The Whip

Last Chance! And Last Hassle :)


Hallo again WhiPee,

I'll keep it super quick... basically the Black Friday offer ran out so quickly (those 1000 memberships went like hotcakes, way before Black Friday was even over!) that we felt kinda bad for everyone who missed out.

So we've brought it back for Cyber Monday ONLY and added another 1,000 acounts:

Super simple, if you have never been a paying member or you cancelled your account (the horror!) then you can get 3 months of WPMU DEV completely free, if only to check out all of the awesome things we've done recently.

And if you are a current member (thankyou, btw :) then you'll get 3 months free EVERY SINGLE YEAR, by logging in and clicking on the same link.

Pretty nice huh! But hurry... this is the last batch and the offer expires at the end of Cyber Monday, so it's double last chance time!

Cheers, James

p.s. any questions about the offer just reply to this email and I'll get back to you in person over the phone a helpful member of staff will be in touch by email as quickly as possible ;)

p.p.s. back to regular WhiP punland shortly, so please don't unsubscribe, puhleeeeease!