The Whip

Crispr Cream Doughnuts

WordPress News

WPMU DEV just turned 12 and to celebrate we’ve rolled out a brand new site design christened “Crispr” – because it’s nice and clean and, we hope, reflects our new DNA. [WPMU DEV]

Last Thursday, WordPress 4.9.6 beta was released and in order to properly address all the feedback received from beta testers, more time is needed. Thank you for testing! [Make WordPress]

Stripe For The Pickin’

Reviews and Opinion

Social traffic is on the decline and now it’s all about great SEO...again. [Torque]

Should you use PayPal or Stripe for your eCommerce website? These experts think you need both! [WP the Podcast]

Tour De Gutenberg

Themes, Plugins, and Resources

It’s the hot topic of the year and if you haven’t tried it out you may be wondering what it’s all about. Take a tour of the new Gutenberg editor with a WordPress expert. [WPMU DEV]

Don’t Look A GIF Horse In The Mouth

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

How to Translate Your WordPress Website Using the Weglot Translate Plugin [Torque]

How to Create Animated GIFs for Your Website [WP the Podcast]

REST vs. gRPC: Battle of the APIs [Tuts+]

Two Space Or Not Two Space

Off-Topic, Random Stuff

Are two spaces after a period better than one? [Slashdot]

It took 20 years just to translate the oldest song in the world. What did we learn? [BBC]

That’s it for another very special WordPress round-up. Time to jump over and enjoy the all mighty Crispr.
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