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POLITICO New York Playbook, presented by AT&T: CUOMO vs. DE BLASIO on outbreak response -- ERIE CANAL future -- ANNIE KARNI-TED MANN wedding

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

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GOVERNOR AND MAYOR PARADE, APART-POLITICO's Jimmy Vielkind and Laura Nahmias: Another parade, another opportunity for Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to conspicuously avoid each other. Something resembling a truce seemed possible just two weeks ago, after both men spoke on the phone. But Cuomo's unhappiness with the mayor's style of government has once again led him to stomp right onto the mayor's turf. Cuomo and State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker sent teams to the Bronx and called the federal C.D.C. for help with an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease that has killed ten people and sickened more than 100.

Cuomo said on Friday that the situation was "critical." De Blasio and his health team held a press conference Saturday to say the outbreak was contained, an assertion backed up by former City Health Commissioner Tom Farley, who expressed puzzlement at the state's decision to jump into a health crisis being managed by the city. For days, City Hall has said the outbreak is well under control, and cases will begin to decline now that the likely sources of the outbreak have been identified and decontaminated. Officials said Sunday that there have been no new diagnoses since August 3. None of it stopped the governor, who told reporters Sunday that he didn't trust the city, taking aim at de Blasio's promise to end the "tale of two cities" by implying the city had failed to care for the South Bronx residents sickened in the Legionnaires' Disease outbreak the same way they would have if the outbreak had happened in a wealthier neighborhood.

-- Add Legionnaires' outbreak to slew of responsibilities for overworked city health inspectors -- News' Greg B. Smith: " Last week, Mayor de Blasio admitted the city didn't know the locations of cooling towers, nor did it inspect them. He promised by week's end to draft legislation to make building owners register the towers and have the city begin inspecting all of them. By Saturday the legislation was still being drafted, and no one could say how many more inspectors will be needed to take on the new task. The law is expected to be introduced on Wednesday.

-- "In fiscal year 2015, which ended last month, they opened more than 37,000 cases that wound up before the city Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings for a litany of violations. In only 16% of these cases were all the violations upheld, while nearly 40% of the individual charges were dismissed. In most of the cases, inspectors cite restaurants for violations like too-warm macaroni salad and evidence of unwanted rodent guests. In 3,200 cases filed in fiscal 2015 - one in 10 - they issued citations for a wide variety of problems, from dogs and cats without paperwork to tattoo parlors the city believes didn't have enough sinks. Day care facilities are also on the list. Those inspections rose in fiscal 2015 to 696 from 593 in 2014, inspired by de Blasio's push to expand pre-K.

2017 SPECULATION OF THE DAY, from Gotham Gazette's @TweetBenMax: "What if Howard Wolfson is the 2017 mayoral candidate no one's been able to name?"

TABS: POST: "LADIES' MAN Trump: 'I'll be great to the women'" -- NEWS: "A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS Frank Gifford 1930-2015 Giants legend. Broadcast icon. Hollywood hunk." -- amNEWYORK: "THE CITY THAT NEVER SHUTS UP! Summer sends noise complaints skyrocketing" -- METRO: "One Year Later"

FRONT PAGES: NYT: "Coca-cola funds effort to alter obesity battle" -- A3: "Across country a scramble is on to find teachers" -- WSJNY: "Cooling Towers Test Increased Amid Legionnaires' Outbreak"

**A message from AT&T: Congratulations to the outstanding winners of AT&T and New York University's ABILITY Lab Connect Ability Tech Challenge, a competition to spur innovation of new technologies for people living with disabilities. View winning technologies at: **

#PATAKIWATCH: "He's at the kids' table, and he's at the lower end of the kids' table," Larry Sabato, a regular commentator on political matters who said he hadn't fielded a question about Pataki in several weeks, told the Times Union.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: State Senator Leroy Comrie of Queens, Lawyer David Lewis, former WNYT reporter Bill Lambdin, Susan Zimet of the Hunger Action Network, and Bill O'Reilly, communication consultant at The November Team and columnist with Newsday.

CHEATING AT DEPT OF ED MAINLY INVESTIGATED BY DEPT OF ED -- Post's Aaron Short: "A city agency that investigates school employee misconduct has probed only about 1 percent of the hundreds of cheating allegations it received. The office of the special commissioner of investigation for city schools, Richard Condon, conducted three probes into alleged test tampering and grade changing - out of about 300 complaints - in 2014. The number of open cheating investigations this year rose to four - again out of about 300 complaints.

"Cheating allegations made up nearly 6 percent of all complaints Condon's office reviewed in 2014, spokeswoman Regina Romain said. Instead of probing the allegations of academic fraud, the SCI passed most along to the city Department of Education's investigative unit, the Office of Special Investigations. The SCI operates under the city Department of Investigation and is independent of the DOE. The SCI's referral of the allegations put the DOE in the convenient position of investigating itself, critics say."

WHAT ALBANY IS READING -- "Prostitution Charge Dropped in Case an Albany Journalist Called Retaliation," by Times' Jesse McKinley: "In March 2012, just blocks from the State Capitol, several law enforcement officers stormed into a second-floor spa and arrested a woman, accusing her of soliciting money for sexual acts. An invasive strip search was done, thousands of dollars were seized and the woman, Min Liu, was soon charged with prostitution. But it was the woman's employer at the Green Garden Asian Spa who provoked the uproar: Bin Cheng, the wife of J. Robert Port, who was the investigations editor at The Times Union of Albany. Almost as soon as Ms. Liu was arrested, Mr. Port accused the police of targeting his wife's business in retaliation for a series of articles he had shepherded into the newspaper that called into question the tactics and practices of an Albany County sheriff's drug unit."

QUESTIONING MAYORAL CONTROL-Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan in the Post: "I am and always have been a strong supporter of mayoral control as the most appropriate way to manage the city's schools. As the former chairman of the Senate's Education Committee, and now the chamber's majority leader, I believe it's wise to have the buck stop with one person who New Yorkers recognize, know and can hold accountable. The state Legislature gave then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg control in 2002 and extended it seven years later, and this year de Blasio called on us to make mayoral control permanent. Instead, we authorized a one-year extension in order to thoroughly review mayoral control under this administration. The grade-fixing scandal, along with the earlier attacks on charter schools, shows exactly why we took such a cautious approach to mayoral control. Plus, 77 percent of New York City public high-school graduates who entered CUNY community colleges needed remediation in math, reading or writing. That's a real eye-opener.

-- New York City officials investigate one percent of all cheating allegations.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE CANAL-George Walsh of the Associated Press: "The Erie Canal was an engineering marvel when it opened in 1825, linking the Hudson River to the Great Lakes and humming with commerce that opened up the West. Long ago eclipsed by railroads and interstates, the waterway has for many years been a historical curiosity that's seen waning use by recreational and commercial vessels. Now a renewed court fight has drawn fresh attention to the 360-mile-long ribbon of channels, lifts and locks between Albany and Buffalo, calling into question whether taxpayers will again have to foot the hefty bill to keep it and the other canals in the system operating. ... The state Canal Corp. recorded 107,786 vessel passages through locks and lifts in 2014, most of them recreational boaters who pay anywhere from $25 to $100 for an annual pass. And most are on the Erie Canal, the largest of four main canals in a system that includes the Champlain Canal and others branching to lakes in central and western New York. The number of passages has declined for years and compares to a peak of 163,419 in 2002. With little income generated by the canals themselves - recreational revenue is about $165,000 a year, commercial only $40,000 - the cost of operating them is now covered largely with highway tolls collected by the Thruway Authority. And the roughly $55 million operating budget for the canals accounted for a large chunk of the $78.5 million in losses the authority reported during the 2014 fiscal year."

CUOMO AND THE CROSS-HUDSON TUBE-POLITICO's Dana Rubinstein: Two weeks after President Obama's transportation secretary sent a letter to Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo asking them to meet about building a new cross-Hudson rail tunnel to replace the one now falling apart, Cuomo told reporters, "There's no reason to meet now." "If the federal government is serious that this is critical, which it is-this is the entire northeast Amtrak route-we need federal funds," said Cuomo, at Sunday's Dominican Day Parade. "They need to put their money where their mouth is."

-- On Friday, Cuomo said the feds need to offer cash assistance to help with the project-not just a loan. He said the prospect of building a new tunnel was "not especially bright."

WEEKEND VIOLENCE -- News' Ryan Sitt, Rocco Parascandola and Barry Paddock: "Nine people were shot, one fatally, across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens over a six-hour span beginning Saturday night, police said. ... There were no immediate arrests in any of the shootings, cops said. As of noon Sunday, there were 24 shooting incidents for the week, compared to 19 for the same week last year, a 26% increase, according to police sources. Thirty-five people were wounded in the week's mayhem, four died."

SHARPTON ON FERGUSON, 1 YEAR LATER -- News op-ed: "Body cameras for officers must be a requirement. Special independent prosecutors must be brought in for all officer-involved killings, and police departments must be systematically demilitarized. In order to repair police-community relations, we must remind law enforcement that they are serving a community of American citizens - not some war zone. The problem is widespread. Since [Michael] Brown's life was cut short on that fateful August day, we have witnessed incident after incident, in communities all across the country, of unarmed black men and women dying at the hands of police. Video cameras do not lie, and information and social media isn't keeping people in isolated communities any more.

-- "A year after [Eric] Garner and Brown's deaths, we are left searching for a national resolution to a problem that has primarily plagued minority communities. ... Congress must take action and those running for office must give us their plans to tackle this very real concern. We cannot leave grieving families to rely on police departments to investigate and prosecute themselves; we need outside intervention so that there is no conflict of interest, or appearance of a conflict of interest."

SCOUTING REPORT -- 'Linda Sarsour Is a Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hijab' -- Times' Alan Feuer: "Linda Sarsour is, in every sense of the phrase, a woman in a hurry. Only 35, she has already helped to partly dismantle the New York Police Department's program of spying on the city's Muslims and has worked with officials in City Hall to close public schools for the observance of two of Islam's most important holy days, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. From her base at the Arab American Association of New York, the nonprofit group in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where she is the executive director, Ms. Sarsour has taken on such issues as immigration policy, voter registration, mass incarceration, Islamophobia and the Police Department's stop-and-frisk tactic. She has emerged in the last few years not only as one of the city's, and the country's, most vocal young Muslim-American advocates, but also as a potential - and rare Arab-American - candidate for office. 'I feel like I've been able to bring a voice to this community they've never heard before,' she said not long ago. ... Like the actress Rosie Perez in a hijab, Ms. Sarsour has perfected her delivery of the head-swaying 'Oh no you dih-int' and pronounces the word 'Latino' like, well, a Latino.

-- "Ms. Sarsour has spoken openly about her own desire to run for the City Council - at some point. She has even mapped out her potential competition, Justin Brannan, an aide to Councilman Vincent J. Gentile, who has served the Bay Ridge area on the Council since 2003 and is coming up against the term limits law. 'Sometimes, it seems like the whole world has already set my life out for me,' Ms. Sarsour said, as the car took off. 'But the question I have to answer before I actually do anything is: Will I be more influential on the inside or the outside? And I don't have an answer yet.'"

TRUMP TALK -- "Before Megyn Kelly, Trump Dumped Wine on a Female Reporter," by The Daily Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng: "Trump 'boasts about having poured a whole bottle of wine down Marie Brenner's back after she wrote a story on him that he hated,' New York magazine reported in 1992. 'Well, it wasn't a bottle, actually-it was a glass,' Brenner told The Daily Beast ... 'I didn't even notice it was happening, because like everything with Donald, it was a stealth maneuver. It came from behind. ... It was a black jacket, so I'm still waiting for him to replace it.' ...

"'You have to treat 'em like shit,' Trump told friend Philip Johnson ... 'You'd make a good mafioso,' Johnson replied. 'One of the greatest,' The Donald assured him."

HILLARYWATCH - "Hillary Clinton's $350 billion plan to kill college debt: The plan, which would change the way a large swath of Americans pay for college, borrows ideas from the left and the right," by Nirvi Shah and Kimberly Hefling: "Clinton will discuss the plan ... at campaign stops [today and tomorrow] in New Hampshire. ... [L]ater in the week, Clinton will offer ... proposals intended to help nontraditional students - such as those who are already parents ... [T]he plan's roll out is timed to coincide with ... back to school." YouTube 1-pager

WEEKEND WEDDINGS -- Annie Karni and Ted Mann married in a nonpartisan ceremony on Saturday evening in Brooklyn. POOL REPORT: "Annie, who covers Hillary Clinton for POLITICO, and Ted, who covers industrials -- and blew open Bridgegate -- for The Wall Street Journal, met in 2012 at Bloomberg spox Stu Loeser's City Hall goodbye party and now reside in Brooklyn Heights. DC civil rights lawyer Ryan Downer presided over a loving ceremony featuring an excerpt from the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage: 'Because it fulfills yearnings for security, safe haven, and connection that express our common humanity, civil marriage is an esteemed institution.'

"Their first dance as a married couple: Nina Simone. SPOTTED : Bloomberg alum and Kickstarter spokeswoman Julie Wood; WSJ Londoners Lisa Fleisher and Michael Amon; NYMag editor Alexis Swerdloff; Last Week Tonight writer Juli Weiner; Timespersons Joseph Goldstein, Samantha Henig, Michael M. Grynbaum and Matthew Schneier; New York post editor Margi Conklin. NYT announcement, with pic

REAL ESTATE -- PITY THE DOORMAN-"The Doorman's Dilemma: What to Do With All Those Packages?" by Times' Joanne Kaufman: As New Yorkers, like everyone else, takes to their iPads to order online everything from clothes to birthday gifts to groceries and dinner, the city's doormen (and women) are inundated, causing buildings housing rentals, co-ops and condos to reevaluate their policies or staffing to deal with the deluge of packages. A few possible outcomes: residents picking up their packages in the lobby instead of having them brought to their door, delivery people walking into buildings unchaperoned or extra staff that could lead to increased rental costs.

BOOM TIMES-"For Architecture, Even Good Times Can Carry a Price," by WSJ's Emily Nonko: "During the downturn, New York's architecture firms struggled to cope with declining business by cutting staff and shrinking overhead. Now, with the city enjoying a real estate resurgence, firms are trying to figure out how to manage growth. Many firms have been adding staff members to handle an increasing volume of commercial and residential projects, as well as office remodeling jobs and work from wealthy foreigners who are investing hefty sums in New York real estate. But expanding operations, at times, comes with a cost."

TOY STORY-"FAO Schwarz Deal Goes Bust at 1633 Bway," by Commercial Observer's Lauren Elkies Schram: "A week before sealing a deal for a new home at Paramount Group's 2.5-million-square-foot office tower at 1633 Broadway, FAO Schwarz's deal fell through, a source with knowledge of the situation said. The 40,000-square-foot space has returned to the market with its $4 million asking price.

"Now, FAO Schwarz, which vacated the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue last month, is essentially homeless in the Times Square area. And the same applies to sister company, Toys "R" Us, which in March decided not to renew its lease at the Bow Tie Building at 1514 Broadway, as CO reported at the time. Paramount Group is still planning to build the 733-square-foot Apple-inspired glass cube in a public plaza on West 51st Street, that was slated to be FAO Schwarz's entrance."

THE HOME TEAMS -- Politico New York's Howard Megdal: From Capital: The Red Bulls beat NYCFC for a third time this season, 2-0. And for Tony Meola, the onetime Metrostar/Red Bull, the echoes of the old Giants Stadium soccer tenant in the new Yankee Stadium soccer tenant are unmistakable.

-- Rays 4, Mets 3: The Mets have now lost two in a row, both by a single run, both in part due to defensive miscues. The offense is better, but the defense really isn't, and it was a matter of time until the Mets paid at least some price for the latter.

-- Blue Jays 2, Yankees 0: Oh, there's a real race now. Yankees get swept, shut out twice in a row for the first time since 1999. The good news is they're still up 1.5 games on the Blue Jays, and they won the World Series in 1999. But not a good weekend.

-- The day ahead: The Mets host Jose Reyes and the Rockies.

#UpstateAmerica: The North Lawrence Fire Department's annual lawnmower races were Sunday.

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