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POLITICO New York Playbook, presented by REALTORS(r) Advocacy Committee: STATE spikes city housing plan -- GIULIANI listed as Kasich delegate -- APPLE expansion

05/18/2016 07:15 AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

STATE SCUTTLES BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK PLANS - POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: A deal between the de Blasio and Cuomo administrations over the future of a residential development project in Brooklyn Bridge Park has collapsed. After nearly a year of inaction, the Empire State Development (ESD), an agency controlled by Cuomo, told City Hall on Monday it would not vote for the project at Pier 6 in the waterfront park. Without the state's vote, Mayor Bill de Blasio's plans to add below-market-rate housing in one of the two proposed high-end condo towers and build a pre-kindergarten center at the site are dashed and the future of development there is in question."

BREAKING OVERNIGHT -- City Pushes Ahead on Plan for Towers in Brooklyn Bridge Park -- Times' Charles V. Bagli: "We're going forward anyway," Alicia Glen, the deputy mayor for housing and economic development, said on Tuesday. "We stand by the rationale for the project. It puts the park in a better position to address its maritime and capital needs. And we have an obligation to build affordable housing, particularly in these expensive and rapidly changing neighborhoods." Brooklyn Bridge Park is supposed to pay for itself by allowing a limited amount of luxury residential development. After his election, Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, pushed to include affordable housing. Ms. Glen, who is also chairwoman of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, a nonprofit responsible for the park's operation, said the project could progress solely under the authority of the corporation. But critics contend that the state has to agree to the changes that the city has made to the state-approved project plan before the developer can proceed."

GIULIANI FOR ... KASICH? - POLITICO New York's Jimmy Vielkind: Rudy Giuliani is supporting-but-not-endorsing Donald Trump, but he's listed as a John Kasich delegate to the Republican National Convention - something Giuliani's spokesman says is a mistake. Paperwork filed Tuesday with the New York State Board of Elections lists the former mayor as a delegate for the Ohio governor who suspended his bid on May 4. While native son Donald Trump cleaned up in the Empire State's April 19 primary, Kasich won enough votes in various congressional districts to secure six delegates - all of whom are bound by law to vote for him on the first ballot when Republicans gather this July in Cleveland. But Giuliani spokesman Jake Menges said the 9/11 leader and one-time presidential candidate never agreed to be a delegate, even though he reportedly sought the position last week. "There's obviously been some confusion. The mayor did not want to be a delegate," Menges said.

MASSIVE BLAZE SUSPENDS TRAIN SERVICE - News' Kerry Burke and John Annese: "A string of propane tank explosions ignited a massive blaze underneath the Metro-North tracks in East Harlem, shutting down service into and out of Grand Central at the end of rush hour The fire, which started Tuesday in a storage area at the Urban Garden Center, a plant nursery at E. 118th St. and Park Ave., spread into a four-alarm inferno, sending bright orange flames and smoke billowing through the air. Firefighters had to remove 20 more propane tanks to prevent more explosions, and officials are checking on the integrity of the elevated track supports, sources said."

-- Cuomo at the scene: "They're bringing in repair crews that can work through the night. The optimum goal is that they can shore everything up by the morning rush hour - the support columns, the stringers, et cetera - and they can actually run things over the overpass by the morning. It's an ambitious goal."

** A message from REALTORS® Advocacy Committee: Help First Time Homebuyers Dare to Dream. New Yorkers trying to buy their first homes face some of the highest closing costs in the country. Contact your State Senator and Assemblymember to let them know that New Yorkers need the NY First Home savings program. Visit to learn more **

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I love that blue," said Cuomo. "I have an old GTO the same color blue. So it looks fast that bus."

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: " Look, it may all be a grand conspiracy against him but then the U.S. Attorney, the Attorney General of the state of New York, the Manhattan District Attorney, are all part of a conspiracy," - Gov. Andrew Cuomo on de Blasio's conspiracy theories.

EXEMPTION OF THE DAY: "Consultant to the mayoralty" -- How a City Hall lawyer described consultant Jonathan Rosen, in order to keep his emails to Mayor Bill de Blasio shielded from disclosure under a FOIL request, via NY1.

TABS -- Daily News: "Gov, you're either with us or the predators: Victim rips Cuomp 'passivity' on child sex law" -- Post: "DOUBLE BEDDER: Bartolo's secret second family" -- SEE THEM:

-- amNY: "F IS FOR FASTER" -- Metro: "Guess Which One Will Work Forever?" -- SEE THEM:

-- Newsday: "Passing Out Grades For L.I. Budgets" -- Hamodia: "What is the Real Reason for Jonathan Pollard's Harsh Parole Restrictions?"

FRONT PAGES -- NYT, 1-coll., above the fold: "SANERS IS URGED TO QUELL THREATS BY HIS FOLLOWERS: Chairs Fly in Nevada: Uproar Over Selection of Delegates Heightens Party Friction" -- WSJNY, 2-col., below the fold, with art: "Real-Life Cast of 2013 Awaits Film on Weiner" -- SEE THEM:

CITY HALL TOUTS LETTER FROM KUSHNER, PAULSON, ZUCKERMAN - POLITICO New York's Eliza Shapiro: Donald Trump's son-in-law, a major charter school donor and the owner of the Daily News - along with one hundred other CEOs and business executives - think the State Legislature should grant Mayor Bill de Blasio a lengthy mayoral extension this year. That's according to a letter sent to the state's top policymakers this morning, which de Blasio will unveil at a press conference later today. Jared Kushner, John Paulson and Mort Zuckerman are not natural allies of de Blasio's. But that's precisely what City Hall is seeking to prove in its fight to secure a substantive mayoral control renewal this legislative session: that support for the governance system of mayoral control should transcend support for a particular politician or set of agenda items.

-- Big tech companies sent a similar letter on Tuesday.

--The Assembly passed a one-house bill Tuesday that would extend New York City's system of mayoral control of the city's schools for three years.

EXPENSE OF THE DAY -- "Thousands of cheap pens make bills law at de Blasio's City Hall" -- Staten Island Advance's Anna Sanders: "Mayor Bill de Blasio has used more than 3,500 cheap pens to sign hundreds of bills and give them out as souvenirs, records show. The tradition is taken so seriously in de Blasio's New York that City Hall switched to slightly more expensive pens at the end of his first year in office. Previous styles were considered too cheap to properly represent the significance of a bill signing. The city spent $3,587 on 3,350 of the specially-engraved "Blasio pens" between January 2014 and October 2015 for official bill signings, according to invoices obtained through the city's Freedom of Information Law."

NYPD's John Miller on Donald Trump's John Miller -- POLITICO New York's Azi Paybarah: Not that it was likely, but was John Miller ... that John Miller? No, he said. In a statement to POLITICO New York, Miller, who now has the title of deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said: "Many of us did things in the 90s we are not proud of, but for me, this was not one of them. Still, if I was the John Miller on those phone calls, I would be very proud that my Donald Trump impersonation was really, really good. So, more likely, it is what it appears to be." [Pro]

BIRTHDAYS: Clyde Haberman, a former foreign correspondent and Metro columnist for the New York Times ... retired Yankee great Reggie Jackson, aka Mr. October ... actor Tina Fey, whose 30 Rock character Liz Lemon moved from the real-life address 160 Riverside Drive to the non-existent 168 Riverside Drive ... and the late Pope John Paul II.

TIMES QUOTATION OF THE DAY - SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, on bill he sponsored that would let families of those killed in the Sept. 11 attacks sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the terrorist plot: "If the Saudis did not participate in this terrorism, they have nothing to fear about going to court. If they did, they should be held accountable." Mark Mazzetti article on p. A6, "Senate Passes Bill That Could Expose Saudi Arabia to Legal Claims Over 9/11"

MEDIA MORNING -- GABE SHERMAN in NYMag, "Why Rupert Murdoch Decided to Back Donald Trump": "Murdoch's embrace of Trump is a sharp reversal from the hostile view he held over much of the past year. In fact ... it was Murdoch himself who directed Kelly to hammer Trump during the debut GOP debate, in Cleveland, that sparked the feud in the first place. 'Rupert told her to do that,' [said a source] ... The Murdoch-Trump alliance is the result of at least two private meetings between the billionaires this spring as well as phone calls from Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Murdoch's view ... is that Trump is a winner whom the 'elites' failed to take seriously. ... If Trump gets into the White House, Murdoch will likely have an open line to the new administration (at least as open as anyone can have with Trump). And, if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton, then Murdoch's right-wing outlets have a ready-made enemy to beat up on for the next four years. That's a deal Trump can surely respect."

PULLING BACK THE CAMERA -- "Clinton's joyless victory: Her narrow Kentucky win is a temporary comfort in a week that exposed a deep Democratic rift," by Gabe Debenedetti: "Clinton's narrow Kentucky win - her lone state victory in the month of May, and one that ensured she wouldn't go five weeks without winning a state ... was paired with a loss in Oregon during a week when Sanders supporters appeared more emboldened and committed than ever, despite the senator's all-but-impossible path to the nomination. ...

"Now, eyeing a two-and-a-half week lull before the next Democratic contests, Clinton faces the task of erasing the perception that she is a wounded front-runner while at the same time competing with ... Trump for a bite of the news cycle. ... Sanders can point to 22 victories - with the possibility of a few more to come - providing him with more bargaining power than any runner-up in recent history as he looks to shape the party platform and reform the nominating process."

JASON ZENGERLE in GQ, "Bill Clinton's Big Moment : His Health, His Battle Plan for Trump, and What He'll Do if Hillary Wins": "Although they're rarely in the same state-or even the same time zone-at any given moment, they talk on the phone throughout the day. Those conversations can become even more frequent when the campaign hits a rough patch. 'In 2008, he was constantly psycho-dialing Hillary, just calling and calling until she'd pick up, to give advice,' says a veteran Democratic operative. 'You want to keep Hillary pretty Zen and calm, and he can obviously interfere with that. I think the campaign staff this time are doing a pretty good job of managing his access to her when she's on the road." ...

"Bill tends to blame any of Hillary's missteps on her campaign. 'He's not Hillary's Hillary,' says an old Clinton loyalist. 'He doesn't go to her and say, "You're screwing this up."'

CLINTON CA$H -- "Bill Clinton earned $5 million from speeches last year," by Politico's Annie Karni: "Four days after the former secretary of state announced online last April that she would mount a second bid for the White House, Bill Clinton was paid $300,000 for a speech in front of the Oracle Corporation in Rancho Mirage, California, the disclosure shows. Over the past year, he has also given speeches to groups such as the Wyndham Hotel Group in Las Vegas; the private equity firm Apollo Management Holdings; UBS Wealth Management; and the Texas China Business Council, among other groups."

REAL ESTATE -"Tenant Advocates Want Rent Increases Tied to a Vacancy Stopped," by Times' Mireya Navarro: "For decades, the cost of renting a regulated apartment in New York has been partly determined not just by annual increases approved by a city board, but also by the far bigger raises allowed when an apartment becomes vacant. Now, encouraged by their success in holding down the annual rent increases, advocates for tenants are renewing calls to end the vacancy increase, arguing that it is a significant and often overlooked factor in the cost of renting an apartment in the city. ... Even though only about 13 percent of rent-stabilized apartments turn over each year, a report released on Tuesday by the antipoverty group Community Service Society of New York argued that the vacancy allowance, which has been in place since 1969, is so high that it contributes more to the overall rise in stabilized rents than the annual increases. The Rent Stabilization Association, a major landlord group, said the report exaggerated the effect of the vacancy allowance. On average, the group said, the allowance leads to an increase of about 10 percent - about half of the maximum."

-"David M. Durst, Developer of Manhattan Towers, Dies at 90," by Times' Charles V. Bagli: "At his day job, David M. Durst oversaw construction of eight Manhattan skyscrapers over the course of three decades. Outside the office, he combined his talent as an engineer with his love of art and whimsy, creating metal drum sculptures, raw wood constructions and sculptures assembled from concrete blocks. He was also one of the first developers to commission a public sculpture for an office tower: 'Windward,' by Jan Stern, on the sidewalk in front of 655 Third Avenue, between 41st and 42nd Streets in Manhattan. Mr. Durst, the last of three brothers who built office towers along Third Avenue and Avenue of the Americas, died on Friday in Rye, N.Y. He was 90."

-"Apple seeks more space in GM Building," by Post's Lois Weiss: "Apple wants to take a larger bite out of the GM Building. The tech giant pioneered its iconic glass cube on the Fifth Avenue plaza of the full block tower, but business in its now-cramped underground location is so good, it also wants to take over the former FAO Schwarz space. It is likely to open in some or all of the 61,000 square-foot space on a 'temp' basis while it refreshes its underground fortress. But there's a problem when it comes to a permanent expansion: Apple doesn't want to pay the asking freight and feels it's 'entitled' to the prime retail spot as it 'made' the location a global tourist draw."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Mets 2, Nationals 0: Noah Syndergaard outdueled Max Scherzer, with the Mets' hurler striking out 10 over seven scoreless innings. Curtis Granderson and Michael Conforto homered.

-- Diamondbacks 5, Yankees 3: Zach Greinke pitched to his enormous contract, and Michael Pineda's ERA grew to 6.60.

-- The day ahead: the Red Bulls host the Fire. NYCFC is in Toronto. Bartolo Colon's Mets host the Nationals. The Yankees are in Arizona.

#UpstateAmerica: Plattsburgh police captured video of a meteor during their morning patrol.

** A message from REALTORS® Advocacy Committee: First-Time Homebuyers in New York need help!

Homeownership rates across the country continue to fall and achieving the dream of owning a home is more difficult than ever for many New Yorkers. High taxes and fees create barriers for potential homebuyers in New York who work hard to save for the purchase of their first homes.

State lawmakers are considering the NY First Home proposal, a new tax-free savings account program modeled after the State's 529 education savings program. If adopted, individual New Yorkers could save up to $5,000 annually (couples up to $10,000) to pay for costs associated with purchasing their first homes.

Contact your State Senator and Assemblymember to support the NY First Home proposal and tell them to create an incentive program to help New Yorkers who Dare to Dream.

Visit to learn more **

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