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POLITICO New York Playbook: WEINER campaign fined -- CNN lashed at consultant forum -- NYU as 'sanctuary' campus

12/02/2016 07:31 AM EDT

By Jimmy Vielkind in Albany and Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, with Addy Baird and Daniel Lippman

PAYBACK -- Anthony Weiner ordered to repay $195K in matching funds -- POLITICO New York's Laura Nahmias: New York City's Campaign Finance Board on Thursday ordered former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's campaign to repay more than $195,000 in public matching funds he received as part of his failed 2013 mayoral bid. The board also ordered Weiner's campaign, which received more than $1.6 million in public matching funds, to pay a $64,956 fine for spending irregularities uncovered by the board's auditors, including personal expenses not allowed under current city campaign finance law.

-- The campaign committed multiple infractions, the board found, including accepting 21 contributions that exceeded the legal limit, accepting contributions in excess of the limit for donors who have business with the city, and failing to demonstrate how some expenses were made in furtherance of the campaign. Weiner was fined for using campaign funds for personal use, including expenses of more than $1,500 for dry cleaning and mobile wireless services which "appear to be personal expenses of the Candidate," the board wrote. ... The roughly $65,000 fine is the largest penalty the board has assessed for a citywide candidate from the 2013 election cycle, but Weiner is only the second Democratic primary candidate whose audit and enforcement has been completed, a CFB spokesman said.

IT'S FRIDAY! -- Got a tip? Feedback? News to share? Let us know. By email:,,, and, or on Twitter: @JimmyVielkind , @Azi, @addysue, and @dlippman.

TABS -- Daily News: "GET YOUR MICE PUDDING! Rodents run wild in city schools" and bottom banner: "TRUMP SHOWS SHARPTON SOME LOVE" -- Post: "APPLE JAM: NYers driven nuts as traffic worse than ever" -- Newsday: "TRUMP: I'LL TALK JOBS WITH EXECS: Says he'll keep work in U.S." -- SEE THEM:


BROADSHEETS -- NYT, 1-col., above the fold: "Mix of Threat And Incentive Sealed a Deal: Cheers at Carrier, but Jobs Will be Lost" -- WSJ, 5-col., above the fold: "Trump Warns Companies on Jobs: President-elect talks of 'consequences' for leaving the U.S., moving posts off shore" -- SEE THEM:

MAGAZINES -- NYT: "For decades, the United States and Britain shaped the global order. Now what?" -- Village Voice: "BLACK, GAY, AND THE THIRD MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE STATE" -- The Real Deal: "I, Donald J., Trump, do solemnly f*@#ing swear that I will faithfully executive the Office of President..." -- City & State NY: "Cuomo & Mangano" -- SEE THEM:

LOCAL -- Queens Chronicle, mid: "SEE YOU IN COURT: Property owner suing hotelier over shelter plan" -- Northeast Courier: "A FINE MESS: Residents fume over sewer project setbacks" -- Bay Ridge Courier: "NO KIDDING: Convicted child molest lives at shelter near three schools" -- Downtown Express: "Trump already leaving his mark, local politicians say" -- SEE THEM:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I don't know how much power in business really comes from the fact that your father-in-law is president" -- Robert Ivanhoe of Greenberg Traurig, via The Real Deal's Katherine Clarke:

BONUS QUOTE: "Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform?" -- Kellyanne Conway, via the New York Post:

HAPPENING TODAY: Mayor Bill de Blasio attends a closed-door birthday party fundraiser in Brooklyn tonight for Rep. Yvette Clarke and her mother, former City Councilwoman, Una Clarke. SEE THE INVITE:

ON THIS DAY in 1991 -- The Mets sign Bobby Bonilla for a record $29 million for five years, making him the highest paid player in team sports. The NYT's report:

CUOMO'S SENATE SILENCE - POLITICO New York's Jimmy Vielkind: Once again, New Yorkers have elected 32 Democrats to the 63-seat state Senate only to see it controlled by Republicans - a head-scratching revelation that will lead to progressive screams but little else. The apparent ouster of Republican Sen. Michael Venditto by John Brooks on Long Island prompted the leader of the chamber's Democrats, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to call for her eight wayward colleagues to coalesce into a single bloc. She put the onus on the state's top Democrat, Cuomo, to "step up" and make it happen . Cuomo has said nothing in response, because he's going to do nothing. The Senate that's shaking out suits him just fine.

SANCTUARY -- POLITICO New York's Conor Skelding: New York University will be a "sanctuary campus" for undocumented immigrants, president Andrew Hamilton said this week in a letter to faculty and students. "[M]any of you want to know that we are affording our full protection and support to everyone who lives, studies, and works at NYU. I want to assure all of you that that is our goal. Documented or undocumented, these are our peers, colleagues, and friends," he wrote in a letter to the University Senate earlier this week. As a sanctuary school, the university will not allow federal immigration authorities access to campus or students' records without a legal process, such as a warrant or subpoena. Hamilton's letter did not mention the cause of NYU's decision to declare its commitment to undocumented students, but several universities have committed to sanctuary status since the election of Donald Trump. Trump has promised to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy put in place by President Obama, which protects some undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN -- "City Council bill would make it easier for crooked pols to steal public money, Manhattan DA Cy Vance warns" -- Daily News' Jennifer Fermino: "A City Council bill to remake parts of the city's strict campaign finance rules will eliminate safeguards that have helped authorities catch pols ripping off taxpayers, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance charged. The bill, which could pass as early as next week, would allow candidates for office to 'correct' or 'complete' contribution cards donors are required to fill out. Those cards are required for cash donations and money orders, and must be submitted to the Campaign Finance Board in order to recieve public money. The CFB matches donations under $175 six to one. Allowing the candidates to fill out the forms themselves would make it much easier to forge or alter cards to try and get public funds they aren't eligible for, Vance said. 'If this bill were to pass, it would become extraordinarily difficult for such conduct to be detected,' Vance said in a letter to the Council."

REBATES FOR THE DEAD - Albany Times Union's Matt Hamilton: "They're alive! Or at least were alive long enough to be in line to receive property tax rebate checks. An audit by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli of the tax year 2015 property tax freeze credit payments found 2,052 payments worth $818,766 were marked to go out to deceased homeowners. Still, that is hardly even a rounding error of the $600.7 million worth of credit payments properly approved by the state Department of Taxation and Finance. In total, auditors identified 31,924 questionable payments worth nearly $8 million. The comptroller's office and Tax Department worked together to identify and return an additional 12,786 payments worth $2.55 million found to be incorrect due to improper data formatting, DiNapoli's office said in a letter to Acting Tax Commissioner Nonie Manion."

SCHOOL DAZE -- "Health inspectors find roaches, flies, mice in NYC school cafeterias" -- Daily News' Laura Dimon and Stephen Rex Brown: "A new report reveals stomach-turning conditions at some of the city's roughly 1,300 public school cafeterias. City Health Department records show that 395 inspections out of 2,976 in fiscal year 2015-2016 resulted in a sanitation grade of B or worse. While the vast majority of inspections - 85.6% - ended with an A inspection grade, the report by the State Senate's Independent Democratic Conference contains several revolting findings. ... 320 cafeterias had 442 mouse-related health violations; 136 schools had 155 fly-related violations; Four schools had evidence of rats; Among all boroughs, Brooklyn school cafeterias were the most infested, leading in violations for mice, flies, roaches and pests."


-- SURPRISE! PRESIDENT-ELECT TRASHES MEDIA DURING VICTORY LAP -- From our coverage of his first public rally since winning the presidency, last night in Cincinnati: Trump "spent close to four minutes attacking the 'nasty, dishonest press.' Deriding the media as a whole, Trump assumed a newscaster's voice as he mocked its monolithic predictions of his defeat. 'How many times did we hear this: '"There is no path to 270,"' Trump said, adopting a stentorian baritone. As the crowd serenaded him with cheers, he strutted away from the microphone to revel in the moment before stepping back to the podium with a smile and two outstretched thumbs. 'I love this stuff,' Trump said, playing to the crowd. 'Should I go on with this a little bit longer?' He spoke of a newscaster who supposedly cried upon learning of his victory and described watching election night coverage of another who'd long predicted he couldn't break through Clinton's 'blue wall' of support in the Midwest and was stunned as the results came in. 'We didn't break it, we shattered that sucker.'"

-- ZUCKER UNDER FIRE : Wow: "In extraordinary exchanges, aides to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush openly accused [CNN chief Jeff] Zucker of enabling Mr. Trump and undermining their candidates in the Republican primary, heckling from their seats as Mr. Zucker spoke on a panel in a hotel ballroom. 'You showed hours upon hours of unfiltered, unscrutinized coverage of Trump!' shouted Todd Harris, a top adviser for Mr. Rubio. A Washington Post reporter, Karen Tumulty, prompted applause when she pressed Mr. Zucker on why he allowed Trump surrogates to spread falsehoods on his network. It was a visceral airing of grievances before an audience of the country's leading political operatives and journalists, gathered for what is typically a staid postelection conference at Harvard. And it captured CNN's lightning-rod position in the debate over the role of the media in Mr. Trump's rise and, now, his looming presidency."

-- NYT HOME-DELIVERY HIKE: Some subscribers received an email from Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. yesterday buttering them up about his "deep appreciation" for their "loyalty" before he cut chase: "On January 2, the price of home delivery subscriptions will increase. Your new rate can be found at the bottom of this email." Newspapers weathered a steeper than usual advertising decline this year -- Times print advertising was down a whopping 19 percent during the most recent quarter. So subscription revenues -- digital and print -- are becoming more vital.

You can read the full Morning Media column and sign up to receive it in your inbox by clicking here:

UPSTATE AIRWING RESCUES BUZZ ALDRIN - Albany Times Union's Emily Masters: "The 109th Airlift Wing rescued famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station on Antarctica, the National Science Foundation announced Thursday morning. The ailing 86-year-old reached Christchurch, New Zealand, at 4:25 a.m. Friday local time after almost eight hours of flight. Aldrin was taken to a local hospital for treatment, NSF spokesman West said Thursday. A ski-equipped cargo plane based at the Stratton Air National Guard base in Schenectady County flew Aldrin to McMurdo Station on the Antarctic Coast. From there, a chartered Safair cargo plane took him to New Zealand."

ACCIO WIZARDING WORLD -- "Broadway Home Looks Likely for 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,'" by NYT's Michael Paulson: "Broadway is making way for Harry Potter, literally. The cavernous Lyric Theater will be dramatically reconfigured - shedding one-fifth of its seats - to create a home for the most-coveted theatrical tenant of the moment: the two-part play 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,' which is expected to open there in spring 2018. The move is awkward: the theater is currently occupied by Cirque du Soleil, which spent $25 million creating its first Broadway show, 'Paramour,' and was hoping to keep running it there. But the Ambassador Theater Group, the British company that owns the Lyric, was so eager to lure 'Cursed Child' that it is making it financially worthwhile for Cirque to move out... The Potter producers, who are already overseeing a sold-out production of the play in London, did not describe the New York opening as a certainty. Instead, they said they were 'in advanced discussions' and 'exclusive talks' to open the play. The time frame coincides with the arrival of another expected blockbuster - a Disney stage musical adaptation of 'Frozen,' which is planned for an upgraded St. James Theater."

EAT BEAT -- "Salvation Burger to Fire Up the Grill Once Again Next Week," by Eater's Patty Diez: "April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's Midtown East burger restaurant Salvation Burger is reopening on Monday after many months of repairs and renovations. The restaurant inside The Pod Hotel closed on May 16 when a forceful fire caused major damage to the restaurant's kitchen. The fire came just three months after opening (it's been closed for more time than it's been open) and two weeks after Ryan Sutton's review. At the time of the shutter, the team planned to reopen within weeks, and it even looked like the reopening was imminent a few times. Back in August, an open call was held for staff, and a sign posted in the window a few months ago stated the reopening would happen in October. Still, delays persisted. Bloomfield and Friedman even debuted their newest project White Gold Butchers in the interim. When Salvation Burger reopens for lunch on Monday, the menu and decor will be the same. Expect familiar menu options like burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs, and snacks like bone marrow and beef heart."

UNCOOKED --"Students can't cook at New York's only culinary high school," the Post's Selim Algar: "Nearly all the appliances at the city's lone culinary high school have been inoperable since June - leaving hundreds of deflated mini-Mario Batalis stuck reading cookbooks, The Post has learned. Due to poor gas supply and other problems, ovens and ranges at Food and Finance HS in Hell's Kitchen have been cold since DOE repair work this summer, and administrators are at their wit's end, sources said. With five of the school's six kitchens unusable, increasingly uninterested students have been forced to learn their craft from dry classroom work rather than stovetop experience. '430 kids can't cook,' read a blistering e-mail Wednesday from Nan Shipley, chairwoman of the nonprofit group that supports the school, 'Our seniors can't train for culinary competition. Our freshmen have no idea why they are at the school. The culture of the school is withering on the vine.' ... A source told The Post appliances in the school's six kitchens were all functioning before unrelated SCA work in June but have been inoperable ever since ... The DOE told The Post that they're working on the problem."

WHERE ART MEETS POLITICS -- "'Dear Ivanka': New York City's Artists Appeal to Ivanka Trump, Peer to Peer," by The New Yorker's Anna Heyward: "Early last week, a new Instagram account called @dear_ivanka posted a photo of Ivanka Trump in a low-cut top and purple lipstick. Beneath the image was a caption: 'Dear Ivanka, I'm afraid of the swastikas spray painted on my park.' In the following days, the account posted more glamour shots of the President-elect's eldest daughter, many of them poached from her own Instagram page. Each image was paired with a message asking her to recognize the fear and anxiety that her father's victory has aroused ... The people behind @dear_ivanka are two members of the New York City art world, Alison Gingeras, a curator, and Jonathan Horowitz, a multimedia artist, who post some of the entries themselves and receive others as submissions. They were inspired to address Ivanka directly because she is, in some ways, a member of their extended social circle...

-- "Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are avid collectors of contemporary art. 'She frequents the art world, what's sometimes called 'the New York liberal bubble,' Gingeras told me. 'So we already know we can speak with her, and we want to appeal to her personal stakes.' On Monday evening, Gingeras and Horowitz gathered with some hundred and fifty artists and art-world figures in SoHo for an L.E.D.-candle-lit vigil to appeal to Ivanka I.R.L. They met in front of the Kushner-owned Puck Building, whose most lavish penthouse apartment is one of the most expensive homes in the city... Crowd members distributed protest signs that riffed on art history. One set, designed in the Pop-art style by the artist McGough, showed Ivanka's name spelled out in a pink font reminiscent of the lettering found on Barbie packaging... Others, made by the multimedia artist Rachel Libeskind, depicted eighteenth-century-style Russian Orthodox icons with Ivanka's face superimposed on them-because she's a big icon in Russia now. On the opposite sidewalk, outside the R.E.I. on Houston Street, a single picketer held a sign that said 'You lost.'"

REAL ESTATE, with POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg:

-- City halts payments to landlords with violations -- POLITICO New York's Gloria Pazmino: The city will begin withholding rental subsidy payments from two landlords who failed to correct a slew of violations in their buildings. Department of Social Services commissioner Steve Banks and Public Advocate Letitia James announced the move on Thursday at City Hall. For the first time since Ed Koch was mayor, the administration is resorting to a law known as the Spiegel Act, which was first passed in 1962 and allows the city to stop making payments to landlords whose buildings present a danger to tenants. Officials announced they were preparing to use the law in May, issuing a warning to 12 landlords who had outstanding violations, telling them that the city would cease payments if they did not make necessary repairs. ...

-- The numbers: Banks said, "...we will be applying the Spiegel law, withholding rent in two of the 12 buildings." The city will withhold $4,710 per month for tenants receiving public assistance starting Dec. 1 until the landlords make the appropriate repairs. The buildings are located in northern Manhattan and the Bronx at 541 West 150th Street and 20 West 190th Street and are owned by Jay Weiss and Agron Berisha, respectively. Between the two buildings there are 239 outstanding violations, including 78 class C violations that are considered "immediately hazardous."

-- "Battered but not beaten," by the Real Deal's Mark Maurer: "In the past two years, executives at Dermot backed out of two major projects that would have ranked among its most ambitious: a Hudson Yards rental-condo on a Port Authority site and the landmarked Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan. Both projects ultimately proved far costlier than expected. Dermot's embarrassments at Hudson Yards and in Battery Park City, deals where it won requests for proposals, and a strategy that has seemed all over the map, should not, however, be taken as an indication of disorder at the firm, sources say. Rather it is the result of a shift from a largely singular vision to multiple ones. And, sources say, it says a lot about Dermot's resiliency that the firm has managed to take those setbacks in stride without tempering its ambition or appetite for risk."

-- "Council to vote on $100 million transfer of Pier 40 air rights," by Crain's New York Business' Daniel Geiger: "A New York City Council committee is set to vote Monday on a transfer of $100 million of air rights from Pier 40 so builders Westbrook Partners and Atlas Capital can raise a 1.7 million-square-foot, mixed-use development across the street. If the council's subcommittee on zoning and franchises approves the transfer, it is likely the full council will give the final approval later this month. Hudson River Park Trust, the nonprofit entity that manages and operates the pier, is counting on the deal to pay for repairs to the pilings that support the structure. In recent weeks, several sticking points have come up between Hudson River Park Trust, the developers and local Councilman Corey Johnson, who sits on the subcommittee and whose vote is considered essential to the transfer's approval."

You can find the free version of Sally's real estate newsletter here:

OUT AND ABOUT - Friends of Josh Dawsey, who's leaving WSJ to cover White House for Politico, and Eric Koch, who's going to Precision Strategies, celebrated their new jobs last night at Church Publick near City Hall.

SPOTTED: Mara Gay, Joe Lhota, Jennifer Fermino, Jonathan Rosen, James Allen, Ted Mann, Jesse McKinley, Erica Orden, John P.L. Kelly, Eric Phillips, Dani Lever, Eric Sumberg, Vivian Yee, Mike Vilensky, Karen Hinton, Devon Puglia, Josh Vlasto, Beth DeFalco, Jillian Jorgensen, Rich Bamberger and many others

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Friday: Marc La Vorgna, spokesman for Mike Bloomberg, founder of comms and public affairs firm MLV Strategies, who celebrated last night by watching the Cowboys game at a bar in NYC with his dad and brother -- read his Playbook Plus Q&A: ... Nancy Haberman, the pride of the Upper West Side ... Buffalo blogger Alan Bedenko ... Outgoing Democratic senate leader Harry Reid of Nevada -- Saturday: tenant advocate Mike McKee ... Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz ... New York City Councilman Stephen Levin ... RWDSU leader Stuart Appelbaum ... Diane Cardwell, business reporter for the New York Times ... Bill Bramhall, cartoonist at the Daily News -- Sunday: Tyquana Henderson-Parsons, president at Connective Strategies ... Brooklyn native and Hillary Clinton supporter, rapper Jay-Z, who, according to Michael Bloomberg , "embodies so much of what makes New York New York."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Bucks 111, Nets 93: Giannis Antetokounmpo is quickly climbing the list of most impressive Greek accomplishments in the country's history. Still trails the Acropolis, but in his defense, he doesn't even turn 22 until next week.

-- The day ahead: rematch between Kristaps Porzingis and Karl-Anthony Towns, this Timberwolves-Knicks tilt at The Garden. In women's college hoops, Manhattan travels to Iona. In men's college hoops, Manhattan hosts Canisius.

#UpstateAmerica: Ruth Colvin, the Syracuse woman who founded the adult literacy movement, is turning 100.

#DeBlasiosNewYork: "A nearly-naked model painted like a bunch of Post-it notes camouflaged herself on Thursday over the popular art project in the Union Square station since the presidential election." -- Post's Danielle Furfaro:

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How Burlington fired up an energy revolution: The newest installment of POLITICO Magazine's "What Works" series explores how Burlington - a former logging port on the shore of Lake Champlain -- transformed itself into a global trendsetter in sustainable practices in power generation and food production. Read More. Photo gallery.

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