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POLITICO New York Playbook, presented by United Federation of Teachers: CUOMO's budget targets -- DE BLASIO kept away from DC -- BLOOMBERG exodus?

10/02/2015 07:07AM EDT

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

PREPPING FOR JOAQUIN - POLITICO New York's David Giambusso: In a day of strident assurances, dire warnings and near total uncertainty, elected leaders and emergency officials in New York and New Jersey sought to reassure, but at the same time sufficiently prepare their states for any potential impacts of Hurricane Joaquin. Forecasters remained somewhat uncertain Thursday evening as to Joaquin's exact path as it gathered strength near the Bahamas, developing into a Category 4 storm with wind speeds of 130 mph. Until they can be sure, Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey, along with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday performed what's become an all-too-familiar ritual of preparing the public for the worst, while at the same time urging calm.

In separate news briefings throughout the day, each said that since Hurricane Sandy three years ago and after a host of smaller but serious storms, preparedness has grown far more sophisticated and thorough. First up was Cuomo, who briefed reporters by phone. "You can't be prepared for everything, but there is no doubt we are in a much better position than we were before," he said. Christie, during a press conference in Trenton , declared a state of emergency for New Jersey, something that's become almost routine during his tenure. "We have no idea if Joaquin is going to be Sandy. There's a lot of 'ifs' still," said Christie, who famously told people to "Get the hell off the beach" in the days before Sandy hit. "But we're much better prepared for the worst than we ever could have been before." De Blasio, addressing residents Thursday night, said "this city is much safer and much more prepared today than where we stood three years ago."

FINALLY -- "Early Planning for New Hudson Rail Tunnel Is Underway, U.S. Transportation Secretary Says," by Times' Emma G. Fitzsimmons: "Speaking at a business breakfast in Manhattan, the secretary, Anthony Foxx, said that New Jersey Transit had agreed to lead the project's environmental study and that Amtrak would oversee engineering work. Mr. Foxx said federal officials would shorten the timeline for approving permits and would discuss federal grants and other financing options with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency that could be designated to oversee the project. The steps, while modest, represent the most substantive movement on the project in years."

WAKE-UP SCOOP: Once again, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking state agencies to hold their spending flat as he prepares a budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO New York. The letter from budget director Mary Beth Labate asked the heads of state agencies to submit budget requests "that assume zero growth from 2015-16 cash ceilings." That excludes major items like school aid and Medicaid - both of which are projected to grow at roughly four percent, and which also vary with federal funding - as well as spending on major capital items. The letter, though, says each agency's capital requests should be "consistent" with existing plans and "prioritize infrastructure projects that will create jobs and contribute to economic growth." ... The governor has paid for several tax cuts by asserting in state fiscal plans that agencies will continue to meet the zero-growth target. Fiscal watchdogs have questioned this practice, but the Cuomo administration has countered their claims by noting it hit its benchmark for five consecutive years.

BLOOMBERG EXODUS? -- Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith might leave, the N.Y. Post's Keith Kelly reports: "Rumors as to where Smith might be headed if he resigns range from a return to Atlantic Media, to CNN or to another cable TV outlet." ... Halperin and Heilemann's time might also be up, Gabe Sherman says: "According to a Bloomberg adviser, the former mayor has said he doesn't want to renew Heilemann and Halperin's contract after the 2016 election." ... Josh Tyrangiel, chief content officer and editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, has his last day today -- he tells the NYT's Ravi Somaiya: "I've been doing business news for six years and I do sometimes yearn to be on broader stories ... I've always loved documentaries, visual news." ... Internal memos about Josh leaving

TABS -- News: "Sandy Hook - Dec. 2012, 26 shot dead; Roseburg - Oct. 2015, 9 shot dead; 87,423 AND NOTHING'S CHANGED" -- Post: "Gunman slays Christian students: ANTI CHRIST" -- Newsday: "DEADLY MASS SHOOTING: AGAIN. Gunman kills 9 at Oregon community college" -- amNY: "ALL EYES ON JOAQUIN: Officials track hurricane's path for impact on NYC" -- El Diario [translated]:Another blood bath

FRONT PAGES -- NYT, 2-col. above the fold: "GUNMAN ATTACKS OREGON COLLEGE: 10 REPORTED DEAD; 26-Year-Old Man, Carrying Three Guns, Is Killed in Shootout With Police" -- WSJNY, 2-col., above the fold: "NYPD Issues New Guidelines On Use of Force"

-- LOCAL -- Queens Chronicle, mid: "SCHOOLHOUSE SHOCK: Grover Cleveland HS community pleads for help" -- Queens Chronicle, eastern: "MARTIN CHRONICLES: Van Buren backers welcome DOE" -- Southeast Queens Press: "DOOR-TO-DOOR DIALOGUE: Residents, Leaders, discuss crime concerns in south Jamaica" -- Queens Tribune: "NO SILENCE IN VIOLENCE"

-- Brooklyn Courier: "THINK PINK" -- Bronx Times: "THINK PINK" -- Our Town: "COUNTING BIKES ON THE EAST SIDE" -- Downtown Express: "OLD TYPE OF FIGHT FOR NEW 9/11 MONEY" -- The Villager: "A hard row to hoe: Garden or housing at Little Italy lot?"

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "At what point will Congress wake up and pass real, sensible gun control that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals and people who are dangerously mentally ill? How many more families will have to endure this kind of senseless, avoidable tragedy while our elected officials in Washington continue to sit on their hands?" ~ Cuomo on the shooting in Oregon.

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The NYPD was living a little bit in the dark ages with respect to its use-of-force policies." -- Philip Eure, DOI's Inspector General for the NYPD:

EXTRA BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Far too many people are trapped in pretrial detention simply because they are poor." -- Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, via NYT:

SCOOP DU JOUR -- "Top Republican Assembly candidate [Anthony Cappola] drops out over bigoted writings," by Politico New Jersey's Matt Friedman : "A Republican Assembly candidate in one of the party's top targeted districts is dropping out of the race after POLITICO New Jersey asked the campaign about a book he wrote 12 years ago that is filled with rants, slurs and stereotypes about gay men and women, blacks, Asians, senior citizens, Muslims and foreign-born business owners. 'I'm sorry if I offended anyone and deeply regret what was written,' said the candidate, Anthony Cappola, in a statement, after a reporter contacted his campaign about the book. 'I am not the same person I was twelve years ago, but I take responsibility for what I wrote and have chosen to bow out of the race.' The book, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO New Jersey, is titled "Outrageous!" It lives up to its name. Its content is apparently so offensive that a vanity press would not accept Cappola's money to print it ... 'What a waste!!!' Cappola wrote in a passage titled 'Lesbos.' 'I don't mind if you're a mullet wearing, goatee sporting, butch but when you're beautiful, what a sin!!!! Aside from making porn, they serve no purpose.' That was one of the tamer passages." Subscribe to NJ Playbook

DE BLASIO REROUTED -- Post's Michael Gartland: "It took an act of God for Mayor de Blasio to scuttle his scheduled out-of-town jaunt. After defending trips to Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin as essential to the city's well-being, the mayor tentatively backed out of a trip planned Friday to a progressive conference in Washington, DC, as Hurricane Joaquin was approaching. 'Do we actually believe we can solve all our problems just with the resources in New York City? No. Mayors have always known if the federal government is not a partner, we can't do enough,' de Blasio told John R. Gambling on AM 970 radio Thursday, in defense of his trips."

#PATAKIWATCH: "Pataki more impressive than two GOP frontrunners," says transAtlantic Magazine.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rapper DMX was released from jail in Erie County, and caught up with a TV crew after visiting an IHOP in Cheektowaga.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: NYPIRG leader Blair Horner, Billy Easton of the Alliance for Quality Education, Republican State Chairman Ed Cox, former New York City Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio of Staten Island, Donna Karan is 67, and Kelly Ripa ("Live with Kelly and Michael") is 45 (h/ts AP) (all Friday), the Rev. Al Sharpton, Bradley Tusk, Mike Bloomberg's 2009 campaign manager, now founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, Albany Police Department spokesman Steve Smith and fund-raiser Lisa Hernandez Gioia (Saturday), WSJ reporter Pervaiz Shallwani, Mercury flack Michael McKeon and Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (all Sunday).

** A message from United Federation of Teachers : The UFT has launched a new TV ad campaign celebrating the passion and promise of New York City public schools. "We are the largest and most diverse school district in America sharing one help every child succeed," says UFT President Michael Mulgrew in the ad. Watch it. **

NYPD's NEW USE-OF-FORCE POLICIES -- The Timing: "On the same day the inspector general for the police issued a report detailing deficiencies in how force is defined and tracked by the New York Police Department, Commissioner William J. Bratton announced on Thursday that many of the changes called for were already being addressed. It was the latest effort by Mr. Bratton to stay one step ahead of the numerous oversight bodies he has repeatedly said he has had to contend with since returning to New York City for a second stint as commissioner." -- Times' Al Baker and J. David Goodman:

-- The Rules: "The new policies will mandate that every instance of force, no matter how small, be documented on a single use-of-force form ... Beyond reporting incidents, the NYPD will retool its Patrol Guide to define and provide guidelines for using force that is other than "deadly"-currently the only kind of force specifically addressed. Guidelines will be provided for de-escalating situations, for instance, instructing officers to wait for backup before detaining an emotionally disturbed person or warning suspects that they could face additional charges if they resist arrest before using even a Taser or pepper spray."

-- The Report: Until now, there have been no precise rules or singular data set surrounding the use of force by New York City police officers, according to a report released this Thursday by the New York City Department of Investigation inspector general for the NYPD. "NYPD's current use‐of‐force policy is vague and imprecise, providing little guidance to individual officers on what actions constitute force," the report says. "It is currently impossible to accurately and comprehensively track the use of force by NYPD officers." "A complete accounting of use of force is currently impossible because NYPD lacks a centralized and reliable way to identify and track force incidents, regardless of whether they are justified," the report says. It also says that current data is "not comprehensive."

-- The report also asserts a problem with officers who escalate conflicts with civilians, and fellow officers who fail to intervene in order to prevent colleagues from inappropriately using force. Such intervention happened "in very few instances," the report says. POLITICO New York's Azi Paybarah:

JUDGE LIPPMAN'S BAIL PLAN -- Automatic reviews, electronic surveillance for juveniles -- POLITICO New York's Colby Hamilton: Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman announced a series of reforms Thursday aimed at addressing the estimated 50,000 people in New York City alone who are effectively jailed each year because of their inability to meet bail. Under the plan, the city's criminal court will institute an automatic review of bail detentions whenever a defendant charged with a misdemeanor is unable to make bail. Currently, a defendant can remain detained under those circumstances, sometimes through the entire trial process, or until a plea agreement is reached.

-- Each borough will have a judge reviewing these cases, outside of the normal arraignment process, according to Lippman's office, allowing defense counsel time to build a case for why bail should be lowered. In the case of felonies, new rules will require judges to periodically review prosecutors' cases against defendants to make sure the bail conditions remain appropriate while the defendant is in pretrial detention. Judges will be able to modify bail status to better reflect the case as it proceeds. Additionally, Lippman said courts would look to educate judges about using the full array of bail bond options available to defendants, not simply cash or bonds, which are the most common.

-- Lippman also announced a pilot program for electronic surveillance of misdemeanor defendants to be launched in Manhattan. Judges will be allowed to release misdemeanor defendants during the pretrial stage of their case, while being able to locate the defendant if he or she fails to appear in court.

TRANSIT MONEY: " De Blasio administration officials have floated $1 billion-with strings attached-to fund the MTA's transit repair and upgrade needs, according to two people familiar with discussions. Though not a firm or final offer, city officials including top mayoral aide Anthony Shorris have discussed a possible $1 billion commitment on top of the city's $657 million pledge to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's massive five-year $30 billion capital program, the sources said." News' Dan Rivoli:

AFTER THE DANNEMORA ESCAPE - Times' Michael Schwirtz and Michael Winerip: "Inmates at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York said the guards who beat them in the days after a brazen escape in June wore no name badges and did not identify themselves. But one guard, the inmates said, stood out. He had a large tattoo of the American flag down his left arm and was known around the prison as Captain America. No officer has been publicly implicated in any wrongdoing since an investigation by The New York Times nearly two months ago found what appeared to be a campaign of retribution against dozens of Clinton inmates after the escape at the prison. Now, through interviews with inmates [including Victor Aponte], The Times has identified Captain America as Chad Stickney, a gang intelligence officer and onetime steward in the state corrections officers' union.

... Mr. Aponte said that after speaking with the Times he was locked in his cell for 23 hours a day and not told why. Patrick Alexander, another inmate who spoke with The Times, was given a disciplinary infraction he believes was fabricated and confined to his cell. After speaking with investigators, Mr. Aponte wrote a letter to the authorities requesting a transfer to another prison because he feared for his safety. He received no response for more than a month. 'I'm afraid of retaliation,' he said in an interview in September. 'I know how they operate.' After The Times inquired about Mr. Aponte's request, corrections officials transferred him this week."

COMING ATTRACTIONS - "Special Performance of Hamilton in New York - November 2, 2015," sponsored by Democratic Hope Fund: "VIP ... Minimum of two tickets - includes orchestra seats and photo reception ... $5,000.00 ... Orchestra ... $2,500.00 ... Mezzanine ... $1,000.00 ... General ... $500.00."

EAT BEAT - "Noma, Imported - for Art's Sake," by T Magazine's Dan Saltzstein: "The elaborate 10-course meal that drew this well-heeled crowd was created by Noma, the wildly acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant whose chef, René Redzepi, recently announced that it will close at the end of 2016 and reopen in 2017, in a new urban farm setting. ... [A]ttendees had paid a suggested (and almost entirely tax-deductible) $5,000 a plate - began. Guests swooned over dishes like a gorgeous roasted langoustine, accompanied by a paste made from oyster, parsley and oil; dehydrated scallop chips atop barley and a watercress sauce; and 'black garlic flower,' a paste made from aged and fermented garlic that had been folded, origami-like, into gorgeous little leaves. The texture was like fruit leather, but the flavor had mellowed into a deeply funky, slightly sweet state. Courses were paired with appropriately idiosyncratic wines from the New York-based importer and distributor Jenny & François Selections."

--"Li-Lac Chocolates Celebrating New Bleecker Street Store With '1923 Prices,'" by DNAinfo's Danielle Tcholakian: "Li-Lac Chocolates is opening its third Manhattan shop at 162 Bleecker St. on Saturday, marking the chocolatier's return to the neighborhood where it started back in 1923. To celebrate, the store will sell some of its most popular sweets, like Almond Bark, Legendary Fudge and Fresh Marzipan Acorns, for just 23 cents a piece - a nod to the year it opened - at its Oct. 3 opening party."

THE TALK OF WALL STREET - "Ackman, Einhorn Lead Hedge Funds on Track to Rival '08 Slump," by Bloomberg's Katherine Burton and Saijel Kishan: "There's no big bank failure on the horizon. The housing market is booming, not melting. Yet for a handful of well-known hedge fund managers, 2015 is looking a lot like 2008, when their industry suffered record losses and investor withdrawals. David Einhorn and Michael Novogratz have slumped about 17 percent so far this year, and Bill Ackman declined almost 13 percent in a publicly traded fund. Sean Fahey and Michael Platt have seen billions of dollars flee their firms and are now managing less than a third of what they oversaw at their peaks."

HILLARY VS. HILLARY -- "Live From New York: Hillary Clinton to Appear on 'Saturday Night Live [this weekend],'" by Times' Amy Chozick: "In a top-secret appearance that her campaign would not confirm, Mrs. Clinton will meet her comedic counterpart, Kate McKinnon, who has portrayed the former first lady to effusive praise as the latest 'S.N.L.' member to don a blonde wig and attempt to bring to life the character of Mrs. Clinton. ... She is expected to pop in to join Ms. McKinnon as part of the so-called cold open skit."

--"Voter Sees The 'Real Hillary' Her Campaign Seeks To Reveal," by BuzzFeed's Ruby Cramer: "[F]or [New Hampshire resident] Keith F. Thompson, meeting Clinton for the first time in the flesh - seeing her, talking with her, even starting to tear up with her - came as something of a revelation. ... [C]ampaign aides have also pursued a more organic, digitally based strategy in videos and on social media, seizing on moments like the one she had with Thompson this month in New Hampshire ... [T]he exchanges happen far from a stage or podium, unseen to reporters and aides in headquarters."

--"When Hillary Clinton met David Koch," by Politico's Ken Vogel: "Koch met Clinton at a New York gala at the Central Park Zoo. What happened next is now a topic of dispute. 'Hillary was her gracious self; Koch, not so much,' wrote Clinton antagonist-turned-enforcer David Brock in a recently released book called 'Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government.' Brock wrote that Koch ... 'expressed admiration for [Clinton's] service as secretary of state.' But, in Brock's brief account, Koch pivoted quickly from small talk, explaining gruffly, 'I'm going to spend a lot of money to defeat you' before 'turning on his heels and vanishing into the crowd.' On Thursday, the gala's host remembered a much friendlier conversation."

BILL IN FOR THE RESCUE -- "Bill Clinton's mission creep: The ex-president is stepping up his campaign work for Hillary, right on schedule. But his role is expanding faster than expected," by Politico's Gabe Debenedetti with Glenn Thrush: "'He's such a battery charger,' explained one longtime Clinton friend and Washington ally - changing the metaphor in mid-sentence to reflect the campaign's summer swoon. 'He's like paddles on the heart.' ... Privately, people close to the campaign - including donors and aides - are seeing the former president invoked increasingly in email chains, whether as a participant in strategy sessions or as the source of an idea or a scrap of political intel. 'You see his name a lot more now,' said one Clinton friend."

BALDWIN ON TRUMP -- "Alec Baldwin Calls Out Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump for 'Bull**** Warmongering,'" by The Hollywood Reporter's Natalie Weiner: "Baldwin's biggest qualm with today's political discourse? The fact that 'peace is a quaint idea.' Every single person, Democrat or Republican, you never hear them talk about peace -- like peace is a naive idea,' he told THR. 'They're all bullshit warmongering -- Hillary [Clinton], Trump, everyone of them. And that's tragic. That's the biggest tragedy of the race.'"

TRUMPS ON TRUMP -- "Growing Up Trump: Donald Trump's Four Adult Children Open Up About Life with Their Controversial Dad," by People's Jess Cagle and Charlotte Triggs: "He's the father of five - and grandfather to 7 (with another on the way) - and Donald Trump says his family has always been the most important thing in his life. 'I always prided myself on being a good father,' the Republican presidential hopeful says ... 'With my children, I was always available.' ... 'When we were kids, we'd be sitting in a boardroom while he was negotiating a deal, and if we were playing with trucks, making noise, it didn't matter,' recalls Donald. Jr. ... As for their father's potential future in the White House, his kids all say they're in his corner. 'It only really dawned on me when we were sitting on the plane going to the first debate,' Tiffany says. 'That is surreal isn't it? Slumber party in the White House!'"

PERSONNEL -- "Ben Branham Named Head of New York for Fenton" - release: "Branham comes to Fenton from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) where he served as the [EVP] and chief strategy officer under Mayors Michael R. Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio. ...During his more than three years at NYCEDC, Branham helped secure public approvals of the Cornell Tech applied science campus now under construction on Roosevelt Island, execute a robust expansion of the city's Living Wage policy and launch such initiatives as sector-specific incubators across the five boroughs, tech training boot camps for public high school students and a campaign to promote local manufacturing and design. Prior to NYCEDC, Branham served as vice president, public affairs for Edelman."

--"'FOX News Headlines 24/7' has hired veteran New York City sports radio reporter Jared Max ... [who] will serve as a sports reporter and provide up-to-the-minute sports coverage for the new SiriusXM satellite radio station, which launches on October 5th. ... Previously, he served as sports director and anchor for more than ten years at New York's WCBS-AM 880 and provided sports coverage for ESPN New York 98.7 (WEPN). Additionally, Max has reported on sports at News 12 Connecticut, News 12 Westchester, WFAN-AM and Bloomberg Radio."

CON ED FREEBIE -- "Con Edison and Lower Manhattan HQ to offer free collaboration and event space for New York nonprofits" -- release: "Lower Manhattan HQ (LMHQ) and Con Edison ... [have] announced a partnership that will provide New York City non-profits with free event and meeting space to further their missions. The $20,000 Con Edison Bright Ideas grant will allow non-profits to request access to free meeting and event space at LMHQ, a first-of-its-kind collaboration space in Lower Manhattan aimed at fostering the growth and success of the neighborhood's tech and creative communities."

REAL ESTATE -- CHANGING TIMES-"De Blasio unveils plans for Times Square plaza," by POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: "For the past two months the Times Square pedestrian plaza has been a source of contention, with critics charging that it was getting out of control and returning to the bad old days of danger and disorder. The city's police commissioner said he was inclined to tear it up and the mayor admonished the topless women who pose for pictures - and solicit money - in the crossroads of the world.

"On Thursday City Hall sought to quell the fuss with a series of recommendations for the future of the plaza and the broader Times Square area. The plans are designed to reduce congestion during ongoing construction and create order in the chaotic tourist attraction, but the details leave questions about the 'painted ladies' and costumed characters that panhandle in the area."

INN COURT-"REBNY sues de Blasio administration over hotel conversion bill," by POLITICO New York's Sally Goldenberg: "The Real Estate Board of New York is suing the de Blasio administration over legislation curtailing the conversion of hotels into other uses. ... The measure prohibits the conversion of more than 20 percent of space within any hotels in Manhattan into residential use. That law applies to hotels with more than 150 rooms. REBNY is arguing in its lawsuit that the substance of the law violates 'the due process, equal protection and takings clauses of the United States and New York State Constitutions.'"

A spokesman for the city Law Department later emailed to say the agency was refraining from comment "before the suit has been served and reviewed."

TAKING STOCK-"New York REIT Plans Strategy Review Following Litt Critique," by Bloomberg News' David M. Levitt: "New York REIT Inc., an owner of properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn, plans to review its business and add independent directors after investor criticism that the company was underperforming. The real estate investment trust said in a statement Thursday it was starting governance, strategy and operational actions to enhance shareholder value. Those could include a sale of buildings or the company itself."

THE HOME TEAMS -- POLITICO New York's Howard Megdal: Phillies 3, Mets 0: Not a lot of inspiring baseball from the Mets, who were swept by the decidedly unremarkable Phillies, leaving the Mets tied with the Dodgers for home field advantage in next week's NLDS, and three games left to play.

-- Yankees 4, Red Sox 1: CC Sabathia is suddenly a viable starter again, while Greg Bird and Carlos Beltran homered. The Yankees clinched a postseason berth, and won their 10,000 game as a franchise, which sounds about right.

-- The day ahead: The Mets host the Nationals. The Yankees are in Baltimore. NYCFC plays DC United at RFK.

#UpstateAmerica: Marjorie Pollack, the longtime "voice of Shaker High School" in suburban Albany, 89.

** A message from United Federation of Teachers: The UFT has launched a new TV ad campaign celebrating the passion and promise of New York City public schools. "We are the largest and most diverse school district in America sharing one help every child succeed," says UFT President Michael Mulgrew in the ad. Watch it. **

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