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POLITICO New York Playbook: SHELDON SILVER disbarred -- MANHATTAN land sales slowdown -- MARIO RUIZ to Business Insider

03/30/2016 07:00 AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

INCOME TAX CUT ON THE TABLE - POLITICO New York's Jimmy Vielkind: State lawmakers could trim income tax rates for New Yorkers reporting less than $300,000 a year as part of the state budget, two sources familiar with negotiations told POLITICO New York. Any good lawmaker likes to cut taxes in an election year, but this one is particularly sweet for Republicans in the state Senate who are contravening the wishes of business groups and preparing to swallow an increase in the state's minimum wage. The GOP included a tax cut plan in its one-house budget bill earlier this month. The sources asked not to be named because details were still fluid and subject to change as overall budget talks evolve. However, they said the cuts would be at least half a percentage point on tax brackets for New Yorkers reporting less than $300,000 in annual income.

-- Both Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky and Chris McGrath, contestants in a close special election to succeed Dean Skelos in the State Senate, unveiled tax cut plans.

STATE BUDGET HUNG UP ON MEDICAID - POLITICO New York's Jimmy Vielkind, Dan Goldberg and Josefa Velasquez: After a day of leaders meetings and member conferences, officials yet again let another day pass without finalizing or printing any budget bills. Lawmakers left the Capitol on Tuesday evening without resolving concerns of Assembly Democrats opposed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Medicaid cost shifts. After a shorter than expected closed-door briefing, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie sent members of his caucus home after telling them Cuomo was still unfairly trying to squeeze New York City through the Medicaid program. "As we've said for two months, we are unwilling to see a burden of cuts or cost shifts to the City of New York," Heastie told reporters. "That hasn't changed and that hasn't been resolved to the conference's satisfaction at this point." Heastie and his Democratic conference are so adamant that New York City not assume the increasing costs of the state's Medicaid program that the conference's committee tables haven't met since Monday night.

What's the new problem? Cuomo told reporters during an afternoon briefing that he is seeking $250 million in savings from Medicaid programs in all of the state's counties - not just New York City - marking the third explanation for seeking health care savings since January. First, the administration said the Medicaid cost-shift was fair because New York City was the only jurisdiction in the state exempt from the state's property tax cap. Then, when that logic was criticized, Cuomo went on television and proclaimed he only meant to find efficiencies in the program and this wouldn't cost the city "a penny." Now, Cuomo says that the move isn't just about efficiencies, but a check on wasteful spending. Without a cap in place, "you really have no incentive now to cut costs, because it's irrelevant to you because - besides moral obligation and ethics and good government - economically, Medicaid initially was designed where you had an economic stake in the formula."

-- "We asked for guidance on how to do that and got none, but at the end of the day, we are holding the governor to his word that it will not cost the city a penny," Karen Hinton, a spokeswoman for New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, said. "So if what he's proposing ends up costing us additional budget dollars, it is not as we discussed."

-- A minimum wage increase in New York will not have special carve-outs for small businesses, but could have a "safety valve" to freeze implementation, Cuomo told reporters. It would rise to $15 by 2018 in New York City, and by 2021 in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties. The governor is planning a $12.50 rate for upstate areas that would be indexed to rise based on inflation according to a formula set by the Department of Labor.

TABS -- Daily News: "CROCK THE VOTE: Superdelegates: Even if Bernie wins our state, we'll still pick Hil cuz she's our pal" -- Post: "PHOTO BOMB! My selfie with jet hijacker" -- amNY: "BERNIE'S BROOKLYN: The place and experiences that shaped the future presidential candidate" -- El Diario [translated]: Small Business: Squeezed by bureaucracy -- SEE THEM:

-- Newsday: "TWIN FELONIES" -- Metro: "STADIUM SOCCER: An inside look at what it's like to be a die-hard fan of NYCFC at Yankee Stadium"

FRONT PAGES -- NYT, 3-col., above the fold: "Trump Campaign Chief Charged With Battery" -- WSJNY, 3-col., above the fold: "Arcade Proposal Draws Fire" -- SEE THEM:

BIRTHDAYS: Albany Times Union editorial page editor Jay Jochnowitz ... Sheila Stainback, former NYCHA spokeswoman ... singer Norah Jones, who was living in a "$1,400-a-month, two-bedroom Williamsburg apartment ... in a three-story yellow-vinyl-sided building on the artsy neighborhood's busy Grand Street" in 2003 when she won five Grammys. She later told NYmag she had "to move, because the Post published a picture of my apartment on the front page. That was really lame." ... and Vincent van Gogh , whose "Starry Night" is at the MoMa, and some incomplete paintings are currently on display at the New Met.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We're probably going to have the best budget in memory." ~ State Sen. Jeff Klein.

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "He should have a heart-to-heart with Susan Sarandon. Her comment that we'd rather have Trump than Hillary are ridiculous, and they're friends." -- Anthony Weiner about Bill de Blasio, on NY1:

THE TROUBLE IN CLINTON'S BACKYARD -- Teachout's roadmap, de Blasio's rhetoric -- POLITICO's Annie Karni: In the 2014 New York Democratic primary for governor, an unknown progressive academic with an odd name staged an implausible challenge to the powerful sitting governor, Andrew Cuomo. Armed with an anti-fracking, anti-corruption screed, Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout managed to capture an impressive one-third of the vote - and even won some regions by large margins. Now, in advance of the New York's April 19 presidential primary, operatives for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are closely studying Teachout's longshot campaign. "They're very worried about a Zephyr Teachout situation," said one Clinton ally close to the campaign. "The left is very mobilized. In New York [for Clinton] it's not just about winning. They have to win 65 to 35."

-- [T]here's one high-profile wild card: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose Johnny-come-lately surrogacy for Team Clinton has produced some exasperating moments throughout the campaign. On Monday, de Blasio appeared to scoff at a comment made by Clinton senior strategist Joel Benenson, who told reporters on a conference call that he expected Sanders to campaign "like a Brooklynite," in contrast to Clinton, who would campaign in New York like a senator.

"I assume the phrase campaigning like a Brooklynite is a compliment," de Blasio said at a press conference, the latest in a series of off-message moments from the mayor whose personal beliefs seem to mirror Sanders more than the candidate he ultimately endorsed. Clinton allies said de Blasio further enraged Clinton world when his wife, Chirlane McCray, hinted in an interview with the website that her daughter, Chiara, may be leaning toward supporting Sanders. "It looked like they were hedging," said one Clinton ally.

De Blasio also left Clinton operatives scratching their heads after he flew himself to Iowa to door knock for Clinton after they told him he was not needed there, and could be put to better use in New Hampshire or another state. "He looked like the caboose in Iowa," said a prominent New York Democrat supporting Clinton, "and he'll look like the last car of the subway here."

-- This week: Vermont U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders is coming to New York City on Thursday. After a rally earlier in the day in Philadelphia, Sanders will hold a late afternoon rally in the South Bronx in St. Mary's Park with Puerto Rican rapper Residente, a former vocalist with Calle 13. Sanders' campaign is planning a major push to turn out New York voters in advance of the state's April 19 primary contest. - Laura Nahmias

CLINTON AD TARGETS TRUMP -- Shows footage of Trump supporter punching a protester -- BuzzFeed's Ruby Cramer:

POLITICS IN YOUR BACKYARD -- "With the New York Presidential Primary, the Circus Is Coming Home," by Times' Matt Flegenheimer and Maggie Haberman: "For the first time since 1988, New York is hosting a meaningful presidential primary - two, actually - bracing for bipartisan chaos as the candidates prepare to blitz the country's pre-eminent media market. ... On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, the transplanted former New York senator, whose campaign headquarters are in Brooklyn Heights, is hoping to hold off Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator with thefuhgettaboutit timbre and a diploma from James Madison High near Sheepshead Bay. ... John Catsimatidis, a grocery store and oil magnate who is friendly with Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, likened Mr. Trump to a conquering hero returning home."

-- This week: Vermont U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders is coming to New York City on Thursday. After a rally earlier in the day in Philadelphia, Sanders will hold a late afternoon rally in the South Bronx in St. Mary's Park with Puerto Rican rapper Residente, a former vocalist with Calle 13. Sanders' campaign is planning a major push to turn out New York voters in advance of the state's April 19 primary contest. - Laura Nahmias

2016 PLAYERS -- Robert Becker, who oversaw Bernie Sanders' operation in Iowa and then Michigan, is now running operations in NY.

NEW HILLARY AD - "The ad, entitled 'New York,' ... opens with imagery depicting New York's diversity, as Clinton attests that despite their many differences, New Yorkers achieve great things when they come together."

SHE REALLY LOVES THE PRESS -- "116 Days: For the Clinton Campaign Press Corps, Formal Press Conferences Are a Foreign Concept," by Mediaite's Joe Concha : "[H]ere's your context on just how long 116 days is: You can play the entire NCAA tournament - 68 teams down to one win winner - nearly six times in 116 days. Or... one could drive across the United States in 116 days. 29 times."

SILVER DISBARRED - News' Barbara Ross and Victoria Bekiempis: "Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is now officially a former lawyer, too. A state appeals court on Tuesday ruled the 72-year-old disgraced Democrat effectively lost his license in November when he was convicted in federal court of violating federal honest services laws. A jury found that he took $3.5 million in legal fees from clients and then did favors for them that involved his elected office. The panel of judges in the Manhattan Appellate Division said that by state law, a felony conviction means an automatic disbarment at the time of the conviction. 'A conviction on a federal felony does not trigger automatic disbarment unless the office would constitute a felony under the New York Penal Law,' the judges wrote. 'While the federal felony need not be a mirror image of the New York felony, the two crimes must be essentially similar.'"

FATAL MISSTEP -- NYCHA knew elevator that killed elderly resident was busted, but did nothing about it damning DOI report finds -- News' Greg B. Smith: "Ninety minutes before an elderly tenant died in a lurching NYCHA elevator, the agency was warned that the lift was behaving erratically - but did nothing, a scathing new report released Tuesday found. The city Department of Investigation uncovered failings, both specific and systemic, after 84-year-old Olegario Pabon died on Christmas Eve in a faulty NYCHA lift. 'There was a complete breakdown of communication at every level at NYCHA,' said DOI Commissioner Mark s, who recommended disciplinary action against 10 people, including the head of NYCHA's elevator unit. Mayor de Blasio vowed there will be hell to pay. 'The failure to repair the elevator immediately is completely unacceptable,' he said. 'We will hold those responsible accountable.' The investigation laid bare 'significant flaws in NYCHA's handling of elevator complaints, as well as NYCHA's compliance with elevator safety laws.'"

MARCH MADNESS CAUGHT IN GOVERNORS' FEUD - Syracuse Post Standard's Matthew McAndrew: "There's no plans for a friendly wager between Cuomo and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory before Saturday night's NCAA national semifinal game between Syracuse University's men's basketball team and the University of North Carolina. ... On Monday, Cuomo signed an executive order banning New York state workers from all non-essential taxpayer-funded travel to North Carolina to protest McCrory's signing into law a ban on transgender individuals from using public restrooms appropriate for their gender identities ... On Tuesday, McCrory's spokesman went even further, suggesting Cuomo is guilty of hypocrisy. 'Syracuse is playing in the Final Four in Houston where voters overwhelmingly rejected a nearly identical bathroom ordinance that was also rejected by the state of North Carolina,' said McCrory Communications Director Josh Ellis. "Is Governor Cuomo going to ask the Syracuse team to boycott the game in Houston? It's total hypocrisy and demagoguery if the governor does not.'"

PESKY SALES -- Garodnick proposes legislation to rein in ticket sellers -- POLITICO New York's Gloria Pazmino: A new bill being proposed in the City Council would require ticket hawkers across the city would to obtain a permit to sell tickets. Councilman Dan Garodnick, a Democrat who represents parts of Midtown East, introduced legislation that would require the Department of Consumer Affairs to provide licenses for anyone selling tickets for any place of entertainment, mode of transportation or sight-seeing tours in a public space.

The bill targets ticket sellers who have become ubiquitous in touristy parts of the city, including Times Square, the World Trade Center area and near the Empire State building.

The ticket licenses would be valid for up to one year from the date they are issued and cost an annual fee of $125. In addition, a license would only apply to the ticket seller it is assigned to and would not be transferrable. In order to obtain a license, the seller will need to provide basic information to the city, including the name of his or her employer, the home address of the applicant and a passport-style photograph.

DRAMA ON BROADWAY -- "Hamilton" seeking "non-white" actors -- Civil rights violation? -- Civil rights attorney Randolph McLaughlin: "As an artistic question, sure, he can cast whomever he wants to cast but he has to give every actor who is eligible, an opportunity to try." CBS 2's TONY AIELLO: "The City Commission on Human Rights said it has not received a complaint about that Hamilton ad ..." SEE THE AD:

GULP! -- "Most New York City Schools Went 10 Years Without Getting Their Water Tested for Lead" -- WNYC's Jenny Ye and the WNYC Data Team: "The drinking water in more than 1,000 public school buildings in New York City went at least a decade without getting tested for lead, according to a WNYC analysis of city data. Only in the last month, according to officials, has the school system begun a comprehensive program to test those buildings, and those results are just beginning to trickle in.

"The analysis found that overall, more than two-thirds of the public school buildings have not been tested since 2005. Many of the other buildings have never been tested, according to the data, because they were constructed after a nationwide ban on lead plumbing went into effect and weren't considered at risk for lead contamination. Some others house pre-kindergarten programs that began operating just in the past two years."

-- "How New York Gets Its Water," by Times' Emily S. Rueb: "Revelations about tainted water have sparked worry across the country. The New York Times decided to look at how the nation's largest municipal water supplier delivers what has been called the champagne of drinking water to 9.5 million people."

TRAINING THE NYPD -- News' Thomas Tracy: "A Denver cop who has devoted her career to fostering stronger ties between police and minority communities will head up training for the NYPD, becoming the first black woman in that role in decades, officials said. Tracie Keesee, 52, was named the department's deputy commissioner of training on Tuesday, after 25 years in the Denver Police Department, where she oversaw research, technology and training. 'You know how important training is to us,' said NYPD Chief of Department James O'Neill. 'We are very lucky to have her.'"

-- Career history: Previously, Keesee worked at the Denver Police Department, where she retired as a captain. She had been a division chief, but was demoted after the Denver Police Chief determined an anonymous letter criticizing him was distributed from Keesee's computer, according to the Huffington Post. Keesee has been getting acclimated with the NYPD before Tuesday's ceremony. "I spent the last month doing evaluations" of the department, Keesee told reporters ... Keesee's career has been focused on inequality in law enforcement, a theme strikingly close to what de Blasio and Bratton say are their top priorities. "In law enforcement, race continues to be, as most folks would say, the third rail ..." she said in testimony on Capital Hill five years ago. In those remarks, she described a "double bind" faced by police officers of color, a "stress," they have in "patrolling their own neighborhoods." It comes from "pressure," she said, over whether they will "conform to the organization's norms," or if they are "going to be real about what's going on in your community?" Azi:

JOHN KASICH ON SURVEILLANCE -- at CNN's Town Hall in Wisconsin

-- Town hall attendee: Do you support Cruz's call to patrol Muslim neighborhoods?

-- Kasich: "No, I don't support that at all, I think it's ridiculous. The guy who is the best police guy in the whole country, he understands policing, is a guy named Bill Bratton. He's now currently the police chief in New York, he was the police chief under Rudy Giuliani, he was the head of the metro system in Boston, and he ran the Los Angeles police department. He is absolutely the best, he said that plan is ridiculous." -- h/t Ben Max

DEBATING FOR SHELDON SILVER'S SEAT -- The League of Women Voters will host a debate on March 31, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Downtown Alliance's headquarters, 150 Broadway, and co-moderated by The Villager's editor in chief Lincoln Anderson. Candidates expected to attend include Republican Lester Chang, Democrat Alice Cancel, The Working Family Party's Yuh-Line Niou, and The Green Party's Dennis Levy. DNAinfo's Irene Plagianos:

SERVICE -- "How to Live (Well) in New York City on Less Than Zero," by Jim Dwyer in his Times "About New York" column: "Perhaps you will be pleased to know that the number of New York City households reporting incomes of more than $1 million has climbed by 47 percent, from 14,795 in 2009 to 21,764 in 2013. ... Whatever problems are associated with having too much money, a vast majority of New Yorkers do not have them: 87 percent of the city's households reported wages under $100,000 in 2013 ... The average household had wage income of $51,876. Half the city's 3.6 million households reported wages at or under the city median of $24,239. A long, luxe ladder away, 1,315 households reported incomes of $10 million or more. ... A select group of New York households reported 'negative income' and paid no city income taxes, even though they took in $1.8 billion in capital gains, dividends, interest and wages: 54,348 households reported income below zero. The most benign explanation is that a shopkeeper, restaurant owner or manufacturer had a bad year, and the business losses wiped out any taxable income for the household."

VIDEO - "Watch 12 Years of Construction on New York's $4 Billion Transportation Hub in One Minute"

THE TALK OF WALL STREET -- The Carlyle Group is releasing its "2016 Corporate Citizenship Report, Transparency in Focus ... Through 20 case studies ... the report describes: ... How Carlyle encourages and supports portfolio companies with their sustainability initiatives. ... How sustainability initiatives can improve customer satisfaction, build brand equity, enhance operational efficiency and develop workforce strength." ...

TRANSITIONS -- "Business Insider Names Mario Ruiz Senior Vice President, Communications": "Ruiz will oversee all communications for Business Insider Inc., publisher of Business Insider, Tech Insider, and seven international editions of Business Insider. ... He headed communications for The Huffington Post for five years ... Ruiz most recently oversaw corporate communications for Revlon."

MEDIA MORNING - "The New York Times May Make It Harder to Use Facebook and Twitter to Jump Its Paywall," by Re/code's Kafka: "The New York Times has one million digital subscribers, but it wants more. Now it looks like it's trying to get them by plugging holes in its paywall. The Times is experimenting with limiting the number of stories that Facebook and Twitter users can read each month without paying for a subscription. Two months ago, the Times began capping some Facebook users' access to the site at 10 articles a month ... On Friday ... the NYT expanded the test limits to referrals from Twitter and other services."

HOW TRUMP BECAME TRUMP -- "The Men Who Gave Trump His Brutal Worldview," by Michael D'Antonio, author of "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success," in Politico Magazine: "Trump's basic philosophy of living, instilled by his fiercely ambitious, workaholic father, enforced by the tough-as-nails coach at his military high school and honed over a lifetime of ruthless deal-making, is fairly simple and severe: Life is mainly combat; the law of the jungle rules; pretty much all that matters is winning or losing, and rules are made to be broken."

TRUMP on the cover of People Magazine, "Who is the real Donald Trump?" - he tells Charlotte Triggs: "Listen to the crowd. There's no violence. It's a media fabrication." ... Asked about how he would handle the nation's nuclear-launch codes, Trump: "That would be such a last resort ... Nobody is going to mess with us. But I would be very, very slow on the draw." ... Asked if he sometimes speaks before thinking, Trump: "I know what I'm doing. I'm a smart person. The highest level of smart." ... Trump also boasts he only needs 4 hours of sleep a night and asked about his workout: "Don't have to. When you're making speeches for 25,000 people and shouting and screaming and having fun with everybody and making America great again, you get a lot of exercise." His Secret Service code-name: "Mogul". See the cover and story, co-written with Sandra Sobieraj Westfall.

REAL ESTATE -- "Barely anyone is buying land in Manhattan," by The Real Deal's Konrad Putzier : "Sales of Manhattan development sites slowed significantly in the first months of 2016, adding to broader concerns over the health of the New York real estate market. A mere $90 million worth of development deals were recorded in the borough in January and none in February, according to data from Real Capital Analytics. Brokers blame a drop in demand on tighter financing markets, weakening luxury condo sales and the expiration of the 421a tax abatement program."

IN THE ZONE-"Proposed Zoning Change for Covered Pathways Draws Fire," by Wall Street Journal's Keiko Morris: "Divergent views are now greeting a proposed zoning change to allow property owners to fill in the pathways with retail tenants such as restaurants and clothing stores in exchange for making improvements to nearby plazas. Some are hopeful of a Water Street renaissance. Others say giving up the public space will mostly be to the benefit of the property owners. At the heart of the skepticism: The developers who put up the towers built the arcades to ease pedestrian circulation in the neighborhood's street grid in exchange for being able to build more floor space. Now, they could have the additional bonus of adding valuable Manhattan retail space."

VISA OR MASTERCARD-"Tishman Speyer looking to raise EB-5 capital for Macy's redevelopment plan," by The Real Deal's Katherine Clarke: "Tishman Speyer is soliciting funds for the redevelopment of Macy's former Brooklyn headquarters on Fulton Street, according to marketing materials provided to prospective Chinese investors. The developer is looking to raise $60 million in mezzanine financing using the EB-5 program, an immigration scheme that allows foreigners to obtain green cards by investing at least $500,000 into U.S. developments. EB-5 capital is slated to account for just 12 percent of the total $491 million funds being raised for the project, according to the materials, first spotted by Wall Street Journal reporter Eliot Brown. The remainder will be financed with equity from the developer and through a $210 million construction loan."

SHOW TIME-"City to change Broadway assessments for special district," by POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: "Broadway prices are going up. In a change that the City Planning Commission proposed this week, properties in the city's Theater Subdistrict Fund would be reassessed and would ultimately contribute more to an account that pays for grants that promote theater production and encourage innovations in theater management. The fund, which currently has a $3 million balance, would benefit from the change which the commission put forward at its meeting on Monday, city officials said. The proposal would alter the way theaters are charged for the fund by basing the rate they pay on the value of their unused development rights, rather than on their assessed property values. The current method does not reflect fair market value, officials argued."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Columbia defeated the UC-Irvine Anteaters, 73-67, to win the CBI championship in men's basketball.

-- Magic 139, Nets 105: Don't ask.

-- Matt Harvey's non-orthopedic medical issue turned out to be a blood clot in his bladder. He has passed it, he says, and he should be ready to start Sunday night.

-- The day ahead: the Knicks are in Dallas.

COFFEE BREAK -- "The Archdiocese of New York Raises Funds by Auctioning a Popemobile," by Times' Rick Rojas: "The used hatchback up for auction comes with low mileage, a premium sound system and a glass roof. But because it once carried Pope Francisaround New York City, bidders are willing to pay several times its Kelley Blue Book value. On the bidding site this week, a Fiat 500 Lounge (list price: $24,695) is one of the biggest attractions, alongside items such as tickets to Beyonce's 'Formation' tour or a chance to meet Paul McCartney. The car was one of six that Francis used on his three-city United States tour in September."

#UpstateAmerica: Paul Rubenfeld, aka Pee Wee Herman, talks about growing up in Oneonta.

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