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POLITICO New York Playbook: DE BLASIO and CUOMO bicker over congestion pricing, homelessness, playgrounds -- Regular Flooding in City's Future -- VAN BRAMER hires for Speaker's race

10/24/2017 07:20 AM EDT

By Jimmy Vielkind in Albany and Laura Nahmias in Manhattan, with Daniel Lippman

Billy and Andy are bickering again, over how the subway system should be policed for homelessness, who should pony up for an $800 million subway rescue package and how to implement congestion pricing. The last one is the newest fight, so let's look at the particulars.

Billy announced recommendations this weekend on how to reduce traffic congestion, including sharper enforcement. It didn't include Andy's stated-but-not-detailed goal of congestion pricing, which Billy opposes. Andy has another panel working on that, but Billy isn't a part of it. Asked Monday about Billy's plan, Andy said: "He hasn't been able to do that for four years. Enforcing the law now is a good idea, but I would have assumed he was doing that all along. ... You want to control the number of cars that drive in, you have to look at the entire metropolitan area. ... And you have to involve the entire region, and then you're going to need to get a state law passed ... I put together a full task force, regional, state Senate. I invite the mayor to join that task force. But that's the only way we're going to come up with a real plan."

Billy's spokesman Eric replied: "This isn't a credible panel. It's a group of non-new York City gubernatorial appointees headed towards a pre-cooked conclusion that the state government that runs New York City subways shouldn't be responsible for fixing them. We have more important things to do than be involved in that charade."

Meanwhile, there's some progress in reducing subway delays (but lots of work remains) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is falling behind on two big Long Island Railroad projects. With all the energy wasted on bickering, advocates tell our colleague Dana Rubinstein that they're running out of patience. "This gamesmanship is not helping riders," said Nick Sifuentes, executive director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

IT'S TUESDAY. The World Series starts tonight, between a club that left Brooklyn over 50 years ago and some expansion team from Texas. Got tips, suggestions or thoughts? Let us know ... By email:,, and, or on Twitter: @JimmyVielkind, @nahmias, and @dlippman.

WHERE'S ANDREW? In New York City with no announced public schedule.

WHERE'S BlLL? He'll meet with a tenant who recently moved into a newly built affordable apartment and will make an affordable housing announcement, before holding a press conference. In the evening, he'll hold another town hall meeting with Councilwoman Darlene Mealy.

The Tabloids - Daily News: "MONSTER THEY KNEW: Home aide busted in break-in that killed 91-year-old"- New York Post: "IN THE HOT SEAT: Gov, MTA blast Blas for subway homeless"- See Them

The Tabloids, cont.- Newsday: "NEW STRATEGY TO FIGHT MS-13: Sessions focuses different fed task forces on gangs"- El Diario: "Tomar el tren es toda una hazaña" -TRANSLATION: "Taking the train is a feat" - See Them

The Free Papers - Metro New York: "TOUCH & GO: The MTA has plans to introduce a new fare system that will help you get through turnstiles quicker while saving the agency money"- AM New York: "FARE WELL! MTA's new digital payment system means MetroCards will disappear by 2023"- See Them

The Broadsheets - New York Times: -1 col., left: "YouTube Gave Russian Outlet Portal Into U.S." - 1 col., above the fold: "TRUMP DIRECTIVE ON TAX OVERHAUL CONFOUNDS G.O.P." - Wall Street Journal: - 4 col., above the fold: "U.S. Revises Niger Timeline" - 1 col., above the fold: "Amazon Lures 238 Bids for Its Second Home"- See Them

QUOTE OF THE DAY:"I think it's a modern-day form of treason and they have to be held accountable," - Cuomo, on Congressional Republicans' plan to eliminate the state and local tax deduction as part of their tax reform legislation.

STAT OF THE DAY: 72.7 - Percent of New York's 41,970 DACA recipients who have a family member with American citizenship, via WNYC.

MONEY IN YOUR EARS: POLITICO's new Money podcast brings you to the intersection of Washington and Wall Street with the most influential minds on the economy. Every Wednesday, Ben White will help you understand the economic and financial policies that move markets. While money never sleeps, you have to - so let Ben keep you up to speed and turn dollars into sense. The first POLITICO Money podcast, premiering with our launch sponsor, Morgan Stanley, features Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Click HERE to subscribe.


- (MORE) FIGHTING IN THE SANDBOX - New York Post's Rich Calder and Kirstan Conley: "Governor Cuomo on Monday night threw a monkey wrench into Mayor de Blasio's controversial plan to relocate an East Harlem children's playground to accommodate a $1 billion high-rise development project . He ordered a state investigation to first determine whether the site is actually parkland before the city can proceed. Cuomo signed into law legislation that initially called for discontinuing the use of the Marx Brothers Playground on Second Avenue and East 96th as parkland, so it could accommodate a high-rise housing project that would also bring at least two new public schools.

- However, in an 11th-hour approval message, he noted there's been longtime confusion as to whether the site is actually parkland or just a mere playground under the jurisdiction of the city's Department of Education. 'These unusual facts warrant a unique solution,' he wrote. He amended the legislation so that before the city can shut the playground down, the state Parks Department must first 'investigate all of the property's historical records, uses, and any other factor relevant to 1.5-acre playground's designation." Read more here.

- FRONT YARD SALT FIGHT - Jimmy's dispatch from Selkirk: The push by Democrats to preserve the deductibility of state and local taxes came to a front lawn here on Monday, as local politicians, firefighters, housewives and a little boy with a lollipop flanked Sen. Chuck Schumer and Cuomo while they argued their case. Schumer rarely makes joint appearances with Cuomo and sometimes throws veiled darts at his fellow Democrat. But on this occasion, they presented a united front. "Congress has placed a bull's-eye on New York State - you don't have to be a partisan nose to smell a rat, but I tell you, this plan stinks," Schumer (D-N.Y.) said. "Given the small margin by which the original bill passed in the House, if every member of the New York delegation - Democrat and Republican - would say they're not voting for any bill that cuts state and local deductibility, that bill would fail." Cuomo said getting rid of the deduction would be "devastating ... an attempted death blow," and represented "coarse, base politics." Later, during an interview on NY1, the governor called it "a modern day form of treason." Read more here

- From POLITICO Morning Tax: House Republican leaders are meeting again tomorrow with lawmakers from high-tax states over the deduction for state and local taxes. They're trying to find compromise because they need votes despite their misgivings over what many on the GOP side consider a benefit for locations burdened by runaway spending at the expense of other parts of the country. "There are more than 21 of us just can't have our states hammered more," said Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), who's planning to attend the meeting. The invite came from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who convened a similar meeting on the issue Oct. 12. MacArthur's proposal for a tax credit for property taxes and mortgage interest last week received backing from the National Association of Home Builders.

- BOARD OF ELECTIONS SEEKS ANTI-HACKING FUNDS - POLITICO New York's Bill Mahoney: The state Board of Elections is seeking a $15 million funding increase in next year's budget, most of which would go toward strengthening cybersecurity in the wake of Russian attempts to hack election systems. The federal government has told New York that it was not among the states in which there is evidence of Russian hacking attempts. "We don't know if that means they tried but there was no ability to get in, or whether they just didn't try," said the board's Democratic executive director, Robert Brehm, at a meeting on Monday. Read more here

- SCHNEIDERMAN SUBPOENAS WEINSTEIN CO. - Gannett's Joe Spector: "The Weinstein Co. was subpoenaed Monday by New York's attorney general as part of an investigation into whether the company violated state civil rights laws. The subpoena seeks a wide variety of records from the Manhattan-based company as its founder, Harvey Weinstein, has faced dozens of sexual-harassment and sexual-misconduct accusations from actresses and female employees." Read more here

- GOLISANO CRIES FOWL, DUCKS SCHOOL TAXES - Democrat and Chronicle Mary Chao: "Billionaire businessman Tom Golisano is challenging his tax assessment again, this time at his Ontario County home on Canandaigua Lake. The Paychex founder is withholding his September school tax of $90,000, pending help from the town of South Bristol with what he says is a significant geese problem. At a news conference at the Golisano Foundation office in Perinton, Golisano talked about up to 200 geese at his property on the shoreline of the lakefront home. 'It's a battle that needs to be fought,' Golisano, a former gubernatorial candidate, said." Read more here.


- VAN BRAMER STAFFS UP - POLITICO New York's Gloria Pazmino: Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, one of eight members of the City Council seeking to become the next Speaker, has secured a new, but influential political and public affairs firm to run his campaign. Van Bramer confirmed he hired the firm Pythia Public, run by Evan Thies and Alexis Grenell to help run the race...The hire is the latest effort by Van Bramer, a Democrat from Queens, seeking to make strides in the crowded field. Other candidates include Councilmen Corey Johnson, Mark Levine, Donovan Richards, Jumaane Williams, Robert Cornegy, Ritchie Torres and Ydanis Rodriguez. Van Bramer has boosted his efforts in recent weeks, campaigning for future colleagues in Brooklyn as well as incumbent members facing general election challenges next month. Read more here

- Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese's lawsuit over his right to participate in the second mayoral debate will be heard this morning in Manhattan Supreme Court, under Judge Shlomo Hagler.

- Albanese tells the Staten Island Advance 10 reasons why he thinks New Yorkers should vote for him.


EDITORIAL - Daily News: "The mayor is stuck and wrong in refusing to back tolls" -  "No matter your route, it's a slog to traverse the most crowded part of the most crowded city in the U.S. It's even tougher to map the route from Mayor de Blasio's words on combating crippling traffic congestion to his proposed weak-tea actions. Words, standing at Third Ave. and 54th St. on Sunday: 'Here is the epicenter,' where Midtown speeds have fallen 23%, to 4.7 mph, since 2010. More words: 'We know the human price of congestion. It means people miss job interviews. It means they're late for doctor's appointments. It means they have less time with their families.' Still more words: 'There are many solutions. We have to apply them all.'

But de Blasio's actions unveiled that day, his version of 'them all' amounted to small-bore ideas like enforcing anti-gridlock laws against blocking the box. He left out the big concept that everyone with a pulse and a brain knows will work: bringing bridge and tunnel tolling into the 21st century." Read more here.

- MORE BAD NEWS! - Associated Press: "Within the next three decades, floods that used to strike the New York City area only once every 500 years could occur every five years, according to a new scientific study released just days before the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. The study, performed by researchers at several universities and published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, primarily blames the predicted change on sea-level rise caused by global warming. 'This is kind of a warning,' said Andra Garner, a Rutgers University scientist and study co-author. 'How are we going to protect our coastal infrastructure?'" Read more here.

- WHO ARE NEW YORK'S 'DREAMERS?'- WNYC's Kate Ryan: "A growing number of DACA recipients are stepping forward and declaring their status since the November election...There is no public record of who they are, their background or what they do now, and schools and companies with that information protect it...Some details on Dreamers can be gleaned from a lawsuit filed last month in Brooklyn federal court by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, along with attorney generals from 14 other states and the District of Columbia... To make their case for New York, the plaintiffs cited estimates reflecting education levels, economic advancement, and family ties of the state's dreamers, acknowledging their contribution to the local economy and their ability to advance professionally under temporary status...There are 41,970 DACA recipients in the State of NY, 5.3 percent of the 787,580 national total...Almost all Dreamers in New York State are currently employed, and many of those working are enrolled in school...91.4 percent are employed...44.9 percent are currently enrolled in school...58.9 percent have a sibling with American citizenship" Read more here.

- A REAL ESTATE FEE FOR MASS TRANSIT? - Crain's Matthew Flamm: Congestion pricing is now being kicked around as one possible source of new mass transit funding. "And at the Crain's event Fixing Mass Transit, a former top MTA official put forward another: creating a "transit-maintenance district," similar to a business improvement district, that would pay fees dedicated to keeping the system in good repair. "One of the major issues is underinvestment in capital maintenance," said Michael Horodniceanu, who headed MTA capital construction and led work on the Second Avenue subway and the extension of the 7 line. He estimated that properly maintaining the MTA's 'trillion-dollar infrastructure would require $6 billion to $8 billion a year. 'We are not even scratching the surface of that,' he said. Noting that the biggest beneficiaries of mass transit are Manhattan office buildings, Horodniceanu suggested adding a $1.50 charge to the core business district's $60- to $70-per-square-foot rents. 'We have approximately 700 million square feet of office space south of 60th Street,' he said. 'You'd be able to raise more than a billion dollars' annually." read more here

- CITY COLLEGE DELAYS HIRING OF NEW PRESIDENT - New York Times's David Chen: "It's not a done deal - yet. The City University of New York, bowing to pressure from prominent African-American leaders from Harlem, on Monday postponed the anticipated appointment of the next president of City College, its flagship school. The university had been expected to elevate Vincent G. Boudreau, the college's interim president for the last year, as the permanent president at its board of trustees meeting. But over the weekend, a letter emailed to The New York Times bearing the names of 20 community leaders, including former Gov. David A. Paterson, former Representative Charles B. Rangel and former Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright, expressed "disappointment" with Dr. Boudreau, saying that their "input, insight and influence" had not been included in the search process." Read more here

- THE THIN WINE LINE -New York Times's Eric Asimov: "For a golden moment, motivated wine lovers could rely on high-speed internet as a sort of national wine shop. A consumer in Little Rock, Ark., for example, unable to find particular bottles locally, could order them from a shop in New York. It required only a willingness to pay shipping costs. Those days are no more. In the last year or so, carriers like United Parcel Service and FedEx have told retailers that they will no longer accept out-of-state shipments of alcoholic beverages unless they are bound for one of 14 states (along with Washington, D.C.) that explicitly permit such interstate commerce.New York is not one of those 14 states, as The Times's wine panel learned to its chagrin in the last year." Read more here

- TRIANGLE TANGLE - Daily News's Erin Durkin: "Opponents of a controversial, racially charged Brooklyn development plan are pushing the chair of the City Council's powerful land use committee to recuse himself - prompting accusations of anti-Semitism from the pol and developer. Some neighborhood groups have been fiercely fighting the plan to build more than 1,100 apartments on a Williamsburg site formerly occupied by drug giant Pfizer - charging it will favor Hasidic Jewish residents over blacks and Latinos in the area. The groups, known as the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition, wrote to land use chair David Greenfield demanding that he recuse himself from considering the project because he's set to leave office and take over the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. But Greenfield says the Met Council has nothing to do with the plan, and opponents are just targeting him because he's Jewish." Read more here.


- RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA, STRAIGHT FROM STATEN ISLAND - Daily Beast's Katie Zavadski, Ben Collins, Kevin Poulsen, and Spencer Ackerman: "Russia's propaganda campaign targeting Americans was hosted, at least in part, on American soil. A company owned by a man on Staten Island, New York provided Internet infrastructure services to DoNotShoot.Us, a Kremlin propaganda site that pretended to be a voice for victims of police shootings, a Daily Beast investigation has found....DoNotShoot.Us purported to be a collection of stories about "outrageous police misconducts (sic), really valuable ones, but underrepresented by mass media" in an effort to to "improve the situation in the U.S." Read more here

- OUR NEIGHBORS, THE MERCERS - AM New York's Mark Chiusano: "Charles Perretti and the North Country Peace Group were on to their Mercer neighbors from near the beginning. Today, Long Island's Mercer family defines a key aspect of the national landscape. They spent millions backing President Donald Trump when others wouldn't. But in 2014, Robert Mercer was mostly known as chief executive at storied hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, which the Senate concluded had failed to pay more than $6 billion in taxes. This rankled Perretti, 72, a marine biologist turned retired Northport educator who speaks of civic affairs in hushed, intense tones. He's the kind of guy who worries about non-soy-based inks and post-Citizens United plutocrats hurting democracy, like Mercer at Renaissance. And where was this company located? "My God," Perretti remembers thinking. 'It's right up the block.'" Read more here

- A-HA! - Crain's Aaron Elstein: "Developer Elie Hirschfeld, a former business partner of Donald Trump, has emerged as the buyer of the president's sketch of the Empire State Building. Hirschfeld said he would hang the work, for which he paid $16,000 at a charity auction last week, in his office next to a recently acquired drawing of Trump Tower by Andy Warhol. "My collection focuses on art with New York stories. You might say this is less art and more a New York story," said Hirschfeld. "But the Trump and Warhol pieces will play off each other nicely." Read more here

INFOGRAPHIC: The CHIP Funding Gap: Congress' failure to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) could put 350,000 New York children at risk of losing health insurance. Our infographic breaks down when federal CHIP funds are projected to run out and the offsetting spending cuts in the House bill to extend the program. Download now.


HAPPENING TOMORROW - per a tipster: "Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal, Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell, State Sen. Brian Benjamin and Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl are among those expected to attend the Children's Museum of Manhattan's annual gala on Wednesday ... at Pier 61 in NYC during which Halley K Harrisburg and Michael Rosenfeld will receive the Laurie M. Tisch Award."

--A 1958-59 NYC medal and key to the City presented by Mayor Robert F. Wagner to composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein is being offered as part of the Masters Auction, which closes Oct. 27.

BIRTHDAYS: Henry Schuster of "60 Minutes" is 6-0 ... Rafael PiRoman ... Rep. Jose E. Serrano ... former Office of State Comptroller spokesman Dennis Tompkins ... New York City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal ... Javits Center spokesman Tony Sclafani ... law professor Zephyr Teachout ... Cindy Rogers, district director for Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.)

MORNING MEDIA, with POLITICO's Michael Calderone:

- HOW YOUTUBE BOOSTED RT'S REACH, by The Times' Daisuke Wakabayashi and Nicholas Confessore : "The Russian channel was among the first news organizations to recognize YouTube's power and developed content intended to perform well on the platform. RT uploads videos frequently, sprinkling in buzzy viral videos of disasters - plane crashes, tsunamis, a meteor strike - to earn likes and longer watch times, which YouTube's algorithm rewards with better placement among search results and recommendations. The viral videos, which were often borrowed from other sources, help to build up RT's subscribers, and they became part of the Kremlin's audience for more political content."

You can read the full Morning Media column and sign up to receive it in your inbox by clicking here.

REAL ESTATE, with POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg and Conor Skelding:

- "With 421-a Maneuver, Pacific Park Developer Could Save Buyers $50 Million More in Taxes," by City Limits' Norman Oder: "Developers of 550 Vanderbilt, the first condominium building in the long-gestating Pacific Park (formerly Atlantic Yards) project, seem poised to turn a sweet deal into a bonanza, thanks to real-estate alchemy that super-sizes an already large tax break. When Greenland Forest City Partners in 2015 prepared the Offering Plan for buyers at 550 Vanderbilt, the pending 421-a tax abatement meant an overall yearly tax bill of $1.2 million, a 69 percent discount off the annual property-tax hit that would have occurred without the tax break. Now, however, owners at the 278-unit luxury building would collectively pay less than $123,000, a 97 percent discount. But that $1.1 million increase in savings would be just the start. ... Asked several questions related to this 421-a application and 550 Vanderbilt, the developer responded with a general statement: 'Greenland and Forest City are proud to have completed nearly 800 affordable homes to date, working across business cycles and evolving policy regulations to meet our commitments. We continue to partner with the City and State to deliver on our shared vision for growing a vibrant mixed-income community at Pacific Park.'" Read the story here

- "Re-regulated, but not really: Lawsuit against Scharfman Org. alleges J-51 chicanery," by The Real Deal's Will Parker: "In January of 2016, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wrote a letter to the landlords of New York City. He told property owners that if they received the J-51 tax break but charged market-rate rents, they needed to put their apartments back in rent stabilization or they could face big fines. But the edict didn't unleash a wave of state investigators poring through property owners' records and hauling landlords to court; it's been largely up to tenants to complain that they're being overcharged - if they're even aware. An analysis showed that less than half of violating landlords voluntarily re-regulated their apartments during 2016. And now, a new lawsuit alleges that one of the landlords who did re-register J-51 building, still set legal rents at levels far higher than the law allows." Read the story here

- "Kushner hunting for $600M-plus loan to build BK resi tower," by The Real Deal's Mark Maurer and Danielle Balbi: "The Kushners once again have their hand out for the funding of a major project. Kushner Companies and its partners CIM Group and LIVWRK are beginning their search for a large construction loan for their 737-unit residential project at 85 Jay Street in Dumbo, The Real Deal has learned. The developers are currently interviewing several brokers to lead the hunt for the financing of their 21-story, 874,000-square-foot luxury building on the old Jehovah's Witnesses site in Dumbo, for which they paid $345 million last year, according to sources familiar with the talks. The size of the prospective loan is in the range of $600 million and $650 million, sources added. That would equate to roughly 55 to 60 percent of the total construction cost, which Kushner pegged at $1.1 billion in a recent news release. CIM tends to handle financing deals in-house, and may still have a role in brokering this one, a source said." Read the story here

You can find the free version of Sally's real estate newsletter here:


Jon Lester, who was convicted in the Howard Beach racial attacks in the 1980s, has died at age 48.

- In response to an increase in neo-Nazi activity, LGBTQ activists in Rochester have formed the "Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club" to learn how to use firearms.

- Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio was jailed for violating her parole.

- Mayor de Blasio announced a pilot program at 15 schools in Brooklyn instituting "Meatless Mondays."

- City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez wants JFK and LaGuardia airports to be open to Puerto Ricans fleeing Hurricane Maria.

- Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance defended his office's handling of a sex abuse case involving a Columbia gynecologist who didn't serve jail time.

- The NYPD will release body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting over the weekend.

THE HOME TEAMS - Politico's Howard Megdal:

The Mets introduced new manager Mickey Callaway at Citi Field on Tuesday. Callaway insisted Mets players will feel "more loved than they ever have before", which is the whole point, really.

The day ahead: the Nets are in Orlando. The Knicks visit Boston. The Sabres host the Red Wings, and the Coyotes come to Barclays to skate against the Islanders.

#UpstateAmerica: A tailgater outside the Bills game on Sunday caught on fire after body slamming a flaming table.

#ZooYork: Columbia's (for-once) winning football team is bewildering alums who've grown accustomed to being a punchline.

FOR MORE political and policy news from New York, check out Politico New York's home page:

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