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Summertime Updates And The Living’ Is Easy

WordPress News

This weekend, WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg delivered a “summertime update” for the keynote address at WordCamp Europe. [Torque]

The Gutenberg team participated in a panel discussion at WCEU where they talked about the release timeline, theme building for Gutenberg, and customization for the new editor. [WP Tavern]

Charlotte's Web Design

Reviews and Opinion

When it makes sense to use animations in web design and when it’s too much. [Elegant]

3 reasons for doing social media you probably haven’t thought if you needed any more good reasons. [WP the Podcast]

Analyza Minnelli

Themes, Plugins, and Resources

Collecting and analyzing data is important. Here is a list of the best analytics tools for WordPress. [WP the Podcast]

Migrate Great Grandfather

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

How to Redesign an Existing Website and Migrate to Production [WPMU DEV]

Understanding Churn Rate and Five Tips to Retain Engagement [Torque]

Elon Muskrat

Off-Topic, Random Stuff

Would you trim this squirrel’s teeth if you saw it in your backyard looking’ at you all crazy? [Mashable]

Vertical takeoff and vertical landing rockets are now available for model rocket enthusiasts. [Hackster]

Still recovering from WCEU jet lag? Don’t worry. We’re keeping an eye on the news for you. We’ll have more WordPress news on Wednesday.

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