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WordPress News

Gutenberg development is not slowing. Each release brings a more refined editor. Version 3.9 includes the ability to create reusable templates and template export/import. See the long changelog here. [Make WordPress]

A Strange Feeling In My Guten

Reviews and Opinion

How to set a foundation for your social media marketing efforts and examples of big brands that are nailing it on social media. [Pagely]

A new site was published that is dedicated to tracking Gutenberg beta testing data. “Testing has far exceeded the original goal for active installations and should reach the posts written goal in just a few days.” [WP Tavern]

Much Audio About Nothing

Themes, Plugins, and Resources

You can insert an audio file through your media library, and you get a serviceable audio player. Here are the 12 Best WordPress audio player plugins if you need more control. [Elegant]

ACF 5.0 was released with an updated UI and Gutenberg compatibility. [WP Tavern]

To ERR is Human; To Redirect, Divine

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

What Is ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Error & How To Fix It In WordPress [WPKube]

Two Snake Heads Are Better Than One

Off-Topic, Random Stuff

If snakes creep you out, this rare two-headed snake will give you nightmares for weeks. [Mashable]

NASA tech is in your everyday life — find out where with this interactive website. It's fun. [The Verge]

Now we can all feel like high-tech astronauts...thank you NASA. That's if for another WordPress round-up. Enjoy!

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