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POLITICO New York Playbook: CLINTON, TRUMP romp -- SENATE DEMS bullish after LI showing -- DE BLASIO probe expands

04/20/2016 07:25 AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

CLINTON, TRUMP WIN BIG - POLITICO New York's Terry Golway: The state that launched Hillary Clinton's political career more than 15 years ago provided its adopted daughter with a convincing victory over a prodigal son on Tuesday night, with the former secretary of state and New York senator defeating Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont by a projected double-digit margin. On the Republican side, Donald Trump easily captured his home and native state, trouncing Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich as expected. Clinton's victory comes after the most hotly contested Democratic primary in New York in three decades. That it was a contest at all would have seemed, a year ago, about as likely as a Donald Trump presidency. But in an election cycle that has historians struggling for precedents, Clinton found herself battling to achieve a win and an impressive haul of delegates. Mission accomplished. "New Yorkers, you've always had my back, and I've always tried to have yours," Clinton told an ecstatic roomful of supporters before launching into a recitation of talking points, including a promise to deliver "positive" results for people, and real-people testimony.

-- Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a forceful speech introducing the candidate at her victory rally, claiming her as a "New York Democrat" and noting that the Empire State delivered a "big win." He also recited his own accomplishments in passing same-sex marriage and gun control as evidence that New York is a progressive leader. (Pic of Cuomo and Clinton:

-- News' Ken Lovett (on Twitter): "is this cuomo reelection speech? prez announcement?"

WHERE CLINTON AND TRUMP WON - POLITICO New York's Bill Mahoney: Results aren't final yet, but Clinton seems poised to win between 90 and 92 of the state's 163 delegates that are awarded proportionately by congressional district. Sanders is on pace for somewhere between 71 and 73. With 97 percent of precincts reporting, she led Sanders with 58 percent of the popular vote. Clinton seems on pace to receive between 41 and 42 delegates in congressional districts that are mostly in New York City to Sanders' 25 or 26; 22 to his 15 in the suburbs, and 27 or 28 to his 31 or 32 upstate.

On the other side of the aisle, Donald Trump performed well in nearly every corner of the state. He won at least a plurality in 26 of the state's 27 congressional districts, losing only the district represented by Carolyn Maloney (which contains Trump Tower) to John Kasich. As of 1:30 a.m., Trump was guaranteed to win between 87 and 91 of the state's 95 delegates, and will most likely receive 90. Kasich will receive the balance, while Ted Cruz, who received only about 15 percent of the vote statewide, will receive none. Here's a look at how candidates did throughout the state:

-- Here are Glenn Thrush's five takeaways:

- "How Bernie lost New York," by Gabe Debenedetti: "The tabloids dealt him punishing hit after punishing hit. The Democratic establishment, most of it in Clinton's camp, piled on harder than the Sanders campaign expected. Caught up in one distraction after another ... Sanders never gained his footing, or even came close to pulling off the upset victory he once predicted with frequency."

-- And here's more detail on the results, courtesy of the NYT:

CLICKER - "How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary," by NYT's Matthew Bloch and Wilson Andrews

IN TRUMP, A WIN FOR PALADINO - Jimmy's dispatch from Trump Tower: Carl Paladino was smiling almost as brightly as Donald Trump Tuesday night when the GOP frontrunner declared a landslide victory in his home state. You could see the Buffalo developer standing over Trump's right shoulder, grinning as the reality TV star boasted about a near-sweep of New York's delegates, the result of a strong show of support from voters "who know me best." Paladino, the 2010 Republican standard bearer, sees a kindred spirit in Trump and has spent more than a year boosting him at rallies across the state. With a big New York victory behind him, Trump will be shifting focus to other states. But Paladino is hoping to whip his wave of support into a reboot of Republicanism as New York knows it, finally ousting the GOP establishment and replacing it with a cadre of take-no-prisoners representatives who first started riding into office on the crest of the tea party wave. "It's a new day coming up and the tone is being set right here in the presidential race. And that's all going to filter down in the local and the state races in the future. Times have changed," Paladino told POLITICO after a live hit on FOX. "The party will start to restructure itself, we'll start to get more responsibility out of our legislators and get everybody in the fold. Those that don't want to get in the fold, we'll get them out of office."

TOP TWEETS: Dan Diamond (@ddiamond): "The Clintons have now won nearly as many contested statewide races in New York (seven) as the Cuomos (eight)" ... @chucktodd: "Trump stayed on 'rigged' message again. And kept his remarks short. The discipline is holding. The #stopTrump folks are in DEEP trouble ... Biggest winner in Washington tonight? Not any politician. But one Bryce Harper" ... @maggieNYT: "This seems newish for now from @taddevine, via AP: campaign will see how it does in Penn, Md, Del, RI and CT and then 'assess where we are' ... [Trump] speech is Manafort's influence being felt pretty handily. He doesn't appear to be using prepared remarks. But it's jobs jobs jobs" ...

... @TheFix: "Gone is 'Lyin' Ted.' In its place is 'Senator Cruz.' Not an accident" ... @JoshuaGreen : "I would happily watch a cable channel that was just @murphymike insulting Trump" ... ABC's @ryanstruyk: "It is now mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to clinch the GOP nomination before the convention using only bound delegates." ... @jmartNYT: "A lot of NY's black voters have roots in Virginia & Carolinas so Bernie may paint results as an extension of her strength in the South" ...

... @jeffzeleny: "Asked why he came back to Vermont tonight, @BernieSanders said it has been a few weeks: 'I need to get recharged and take a day off'" ... @gdebenedetti: "I don't think it's a press 'avail' if you leave your campaign press corps in a different state" ... @ezraklein: "Anecdotally, a lot of Sanders supporters think Clinton's lead is based on superdelegates, which isn't true, but makes election feel unfair" ... Alex Castellanos (@alexcast): "i still advocate a bolder GOP strategy: don't reveal our nominee until after general election. #winning."

DEMS' STATE SENATE WIN - POLITICO New York's Josefa Velasquez: Two hours after polls closed, Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs finally had some good news for anxious Todd Kaminsky supporters who were glued to the screens of their iPhones refreshing the county's board of election's website. "Ladies and gentlemen: True to form in Nassau County, nothing is ever easy and things are hard fought. And I believe that the Democratic party tonight had a very good night," Jacobs told roughly 150 people who gathered at The Park sports bar in Long Beach Tuesday night to support Assemblyman Todd Kaminksy. The crowd of patrons, with beers in hand, erupted into cheers and exchanged hugs. Maybe the spout of bad luck was finally changing?

-- Democrat Alice Cancel won Tuesday's special election to fill the state Assembly seat vacated by Sheldon Silver. Based on unofficial results, Cancel defeated Yuh-Line Niou, a Democrat who ran on the Working Families Party line, 41 percent to 35 percent.

SPOTTED: Katie Couric at dinner with Julia Louis Dreyfus and her hubbie Brad Hall at the Polo Bar last night -- sitting at a table next to Alex Rodriguez

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: WBEN's Dave Debo , Times Union photographer Mike Farrell, and JDF editor John Oswald, actor George Takei, rapper and Bernie Sanders supporter Killer Mike, and legendary former Yankee and popcorn thief, Don Mattingly:

TABS -- Post: "KING DON! Trump towers in Empire primary; Hillary survives Sanders surge" -- Daily News: "'His life didn't matter': Gurley kin rage as killer cop gets no jail time" and "Bern, Hil in tight race; N.Y. goes for clown" and "Probe into voter suppress mess" -- amNY: "THE 'W' TRAIN: Hilary, Donald take NY primary" -- Metro: "HILLARY WINS NEW YORK" -- SEE THEM:

-- Newsday: "TRUMP, CLINTON TAKE NEW YORK" -- Hamodia: "UnitedHealth to Trim ACA Exchanges to 'Handful' of States" -- El Diario [translated]: NY faithful to Hillary

FRONT PAGES -- NYT, 2-col., below the fold: "Inquiry of de Blasio Fund-Raising Extends to '14 State Senate Races" -- WSJNY, 2-col., above the fold: "Claims of Problems At Polls Put Scrutiny On Board of Elections" -- SEE THEM:


-- "It's NYC's first relevant primary in decades, and the polls are a mess" -- Post's Sophia Rosenbaum: "One woman claimed she waited more than three hours to vote at a Brownsville polling station at PS 332."

-- De Blasio: "It has been reported to us from voters and voting rights monitors that the voting lists in Brooklyn contain numerous errors, including the purging of entire buildings and blocks of voters from the voting lists. I am calling on the Board of Election to reverse that purge and update the lists again using Central, not Brooklyn borough, Board of Election staff." -- via

-- NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer: "The possible purging of the voter rolls is of great concern to me and to people who care about the integrity of the political process. My job is to audit and investigate city agencies. That's exactly what we're going to do with the Board of Elections." -- via POLITICO New York:

-- The attorney general's office received nearly five times as many voter complaints as the 2012 general election.

PROBING 2014 -- "Inquiry of Mayor de Blasio Fund-Raising Extends to '14 State Senate Races" -- Times' William Rashbaum: "The federal investigation of Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign fund-raising apparatus has expanded to focus on efforts to raise money for Democratic candidates for the State Senate in 2014, when the party was battling to retake the chamber, according to people with knowledge of grand jury subpoenas issued in the inquiry. ... There is no indication that Mr. de Blasio is a target of the inquiry. Spokesmen for his re-election campaign and the city's Law Department declined to say whether they had received subpoenas.

"Prosecutors are focused on whether there was an effort to evade campaign contribution limits. They are trying to determine whether contributions solicited by the mayor went to smaller county committees with the intention that they then be passed on to candidates in the contested races, the two people said. Those county committees have no limits on campaign contributions from individuals, groups or companies, but candidates' committees do. ... On Monday, F.B.I. agents and state investigators made an early morning visit to the Brooklyn home of Mr. de Blasio's former finance director, Ross A. Offinger, two other people said. Mr. Offinger was not home, and it was unclear whether the agents had intended to serve him with a subpoena. He declined to comment through a spokesman."

PREET PROBE-"City Hall freezes contracts to man charged in NYPD probe," by POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: "The de Blasio administration is halting two City Council grants allocated to an organization tied to a man who was arrested this week as part of an ongoing federal probe, a spokeswoman confirmed to POLITICO New York. The administration is freezing two earmarks totaling $35,000 'until relevant facts are determined to ensure Shmira Civilian Volunteer Patrol of Boro Park Inc. is a responsible vendor,' de Blasio spokeswoman Karen Hinton said. The grants were issued last summer by Brooklyn Councilmen David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch, but the contracts had yet to be finalized by the mayor's team. Hinton was responding to inquiries from POLITICO about the city's business dealings with the organization, whose chief financial officer listed on the city's database of people doing business with City Hall is Alex Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein was arrested in his Rockland County home on Sunday on bribery charges. ... A review of public documents show the Borough Park, Brooklyn branch of Shmira, a volunteer security force, has received nine city contracts totaling $425,708 from the 2010 to 2015 fiscal years, which span the Bloomberg and de Blasio administrations."

LIANG SENTENCING -- No jail, probation -- News' Christina Carrega-Woddby, Aidan McLaughlin and Dareh Gregorian: "The rookie cop convicted of killing an unarmed black man in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project won't spend even one night in jail for the crime. 'This is bull----! The system is f---ed up,' one spectator snapped after Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun sentenced Liang to five years' probation and 800 hours of community service for the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley. ... The mild-mannered Liang showed little emotion when he learned his fate - or when he pleaded his case to the judge, saying he regretted the 'devastation' he caused when his gun went off in the dimly lit stairwell. ... [Brooklyn D.A. Ken] Thompson, who was not in the courtroom for the sentencing, recommended Liang receive a sentence of six months house arrest, 500 hours of community service and five years' probation. After the sentencing, the DA chided the judge for his decision to reduce the conviction to criminally negligent homicide, a non-violent felony."

SPOTTED: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, traveling on the JFK-Abu Dhabi (UAE) nonstop on Tuesday via Etihad Airlines. Sitting in First Class, seat 1H, telling flight attendants other members of his party are in Business Class.

BROADWAY BUZZ -- "Young adult fiction booming on Broadway but cute it ain't," by AP's Mark Kennedy: "When actress and playwright Claudia Shear was first approached to turn a novel for young adults into a Broadway musical, she was slightly stunned. ... The musical was 'Tuck Everlasting,' Natalie Babbitt's powerful story about a girl who stumbles onto a mysterious family that has discovered a fountain of eternal life. It opens on Broadway on April 26. It will cap a remarkably rich few years for shows based on young adult fiction, including 'Matilda the Musical,' 'War Horse,' 'Aladdin' and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.' All stubbornly refuse to talk down to kids."

GOLDMAN'S WOES -- Rough quarter, strategy questioned -- NYT Dealbook's Nathaniel Popper: "The first-quarter financial results from all the big banks have underscored the challenges facing the financial industry as it grapples with volatile markets and a wide array of new regulations that raise the cost of doing business. Goldman is in a particularly difficult situation. It has again become a target during this election season, with the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders using the bank as a symbol of Wall Street greed. At the same time, its reliance on trading and underwriting has made it more vulnerable than other big American banks to the new regulations and volatile markets. On Tuesday, the bank reported the lowest first-quarter profit and revenue since 2004, with declines across almost all of the bank's major business lines.

"The firm earned $1.1 billion, or $2.68 a share, down 55 percent from the same period a year earlier. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had been expecting earnings of $2.45 a share. Some analysts said that including certain one-time items, Goldman did worse than they expected."

-- Bag fee bill misses Earth Day deadline -- POLITICO New York's Gloria Pazmino: City Council supporters of a bill that would add a five cent fee on all plastic bags handed out at stores around the city are pushing back a self-imposed deadline to vote on and pass the legislation by Earth Day, which is this Friday. Following weeks of wrangling votes in support of his proposal, Councilman Brad Lander confirmed to POLITICO New York the bill will not be voted on this week as its supporters had originally planned. "We are having very productive conversations with our colleagues, the speaker and the mayor," Lander said. "I'm optimistic that we will move forward with the bill in the very near future." It's not clear if Lander has secured enough votes to pass the bill, but sources involved in the talks confirmed several members who are backing the proposal will be out of town on Wednesday.

MEDIA MORNING - "Bloomberg beefs up global footprint with expanded Middle East operation," by Joe Pompeo: "Bloomberg L.P. is expanding its media footprint in the Middle East with a new online destination, TV show and event component. The financial news and information company has created a Middle East section, similar to web sections that Bloomberg created for Europe and Asia last year. ... Abu Dhabi also will join New York, London and Hong Kong on the list of cities where Bloomberg hosts its Most Influential Summit, an event that convenes influencers and newsmakers. The inaugural Middle East summit is slated for December."

--"Michael Strahan Leaving 'Live' for 'GMA,'" by The Hollywood Reporter's Marisa Guthrie: "Strahan will exit ABC's Live With Kelly and Michael and join Good Morning America full time ... Strahan, who has been appearing twice a week on the morning show since 2014, will begin his full-time duties in September. He'll exit Live over the summer." See the staff memo.

--"Anderson Cooper up for Michael Strahan's 'Live' seat," by N.Y. Post's Ian Mohr : "Sources told Page Six on Tuesday that Ripa's close pal Anderson Cooper is now the front-runner to replace Strahan ... Sources added on Tuesday that Ripa's other BFF, Bravo's Andy Cohen, was among those who also want the gig ... Cooper's CNN contract reportedly ends after the election."

-- Jim VandeHei on "the Digital Media 'Crap Trap'": "[T]he need for content, especially ... video content, will explode. It will be a mad rush that makes the 1980s race to create new cable channels seems like a leisurely stroll. ... [T]he revolutions in video and digital will merge into one, with a new generation of media companies producing content we watch at home, listen to in our car and read wherever on the go."

-- NYT used FB Live to give their audience a voyeur view of what politics editor Carolyn Ryan and team are up to on NY primary night. The stream featured live commenting by their FB Live team who explained what went on as their Politics team covered the primary and eventually got word on the winners.

REAL ESTATE -- CHANGING CITY -- "Proposal for Brooklyn's Tallest Tower Is Approved," by Times' Matt A.V. Chaban: "Look out, Brooklyn: Here comes your first 1,000-foot tower. On Tuesday, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a proposal for 9 DeKalb Avenue, a 73-story apartment building set to rise this year on Flatbush Avenue next door to Junior's Restaurant. Though dozens of towers have been built in Downtown Brooklyn over the past decade, the new building, at 1,066 feet, will be almost twice as tall as anything else in the neighborhood. Until two years ago, only four buildings in New York City surpassed the 1,000-foot mark. Now there are twice as many, with more than two dozen others under construction or in planning."

-"Cuomo: No 421-a without building trades approval," by POLITICO New York's Jimmy Vielkind: "Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he will not sign off on a new housing subsidy without the approval of building trade unions, a step he said was necessary to combat a nationwide anti-labor effort. Cuomo, a Democrat, made the promise during a speech in Washington D.C. at a national conference of the trades. He rehashed his own infrastructure program, drawing regular peals of applause, then turned to the New York-specific 421-a subsidy program.'"

-"Two huge Wall Street residences sold for $430M," by Post's Lois Weiss: "Two of the largest Wall Street residential conversions with a total of 810 apartments are now in contract to Rockpoint Group for well over $430 million, or roughly $545,000 per unit. The buildings at 63 and 67 Wall St. comprise a full block in the center of Lower Manhattan and are bounded by Beaver and Hanover streets. Now known as The Crest, The Wall and Hanover Building at 63 Wall was designed by Delano & Aldrich and built in 1928 as the headquarters for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. The adjoining 67 Wall was developed in 1921 for Munson Shipping Company on a site that once housed Alexander Hamilton's offices."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Mets 11, Phillies 1: Neil Walker hit two of the Mets' six home runs. Remember when the Phillies were scary?

-- Athletics 3, Yankees 2: Jed Lowrie's fourth hit in the eleventh inning helped spur the tie-breaking rally.

-- The day ahead: the Islanders can take a 3-1 lead on the Panthers. The Mets are in Philly. The Athletics are at Yankee Stadium.

#UpstateAmerica -- Syracuse has once again lost its claim as the nation's snowiest big city.

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