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POLITICO New York Playbook, presented by Nuclear Matters: NY GOP braces for TRUMP -- SANDERS meets SHARPTON -- BLOOMBERG's Bahamas security

02/10/2016 07:06 AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

TRUMP PROSPECT COMES INTO FOCUS FOR NY GOP - Capital Tonight host Liz Benjamin for POLITICO New York: It didn't take a win for Donald Trump in New Hampshire to convince New York Republicans that his candidacy was for real. But with his runaway win in Tuesday's primary, the prospect of a Trump-led ballot line just got a lot more serious-looking.

For some GOP officials, that's a scary thing. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis of Staten Island, who is chairing the New York campaign of Marco Rubio, said in a recent interview, "As someone who's going to be on the ballot this year, I want whoever is at the top of the ticket to be someone I'm going to be proud of, not someone I have to worry about defending every time they open their mouth." She dismissed Trump not only as a destabilizing presence for Republicans on the ballot but as someone who has a history of supporting "very liberal candidates for office" through his campaign contributions, including the Democratic frontrunner and former U.S. senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.

By contrast, Trump's New York supporters , headed by a group of Republicans with a history of taking on the local establishment, are looking forward intensely to seeing what happens when the campaign moves to his home state on April 19. Trump's ground organization is in fact led by the Trump-like former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who has been working to boost Trump's upstate cred by blasting regular updates and calls for volunteers to his voluminous email list. Along with Assemblymen Bill Nojay and David DiPierto, Republicans from the Rochester and Buffalo areas, respectively, Paladino last week organized a bus to take volunteers to New Hampshire to stump for Trump in advance of the primary vote. "Trump has extraordinary appeal across the political spectrum," Nojay said during a telephone interview late last week.

--DCCC's fake memo for Republican Rep. John Katko (NY-24), "Endorsing a Republican Presidential Nominee (EEK!)," from his "Republican Strategist (We assume)": "YOU have indicated plans to endorse a Republican presidential nominee, and this memo will highlight the red flags to consider before endorsing any of the top three frontrunners - Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio."

-- Trump won a solid victory in the primary. Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich came in second, a surprise showing. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is canceling plans to campaign in South Carolina, and will instead return to New Jersey and assess whether to continue his campaign.

-- From Politico's Annie Karni in Manchester: "After a drubbing so serious as to call into question every aspect of her campaign from her data operation to her message, the wounded front-runner and her allies are actively preparing to retool their campaign, according to Clinton allies. ... She is expected to push a new focus on systematic racism, criminal justice reform, voting rights and gun violence that will mitigate concerns about her lack of an inspirational message."

HAPPENING TODAY -- BERNIE SANDERS MEETS WITH SHARPTON -- Daily Beast's Goldie Taylor -- "By meeting with Sharpton at Sylvia's Restaurant-the very place then-Sen. Barack Obama sat down with the preacher in 2008-Sanders is sending a message to Clinton forces: Don't sleep. The controversial MSNBC anchor and activist, who also hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show, is not surprised that Sanders and Clinton came knocking. 'I think that they have dealt with the reality that if people are going to address issues they will have to address them with the people involved in the issues,' Sharpton told The Daily Beast. 'You cannot appoint our leadership for us.'"

-- Details: 9:30 a.m., at Sylvia's restaurant, 328 Malcolm X Boulevard, in Harlem

2016 PLAYERS -- Clinton's new staffer -- BuzzFeed's Darren Sands: "The Hillary Clinton campaign has hired a press aide from the U.S. Department of Education to be its press secretary for black media ... Denise Horn, a veteran of the Obama reelection campaign in 2012 and assistant press secretary at the Department of Education, will begin with the Clinton campaign this month as director of African American media ... Horn formerly worked for Facebook. She will begin at the Clinton campaign on Monday. ... Horn will also engage spiritual leaders and other grassroots organizers, as well as amplify efforts in the early primary and Super Tuesday states."

-- New Hampshire fallout: "Combined with Trump's romp on the Republican side, the water just got a little warmer for Bloomberg to stick his tiny toes in." -- Daily News' Josh Greenman:

CONTRASTING CUOMO WATER WARNINGS - POLITICO New York's Scott Waldman: It was a tale of two cautionary responses. On Saturday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a rare weekend public statement to warn New Yorkers that the water around the Indian Point nuclear center had "alarming levels of radioactivity." He ordered yet another state investigation of Indian Point and said the release of radioactive tritium-contaminated water leaked into the groundwater at the facility was another reason to see the plant closed.

Two days later, in Albany, he cautioned against a rush to judgment on the water pollution in Hoosick Falls. Cuomo said he wanted to wait for more "facts" and cautioned that banks should not be withholding the writing of mortgages until more results had been returned. He said he was waiting for another round of water well tests to come back, even though earlier rounds already proved that toxic levels of a chemical linked to cancer was in the water. Cuomo claimed the state would be "overprotective" in Hoosick Falls and chided people who would let emotions get "ahead of facts."

-- Senate GOP Majority Leader John Flanagan said he was open to legislative hearings on the state's response to Hoosick Falls, after the problems has been solved.

-- Flanagan also broke the governor on the future of Indian Point, which he thinks should stay open.

** A Message from Nuclear Matters: Providing more than 61 percent of New York's carbon-free electricity, nuclear energy plants play a vital role in achieving our clean-energy and carbon-reduction goals. New York's nuclear energy fleet supports about 18,000 jobs and provides $2.5 billion to the state's GDP. Learn more at **

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Law abiding citizens - background checks, we don't even consider that gun control." ~ Rep. Chris Gibson

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The mayor promised to be the most transparent mayor in history, but he apparently doesn't know what the word 'transparent' means." -- Geoffrey Croft, president of New York City Park Advocates via the Post:

EXTRA BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "All these Council members are thinking about the immediate impact on their neighborhoods and their constituency [b]ut when it comes to zoning, you can't afford to think that way." -- Kathy Wylde , president of the Partnership for New York City, via The Times:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: State Senator Rich Funke gets down to "Uptown Funk" to raise money for the United Way

CLICKER - "30 New NYFW Models to Follow on Instagram," by The Cut's Leah Rodriguez:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, Mimi Sheraton, legendary New York Times restaurant critic and food writer, is 9-0 (h/t Tom Baer), CNBC's Jim Cramer, Izzy Klein, managing partner at Roberti Global: Irizarry Klein Roberti and a Schumer and Markey alum (h/t Jon Haber), State Senate aides Suzy Ballantyne, Barbara O'Neill and Gerry Kassar, Rensselaer County clerk Frank Merola, Genting flack Michael Levoff, Hudson Valley labor leader Beth Soto, former City Council aide Eric Kuo ... (was yesterday): art gallery owner Geoff Young

TABS -- Post: "BERNED! Sanders crushes Hillary in NH" -- Daily News: "DAWN OF THE BRAIN DEAD: Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves" -- SEE THEM:

-- amNY: "GAME ON: Video-game industry surging in NYC" -- Newsday, with pics of Sanders and Trump: "THE WINNERS" -- Hamodia: "New Hampshire's Jewish Residents Reflect on Their Big Day"

FRONT PAGES -- NYT, 2-col. above the fold: TRUMP AND SANDERS WIN RESOUNDINGLY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE; Ride Working-Class Anger in Victories - Katich in 2nd in Big G.O.P. Field" -- WSJNY , 4-col. above the fold: "Salt is Latest Food Fight"

DE BLASIO'S UNDISCLOSED LOBBYIST MEETINGS -- Post's Rich Calder: "An analysis of hundreds of pages of de Blasio's personal schedules found dozens of meetings and conference calls with lobbyists that were not included on a list of 'lobbying meetings' posted on the city's website. Two meetings missing from the online list were with real-estate mogul Steve Nislick and Wendy Neu, leaders of the movement to ban carriage horses from Central Park. The pair - who pumped at least $900,000 into de Blasio's 2013 mayoral campaign and his progressive nonprofit, the Campaign for One New York - met with de Blasio at City Hall last Feb. 27, June 29 and Aug. 20, according to the lobbying list. But Hizzoner also huddled with the pair for an hour at Gracie Mansion on Sept. 16, 2014, and had an earlier 45-minute conference call with them on April 15 of that year, according to the mayor's schedules."

STRINGER'S CITIZENSHIP REPORT -- News' Juan Gonzalez: "City officials should move to reduce the soaring cost of naturalization for New York's 670,000 legal immigrants eligible to become U.S. citizens, city Controller Scott Stringer urges in a new report. Federal fees for citizenship applications have skyrocketed from just $60 in 1989 to a whopping $680 today, Stringer notes in a report to be released Wednesday. Even after accounting for inflation, that's more than a 500% increase. ...

-- "Stringer wants the federal government to lower the fees, which now generate 95% of the entire funding for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. But that's highly unlikely, given the current Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate. So his report also proposes some measures New York City - the nation's historic gateway to immigration - can take to defray naturalization costs. The most novel idea is a new tax credit for employers who are willing to subsidize the citizenship application fees of their workers. In addition, Stringer wants City Hall to restore funding for more than 6,000 seats in adult literacy classes that were cut from last year's city budget. He also calls for increased city funding for free immigration counseling by community-based nonprofits."

NYPD OFFICER ON TRIAL -- WNYC's Robert Lewis: "Over the objections of prosecutors, [defense attorney Robert] Brown then told jurors that convicting Liang for an innocent mistake would make it harder for cops to keep the city safe. 'Unfortunately he got startled and we wound up here. But you want your police officers to protect you. You want police to do their jobs. and to make a determination that his actions were criminal, that his actions were unjustified by taking his gun out, would send a chilling effect,' Brown told the jury."

ICYM -- HOPE COUNT DRAWS CRITICS AND SUPPORTERS -- AP's Jonathan Lemire: "Over the past few weeks, thousands of clipboard-toting volunteers have fanned out across some of the nation's largest cities, tasked with a deceptively complex job: counting the number of homeless people sleeping on the streets. The count is mandated by the federal government for cities to receive certain kinds of funding. It has taken place all over the country in recent weeks, including in Philadelphia, Houston and Boise, Idaho. Some social service groups argue that the counts should be done more often, because the number of homeless spotted on the street could change depending on how cold it is. A number also argue that the volunteers don't often venture into dark parks or remote locations - such as bridges, highway embankments or subway tunnels - and that the homeless are inherently transient and easy to miss during even a comprehensive survey. New York's annual count usually puts the number of street homeless in the low 3,000s, but advocacy groups have suggested the actual total could be nearly double that. This year's count won't be known for months."

BROADWAY BUZZ -- "'Frozen' Coming to Broadway in Spring 2018," by Times' Michael Paulson: "The Snow Queen is coming to the Great White Way. Disney announced on Tuesday that it plans to bring a staged musical adaptation of 'Frozen,' the smash animated film with the power ballad that became a global earworm, to Broadway in the spring of 2018. The show will be the ninth musical (and 10th show over all) that Disney has brought to Broadway through its New York-based theatrical division, including, most famously, 'The Lion King,' a groundbreaking puppetry powerhouse which helped accelerate the recovery of Times Square and a rebound in the commercial theater industry."

BLOOMBERG BALLOON -- JACK SHAFER on Politico, "Why the Media is Desperate for Bloomberg to Run": "A vast buffet of Bloomberg stories are there for the grabbing should Bloomberg announce. Stories about his money, his New York City mayoralty, his high-voltage wonkery, his money, his wacky centrism, his media empire, his personal relationships, his money, his crusades against soda, guns, and trans fat, and of course, his money."

--"Tightened security at Bloomberg's Bahamas address," by Post's Emily Smith: "Security has suddenly tightened around Mike Bloomberg's first public speech, at an exclusive Bahamas resort, after he confirmed he was considering joining the race for the White House.

Bloomberg will deliver a lecture to megarich residents of exclusive Caribbean retreat Lyford Cay on Saturday. Residents include Sean Connery, Canadian clothing magnate Nygard, shipping tycoon George Livanos, the Bacardi family and hedge-funder Louis Bacon. Now, a new club bulletin has just been sent out to members saying that no cellphones, recording devices or photographs will be allowed. An insider said, 'They don't want a Mitt Romney 47 percent situation.'"

TRUMP TALK - "Donald Trump Clearly Doesn't Understand How Dogs Work," by HuffPost's Nick Wing: "'Like a dog' is ... one of Donald Trump's favorite insulting comparisons ... Trump uses the expression to describe behavior that simply doesn't apply to dogs. It's unclear if he's just lazy, or if he's truly unfamiliar with canine behavior." With 7 Trump tweets in which he says "like a dog"

HILLARYWATCH -- ASSESSING THE DAMAGE -- "How Much Trouble Is Hillary Clinton In? 10 political gurus assess what HRC's big New Hampshire loss means for her campaign" -- Politico Magazine: With contributions from Bob Shrum, Beth Meyers, Jim Manley, Jacob Heilbrunn, Brent Colburn, Ron Bonjean, Doug Schoen, Spencer Zwick, Bill Scher, Donna Brazile

REAL ESTATE -- IN THE ZONE-"Council grills administration on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing," by POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: "City Council members hammered away at the details of one of Mayor Bill de Blasio's housing proposals intended to protect low-income New Yorkers from gentrification Tuesday, even as they indicated support for the proposal's premise. 'It's going to be very hard for this council to support Mandatory Inclusionary Housing without options available for our local communities,' said Councilman Donovan Richards, who chaired the day-long public hearing. The crux of the council's argument is that the plan, known as MIH for short, does not require enough low-income housing from developers who get the benefit of a rezoning from the city's planning commission. Three top administration officials indicated they are willing to alter the specifics of the proposal to compromise with the 51-member council, which will determine its fate. 'It's the beginning of a conversation,' deputy mayor for housing Alicia Glen said during the hearing. She later told reporters, 'I think we expressed today a willingness to continue the conversation, because we heard loud and clear that there's a real concern from a lot of members about how much truly, truly low and very, very low-income housing this program will provide.'"

MAIL ORDER HIDE-"Meet the little Williamsburg building that's home to over 1,000 LLCs," by Real Deal's Ariel Stulberg and Kyna Doles: "At first glance it seems like one nondescript building among scores in South Williamsburg, a three-story brown-brick property housing a small retail store and a couple of apartments above. But in Hasidic real estate circles, the 3,500-square-foot structure at 199 Lee Avenue is legendary. Hundreds of landlords from the Orthodox community, who collectively own thousands of apartments in Brooklyn's fastest-growing neighborhoods, have mailboxes there. Every month, these mailboxes are used to collect rent checks and help cloak the identities of some of the city's most mysterious property owners. Since 1973, a grand total of 1,391 companies were registered to 199 Lee Avenue ... Thirteen companies registered there last month alone. Not all these are real estate firms, of course, but hundreds are, including entities tied to Yoel Goldman's All Year Management, Joel Gluck's Spencer Equity Group, slain landlord Menachem Stark, his brother-in-law Abraham Bernat and his former business partner Israel Perlmutter."

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER LAUNCHES A NEW P.A.C. -- Crain's Jeremy Smerd: " Paul Massey grew up in Boston but made his fortune in New York. Now the city he's called home for more than three decades is calling him to public service. This week, the 56-year-old, whose commercial brokerage, Massey Knakal Realty Services, sold to Cushman & Wakefield for a reported $100 million, will launch a political-action nonprofit he hopes will 'foster a dialogue in the city' about issues related to education, infrastructure, crime and the economy. 'We've had super-strong leadership for the past 20 years,' he told me, referring to Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. 'But I don't hear people talking enough-and this has nothing to do with Bill de Blasio-about where we're heading and what the blueprint is.' Massey said he wants to 'build consensus,' 'stay positive' and have people 'debate the city's options.' It's hard to believe his efforts are unrelated to the mayor. After all, the name of his 501(c)(4) is 1NY Together. 'This isn't a tale of two cities; it's one city and it can be great for everybody,' he said."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Wizards 111, Knicks 108: The first game of the Kurt Rambis era looked a lot like the just-completed Derek Fisher era-the Knicks fell behind early, rallied, but came up short, when Langston Galloway missed what would have been a game-tying three.

-- The day ahead: the Grizzlies came to Brooklyn. The Rangers are in Pittsbugh.

#UpstateAmerica: A Saratoga Springs man wrote an epic tardy note for his daughters after attending the Bruce Springsteen concert in Albany.

** A Message from Nuclear Matters: Some of America's existing nuclear energy plants face early closure due to current economic and policy conditions. Providing more than 62% of America's carbon-free electricity, existing, state-of-the-art nuclear energy plants play a vital role in achieving our clean-energy and carbon-reduction goals.

In New York, nuclear energy plants provide 31 percent of the state's electricity and 61 percent of our carbon-free electricity. The existing nuclear energy plants in New York also support about 18,000 jobs and provide $2.5 billion to the state's GDP.

If we want to keep New York working, we need policies that will keep New York's state-of-the-art nuclear energy plants working for all of us. Join us at **

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