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Disqus Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

WordPress News

Disqus is hitting sites with unwanted advertising and has plans to charge large publishers a monthly fee to remove ads [WP Tavern].

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg has responded to criticism of his efforts around security [WP Tavern] with a Q&A on WordPress and update signing.

ManageWP has launched season four of its AMA series featuring WordPress influencers [ManageWP].

What You See Is What You Jetpack

Reviews and Opinion

Should you use the Jetpack plugin on your site? [Chris Lema]

How CodeInWP increased its Google rankings overnight [CodeInWP].

Post Status’ review of LoopConf [Post Status], a recent WordPress developer-focused conference in Salt Lake City.

How many plugins is too many? [WP Lift]

Open source WordPress libraries and why you should share them [Tom McFarlin].

Interesting insight into how developer Tom McFarlin is moving forward in business and life [Tom McFarlin].

Six reasons why WordPress makes sense for enterprise [WP Engine].

A Little Less Conversion, a Little More Action

Themes, Plugins, and Resources

Blogger Jon Penland shares the resources and websites he used to learn WordPress development [WPMU DEV].

Nine things to consider when choosing a theme [Cloudways].

Here are 250 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free [FreeCodeCamp].

How to start drawing CSS Images [Prototypr].

A great guide to achieving higher conversion rates with WooCommerce [Kinsta].

A Room with a Vue.js

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

How to Check if Installed Plugins Are No Longer in the Plugin Directory [WP Tavern].

Using Vue.js Components with the WordPress REST API [Torque Mag].

Animations for the Web [WebDevStudios].

List Posts By Category WordPress Shortcode [Cozmoslabs].

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a WordPress Theme [WP Engine].

Annual WordPress Ketchup

Off-Topic, Random Stuff

The fascinating case for taking a week off of work each month [Medium].

How to get ketchup from a bottle without the wait, watery goo and splatter [The New York Times].

Almost half of Netflix customers are cheaters [Consumerist].

Do you suffer from decision paralysis [xkcd]?

There you go, some links for your Monday. Hope you have a great week, wherever you are in the world!

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