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POLITICO New York Playbook, presented by The Business Council's Annual Meeting: DE BLASIO's Vanity Fair profile -- GLEN CAPLIN to Global Strategy Group -- COLBERT's debut

09/08/2015 07:12AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

CUOMO ATTORNEY SHOT IN BROOKLYN-POLITICO New York's Laura Nahmias: An attorney who serves in the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo was shot in the head early Monday morning near the route of the annual West Indian Day Parade, and is currently in critical condition. The aide, Carey Gabay, 43, was shot in the head by a stray bullet while he was at a party in Brooklyn with his family celebrating before the parade. After the shooting, which occurred around 3:40 a.m., Gabay was taken to Kings County General Hospital, several news outlets reported.

-- A.P.'s Jonathan Lemire: "'I'm the governor of the state of New York, and there's not a thing I can do," Cuomo told reporters after he visited Gabay's family at Kings County Hospital. 'There's not a thing I can say, and there's nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.'"

CUOMO: PUERTO RICO SHOULD BE ABLE TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY-POLITICO New York's Dan Goldberg: Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday urged Congress to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt through bankruptcy. Citing New York's "deep, personal, institutional relationship," with the island, Cuomo also said Puerto Rico should have relief from its Medicaid cap, and "a fair reimbursement" for its Medicaid expenses. Cuomo landed in Puerto Rico on Monday evening and plans to meet with local leaders to discuss the island's finances before returning to New York Tuesday afternoon.

DE BLASIO'S VANITY FAIR PROFILE -- by Bryan Burrough: "I do believe [the elites] all think we're raving Communists," says Alicia Glen, who joined de Blasio's team in 2013, after working at Goldman Sachs. 'That's an easy, cocktail-party throwaway line. People are lazy. People love the familiar. Most of the people in [City Hall now] are not familiar to [our critics]. In the past 12 years they've been hanging out at [East Hampton's posh private golf course] the Maidstone Club with [Bloomberg's people] and it's been really nice and easy ...'

-- Burrough: "I ask de Blasio how he sleeps. 'Physiologically, my perfect day would be to stay up until two and get up at nine.... I've had to adapt. Now I get up at six. I do think [my] body is adjusting to that. Too many days I'm up at three or four and I can't get back to sleep.' ...

-- Police: "I ask the mayor whether he believes young men of color still have reason to fear the police. De Blasio chooses his words carefully. 'It's not about stereotyping a whole police force or the officers within it,' he says. "... I simply said something out loud that hundreds of thousands of people in this city could identify with ... Why can't we be honest about that and recognize it's something we need to overcome? I think we're in the process of overcoming it. I think that conversation's going to be a lot more rare over the next 10 or 20 years from now, but we're not quite there yet.'"

LIST OF THE DAY - Vanity Fair has released its annual New Establishment list, in the October issue. The top 10 "Disruptors": 1. Mark Zuckerberg ... 2. Travis Kalanick of Uber ... 3. Jeff Bezos ... 4. Tim Cook and Jonny Ive of Apple ... 5. Sergey Brin and Larry Page ... 6. Elon Musk ... 7. Ted Serandos and Reed Hastings of Netflix. ... 8. Brian Chesky of Airbnb ... 9. Sheryl Sandberg ... 10. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. And: 33. Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed... 35. Shane Smith of Vice ... 41. Preet Bharara. In their "The Powers That Be" list, Taylor Swift is 1, Bob Iger of Walt Disney is 2, James, Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are 3, Hillary Clinton is 9 and Megyn Kelly is 25. Full list The cover

RAY KELLY ATTACKS -- Times' Sam Roberts: "Murders are up,' he said in an interview in conjunction with the release of his memoir. 'And if you have a propensity to carry a gun and there's a policy to de-emphasize stop and question and frisk, it's only common sense you'll see more people carrying guns and more crime. ... These police officers have been given signals directly and indirectly to stand down and not be as proactive as in the past," he said. 'If they choose to disengage, there's no penalty. That's the primary reason for the increase in murder. Police are reacting to what has been happening in Ferguson: They are less willing to engage, and that translates into more violence and more death.'"

-- Doubling down on stop-and-frisk: "In fact, he not only unapologetically defended the peak number of stops - 685,000 in 2011 - but also writes that on the basis of descriptions of suspects provided by victims of violent crimes, 'we were proportionally understopping African-Americans, not overstopping them.'"

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I think he's delusional." -- de Blasio on Rudy Giuliani, who gave him front-page advice on dealing with the city's homeless. More via POLITICO New York's Laura Nahmias:

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When elephants fight, the ants get killed" -- Public Advocate Letitia James on the de Blasio-Cuomo feud, via NBC's Andrew Siff:

HAPPENING TODAY -- Rudy Giuliani, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro are expected to testify at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on terrorism, at Foundation Hall in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum New York City, 180 Greenwich Street, in Manhattan. MORE DETAILS:

STAFF CHANGE -- Top Gillibrand Aide Departs for Global Strategy: The senior communications director for U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has left her office for a job as a vice president at Global Strategy Group. Glen Caplin had served as a spokesman and top adviser to the junior senator for more than six years and helped navigate her rise from embattled appointee to a senator who invites presidential speculation. At Global Strategy Group, Caplin will join Jef Pollock, who has served as Gillibrand's primary pollster since she was first considering a House run. "I've worked closely with GSG for many years on communications strategy and I'm excited to be joining such a uniquely talented team of professionals that feels like family," said Caplin, who will work to expand the firm's communications practice. -- POLITICO New York's Reid Pillifant: Release

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Jonathan Rosen, de Blasio adviser and principal at BerlinRosen ... Dennis Poust, Catholic Conference spokesman ... Sara King Niccoli, labor activist ... Morgan Hook of SKD Knickerbocker ... Don Rittner, historian ... Dave Feiden, photographer ... and POLITICO New York's Will Brunelle.

TABS -- News: "As his aide fights for life after shooting, Gov. Cuomo asks why U.S. is in denial over gun control: NO HOPE NATION" -- Post: "Deadly violence mars Brooklyn's West Indian fest" -- amNY: "SHOT IN THE HEAD BY STRAY BULLET" -- El Diario [translated]: All for a diploma.

FRONT PAGES: NYT, 1-col. above the fold: "Clinton Aides Set New Focus For Campaign: A More Personal Tone of Humor and Heart" -- WSJNY, 4-col above the fold: "Stray Bullet Fells Cuomo Aide"

**A message from The Business Council's Annual Meeting: Register now for The Business Council's Annual Meeting (Sept. 16-18). Hear from education reform advocate Campbell Brown. Mingle with hundreds of the state's top business executives, all while enjoying the beautiful vistas of Lake George. Register: **

COLBERT DEBUT -- News' David Hinckley: "After months of what he describes as 'twitching,' Stephen Colbert finally slips into the CBS 'Late Show' host chair at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday. In honor of the occasion, CBS has given him an extra nine minutes ... Colbert is scheduled to finish at 12:44 a.m., after a premiere show whose headline guests will be Bush and George Clooney, with a musical performance by Colbert's bandleader, Jon Batiste, and his group, Stay Human. ... Colbert has also been working to keep the show in the news, since CBS has been filling the time slot with reruns of procedural dramas since Letterman's final show May 20. Colbert has posted a weekly podcast, created a series of comedic promotional videos and, for the past five days, posted "exclusive video messages" on Snapchat."

-- USA Today's Gary Levin: Unlike retired Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who called interviews 'filler' around his carefully crafted segments, Colbert enjoys them. 'I was never a standup, I'm an improviser, and so for me the joy is, what's going to happen between the two of us for the next six or eight minutes? That's the reason to continue to do a talk show for me, is the talk. Jon didn't like it."

-- Colbert: "It gives me everything I want ... I like meeting the guests, I like the grind, I like a live audience, I love to hear the laughter. It's the only job I could imagine that was a promotion." CBS Sunday Morning segment with Colbert and Mo Rocca:

MEDIA MORNING - Per Politico Media Pro -- ZASLAV'S BIG PARTY : Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav held what many consider to be the biggest media party of the year at his Hamptons estate this weekend. Media celebrities from Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey to CBS CEO Les Moonves were there, along with Senator Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and CNN's Jeff Zucker. Page Six reports that after a performance by Harry Connick Jr., attendees "headed down to a beach bonfire, where the voracious success of Discovery's 'Shark Week' was celebrated with a soaring shark sand sculpture."

DE BLASIO, POST-RAGONE -- Times' Matt Flegenheimer: "[A]llies have sensed a change in strategy since Ragone, Mr. de Blasio's former senior adviser, departed this year. Mr. Ragone, who often proudly told reporters that he paid no attention to tabloid coverage, made it known that the administration cared little about day-to-day squabbles. While aides say the administration remains most focused on long-term goals, they do not dispute that Mr. de Blasio has at times felt compelled to engage his critics more aggressively."

PARADE POLITICS -- de Blasio and Cuomo avoid each other -- News' Erin Durkin: "Rival pols Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio kept their distance at Monday's West Indian-American Day Parade. The pair, who have not appeared together since de Blasio blasted Cuomo as a vengeful political manipulator in June, both spoke at a breakfast at Brooklyn's Lincoln Terrace Park and then marched in the parade along Eastern Parkway, but never crossed paths. Asked if he'd chat with de Blasio at the Labor Day festivities, Cuomo asked, 'Is he here?' Told that Hizzoner had not yet arrived, he deadpanned, 'There's your answer.'"

GOOD TEACHERS, POOR SCHOOLS? DISTRICT STRUGGLES TO UNDERSTAND RATINGS-POLITICO New York's Keshia Clukey: The same day Bethlehem schools Superintendent Jody Monroe received a certificate from the state Education Department saying six of her schools were Reward Schools, among the top performing in the state, she also received word that her teachers were some of the poorest performing. "It's hard to explain to a teacher how they could have a score of 17 (out of 20) last year and then a two," Monroe said. "It's especially tough when you really can't explain it ... our curriculum hasn't changed that much." The Albany County district, along with other public schools across the state, received its growth scores from the state at the end August, ratings that determine how good teachers are at their job. As in many districts over the past few years, fluctuations in the scores of Bethlehem's teachers were hard to explain.

According to the American Statistical Association , the variation from year to year has to do with the model, which the association's president says shouldn't be used to evaluate teachers. "It suggests something is wrong with the approach, frankly, and possibly the data itself," David Morganstein said about the swings in teacher scores...The model doesn't work, Morganstein said, because the state tests were designed to evaluate students, not teachers. The model often uses incomplete data. For example, it does not include all students' scores, and the computers themselves can have errors, he said. The formula would work for testing a large group, such as a district or even school, but the margin of error is too large and can lead to wide discrepancies, with teachers scoring low one year, high the next, and then low again, Morganstein said.

POLICE WATCHDOG REPORT SHOWS DRAMATIC IMPACT OF VIDEO -- POLITICO New York's Azi Paybarah: Last October, the independent city agency charged with investigating allegations of police misconduct released a report on chokeholds - the controversial maneuver of at the center of the Eric Garner case - and found that despite a two-decade-long department ban on the procedure, it was still in use.

In the report, the Civilian Complaint Review Board said nine chokehold allegations were substantiated, eight of which occurred between 2009 and 2013, before Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. In a report released today, the CCRB said 12 more chokehold cases were substantiated since that October 2014 chokehold report was published. 'The increase in substantiated chokehold cases can be attributed to the prevalence of video, the CCRB wrote in its semi-annual report, an embargoed copy of which was provided to reporters earlier. ...

-- False statements from police: From January through June of 2015, the CCRB reported 19 allegations of police officers making a "false official statement" and wrote, "In all 19 instances, the underlying [excessive force, abuse of authority, discourtesy or offensive language] complaint was substantiated. If this pace continues, 2014 will feature the highest number of alleged false official statements per year yet noted by the CCRB."

-- WSJ's Mark Morales: "The board substantiated 237 cases against 354 police officers in the first half of 2015. This is 104 more cases than the same period last year, when the board substantiated 133 cases against 187 officers, the report shows. Video has played a particularly large role in complaints of improper or excessive use of force. The percentage of substantiated force complaints with video evidence rose to 45% in the first half of this year from 34% in the same period of 2014."

HILLARYWATCH -- "Clinton says [in AP interview] no email apology: 'What I did was allowed,'" by AP's Catherine Lucey: "[She] also said the lingering questions about her email practices while serving as President Barack Obama's first secretary of state have not damaged her campaign. 'Not at all. It's a distraction, certainly,' Clinton said. 'But it hasn't in any way affected the plan for our campaign, the efforts we're making to organize here in Iowa and elsewhere in the country. And I still feel very confident about the organization and the message that my campaign is putting out.' ... Clinton played down how it has affected her personally as a candidate. 'As the person who has been at the center of it, not very much ... I have worked really hard this summer, sticking to my game plan about how I wanted to sort of reintroduce myself to the American people.'"

ENGAGED: Sally Slater to Brian Aston -- Slater, account director at Bliss Integrated Communication, Fleishman-Hillard alum and a best-selling fantasy writer, met Aston, who works for JPMorgan in prime brokerage, at their crossfit gym back in August 2012. He proposed in Central Park where he told Sally he brought her favorite stuffed animal to take a picture with. When he took the stuffed animal out (named Grapes the monkey), there was an engagement ring taped to his belly. Pic

#UpstateAmerica -- A week after a cabbage spill delayed traffic in Rochester, a banana spill delayed traffic in Batavia.

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