The Whip

I Will Wait, I Will Wait For Youtenberg

WordPress News

Gutenberg may not be ready just yet, but some other major updates are already being queued. Do we need to wait? This and a bunch of other topics were discussed in the last WordPress Dev Chat. [WordPress]

Translators around the WordPress community are looking for tips and ideas for growing the translation community. [WordPress]

Love At First Multisite

Reviews and Opinion

Do you think it’s important for theme and plugin developers to build for WordPress multisite? [Elegant]

Your web design business should specialize in a niche...but you still gotta pay the bills. [WP the Podcast]

WordPress Drag Queen

Themes, Plugins, and Resources

If you’re not sure what theme builder to choose, here are 5 of the top drag and drop website builders for WordPress. [Aspen Grove Studios]

Orange Is The New Backend

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

The Ultimate WordPress Backend Tutorial: A Guide to Customization [WPMU DEV]

How To Accelerate Your Conversion Process On Your WordPress Site [Torque]

7 Proven Tactics to Increase Course Signups in eLearning [WP Mayor]

Why Site Architecture is Important When Designing Websites [WP the Podcast]

Let's Get Dangerous

Off-Topic, Random Stuff

After decades spent in a collective effort to minimize risk, educators in Britain are now ‘Bringing Risk’ to playgrounds to build resilience. [New York Times]

Never know what animals to visit at the zoo? These animal reviews may help. [Mashable]

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