in. Do your homework and concentrate on what you know best.
  • Before you invest, devise an exit strategy. Mark Tier, an expert international investor, advises that investors should have an exit strategy for every investment they buy. A good exit strategy has two components. First, know what you are going to do when everything goes as expected. That includes knowing at what price to sell. Second, know what you are going to do when something goes wrong. Investors lose money because they don't think in advance what they're going to do if something goes wrong. You should think through all the possible scenarios that could come up. Be prepared for every situation.
  • U.S. business development companies. These are special types of companies chartered by Congress. They don't get taxed at the corporate level, and pay high dividends to shareholders who pay taxes on those dividends. Development companies lend money to small and mid-sized businesses. Typically, they get interest on the loan and equity. My recommended play in this sector has remained the same over a couple of years. It has only cut its dividend once since the 2008 financial crisis. Importantly, management has continued to accumulate shares of its own stock, with at least 19 separate purchases since September 14, 2016.

In "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY", I'll tell you about the other investment secrets, including how real estate is a hedge against inflation, when to buy emerging market stocks, and when not to buy a stock.

This Special Report,
" Is Yours
FREE with an Introduction to
Forecasts & Strategies

Everything I've described so far – the forecasts, warnings, strategies and recommendations – can be found in the FREE Special Report I want to send you. I'm giving all this information away FREE – as a one-time "bonus" for trying Forecasts & Strategies risk-free.

Save $199 by Subscribing Now

One year's subscription to Forecasts & Strategies is normally $249. But, if you act now, you can become a subscriber for just $49.95 – a $199 savings.

For just $49.95, you get:
  • 12 monthly issues of Forecasts & Strategies, speedily delivered to you by email
  • The FREE Special Report, "50% RICHER 2 YEARS FROM TODAY," that I've described in this report
  • 24/7 VIP access to the Forecasts & Strategies website at
  • Weekly Hotline Emails featuring regular updates regarding the market and your Forecasts & Strategies recommendations
  • Urgent email alert service rushing you the time-sensitive information you need to maximize profits from your investments

When You Subscribe, You're Protected
By My 100% Double Guarantee
of Satisfaction

GUARANTEE #1 During your 90-day risk-free trial subscription, you MUST be 100% satisfied with Forecasts & Strategies in EVERY way. If not, just let us know. I will RUSH you an immediate and full refund of every penny you've paid. And all issues and guides you've received will be yours to keep for FREE.
GUARANTEE #2: You must continue to be 100% satisfied after your 90-day trial subscription or I will guarantee to send you a refund for the balance of your subscription. And again, all guides, bonuses, and issues are yours to keep for FREE.

Even without this guarantee, that's a remarkable deal. I'm sure it'll be a popular one as well. So, I urge you to lock in these guaranteed savings now by clicking below:

Claim Your 90-Day Test Drive NOW

I've given you a few examples of the way I think... examples of how I help my subscribers all year long with sound, actionable advice that increases wealth, lowers taxation and enhances financial privacy. If these ideas have made sense to you, just imagine how much more you'll gain from the dozens of such ideas you'll read in your FREE Special Report... as well as in your regular monthly issues of Forecasts & Strategies.

Remember, with our no-risk guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Just click on the button below to complete the enclosed Enrollment Form today.

Claim Your 90-Day Test Drive NOW


Mark Skousen, Ph.D.,
Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

P.S. If you subscribe today, for a 2-year term, I'll make it worth your while by giving you even bigger savings.

You get everything above, PLUS one, high-value bonus report to protect and grow your income. This report is worth $45, but is FREE with your 2-year subscription:

FREE Bonus Report: The Top 12 Stocks to Buy Right Now

In an unprecedented move, Eagle Financial's top newsletter editors have come together to publish their best investment opportunities in a single report. I am joined by fellow Eagle editors – Nicholas Vardy, Doug Fabian, and Bryan Perry.

In this just-updated Special Report, each expert shares with you his 3 best investments for the coming year.

Together, these men possess more than 100 years' experience helping investors like you make money in any market.

And, yes, I really want to GIVE you this Special Report for FREE when you accept a 2-year trial subscription to Forecasts & Strategies.
Claim Your 90-Day Test Drive NOW

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